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The Italian duo TENET is back with episode 56.

Italian production duo Tenet performing at an event on a rooftop close to a castle in nortern Italy, colour image.

TENET, the acclaimed Italian DJ and production team, has officially unveiled the lineup for their forthcoming Sunday show. Scientific Sound Radio, a leading electronic music platform and DJ agency in Asia attracts a broad international audience and local listeners.

Leveraging their extensive expertise and experience, the DJ and production team have embarked on a new venture to showcase their creative vision. Their music fuses organic house and techno elements with the harmonious and forward-moving sounds of melodic and progressive house.

Their goal is to deliver a meticulously crafted experience highlighting electronic music's best aspects. This includes the enchanting allure of Melodic House and Techno, the alluring rhythms of Tech House, the complex harmonies and deep resonances of Progressive House, and the inviting atmosphere of Organic House.

The Italian duo frequently performs live on international radio stations, highlighting the best of Progressive House and Techno music. They organize House and Techno events at various prestigious Italian venues, including Ballroom, Lohit, and Cafe De Anatolia. They share their enthusiasm for electronic music with both local and international audiences across various platforms.

As a duo and individually, they have graced stages worldwide alongside esteemed DJs like Kenny Carpenter, The Cube Guys, Joe T Vannelli, Subsonica, Tommy Vee, and Auralism. Their goal is to maintain their significant influence on the dynamic house music and clubbing scene while expanding their presence.

In their performances, the DJs display a diverse array of musical styles, encompassing polished Club House, electronic, and deep sounds. Their collaboration on a Melodic and Progressive House project has produced tracks such as "Expectations (Moon Magic)," "Soulmate (Rounded)," "Holy Hollow (Xibalba)," and the most recent release, "Antigone (Wise Jester)."

The duo premiered their track "Antarctica (Mumi)" in late 2022. DJs frequently consult the esteemed Traxsource charts for new house music, and this song secured a significant position. Their joint ventures and live performances persist in making a lasting impact on the electronic music scene.

The weekly radio show presents a captivating blend of Techno, Melodic House, and Progressive music. The live broadcast is scheduled for Sunday, June 2nd, 2024, from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. Indochina Time (ICT). A rebroadcast will also be available on Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (ICT).

TENET episode 56 (first hour).

Rich Vom Dorf - Desperate

Tebra - Mesečina (Timboletti Remix)

Emre K. - Mware

Rony Seikaly - Understand (Gorge Remix)

RY X - Lençóis (Love Me) (Cassian Remix)

Meduza & Shells x Plus2 - Better To Love (Plus2 Mashup)

Marino Canal - Independence

Joe Fisher, XZYKO - Enigma

Far From Home & Retoric - The Arrival (Paul Anthonee Remix)

Massano - Betrayal

Anyma, Rebūke, Karin Park - Hear Me Now

Miss Monique & Paul Thomas - The Morning After

Listen Here.

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