8U8A makes public playlist for 'Global Bass' 20.

13 Jun

8U8A has published his tracklist for his upcoming show on our station. Scientific Sound Asia Radio is the underground radio station for Asia with an international following.

8U8A is a DJ hailing from Russia, who began his music career as a Drum and Bass and Jungle MC in 2004 becoming a vocalist soon after. In 2007 he realised that he wanted to DJ and MC mutually and started collecting bass music from around the globe.

He began focusing on Dubstep, Grime and Garage and in 2011 8U8U started to listen to the Global Bass scene and his collection grew more. He started to add more and more including Baile Funk, Moombahton, Kuduro, Dancehall, Dembow, Cumbia, Trap, Jersey Club, Footwork, Jungle and many other sub-genres.

In 2014 he set off travelling, intending to show off his music collection and demonstrate his talents. He met and performed with his friends in South East Asia and starting doing performances in Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. 

His skills both on the microphone and the decks ignited crowds all over Asia and his mission of sharing good vibes continues in the scene in Asia. He is currently on our DJ agency and performs regular shows on our station and across Vietnam where he resides.

Listen live this Monday 14th of June 2021 12 AM to 2 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and re-airing on Thursday 12 PM to 2 PM (ICT).

8U8A 'Global Bass' episode 20 on 14th June 2021.   

JSM - 1893

Ome - Better Stay Home

Alphabets Heaven - Bamboo

Drae Da Skimask & Kareful - Liquid Acid

Loom & Tsunga - Homer Riddim

Inkke - Power Venom

J. Kong Ft. Lavz - Cut That 

SbK & Fork And Knife - Bars

Soulely - Stand Up Tall (Baile/ukg Edit)

Soulely Feat. Mar'one - Baile Bass Boasty

DJ Milktray - Martini Glass (Club Tool)

Bushido - Stay Golden

Hnrk - Permutation

Pixelord - Пикселорд (Feat. Паша Техник)

Wizard - Gunman (Feat. Alive Muzik)

Bop - Skolzkaya Dorozhka

Bop - Beach Simulator 3d

Boylan & Slimzee & U.S.F - The Mould

Chad Dubz & Somah - The Business

Dayzero & Vandull - Door

Mr.K - Fidget (Dayzero Remix) 

Denham Audio - Run Da Ting

Denzel Curry, Kenny Beats - Lay_up

Djedi - Falling Together

Eddy Seven - Sahara

Klasey Jones & The Wildcatz - Nature Falls

Fraxil X Midfug - Hybrid Gang

Glume & Phossa - Banshee

Dee-lite - Groove Is In The Heart (Hedo Edit)

Eva808 - Shakti

Eva808 - Skull In The Mud

Blunts & Blondes X Båwldy - Let U Know

Maxim - Battle Horns

Mr.K & Dprtndrp - Suppression Dub

Murk & Shiva - Granite

Murk & Shiva - Salamanders

Dubsknit & Pzg - Sunshine Junglist

A-par  - Hbfc 

Trveso - Wdgaf (Original Mix)

Freebot - Pam Pam

Egalas X Blaxtork - Danca

Yellow Claw & Wiwek - I Want It

Wuki - Chicken Wang (Feat. Diplo & Snappy Jit)

Wuki - Hey Ladies (Feat. Yung Baby Tate & Stoppa)

M3b & Fatty Bass - Dale

Salvatore Ganacci - Horse (A-par Remix)

Juyen Sebulba - Get Higher

Baauer - Tep Tep

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