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Rumesh Announces Guest For 'Petrichor' 75 With Alpha21.

Petrichor logo in front of planet during solar eclipse.

Petrichor hosted by Rumesh has announced their playlists and guest DJ for their show airing Wednesday 15th of April 2020 6 to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Sunday 6 to 8 AM (ICT) on Scientific Sound Asia Radio, the English language radio station for the Asian region.

In the wake of underground music evolution in Sri Lanka Rumesh is a conspicuous DJ having a soft spot for Progressive House. He has paved the way to initiate Petrichor hosted by Rumesh which has become a well-established radio podcast series worldwide where he hosts international talents every week and last weeks show is this weeks second hour.

Sri Lnakan DJ and producer Alpha21 performing on Pioneer CDJs at a boat party in Sri Lnaka.

Guest DJ (first hour) Alpha21.

This weeks guest DJ (first hour) is Alpha21, Thanushka Chathuranga, better known by his stage name ALPHA21 is a DJ and producer originating from Weligama, Sri Lanka. He is an artist, who has always been closely linked to electronic music, developing his musical taste and polishing it since 2015.

As a DJ he loves to take his audience on a Progressive journey from beginning till the end. He sees himself as a storyteller with the purpose to enchant his crowd and create good memories, the styles he plays are heavily associated with Progressive House, Deep House and Melodic Techno.

The biggest influences of ALPHA21 are Guy J, Volen Sentir, Jeremy Olander and Marcelo Vasami for their unique and original styles. His music has been released on BC2 Records, Mystic Carousel Records [Spain], Cause Org Records and IN2U Records, just to name a few. His music enables him to bare his soul and express his personality, his sets are emotional tales whispered secretly into your ear, enjoy the show.

Petrichor 75 15th of April 2020.

Santiago Forteza - Ses Ailes de Ge'ant [Beatfreak Limited]

Juan Erbin - Kids & Kites (Evegrem Vs Ivan Aliaga Remix) [Droid9]

Max Freegrant, Miss Monique - Stranger Things (Atleha Remix) [Freegrant Music]

Dimuth K - Minesweeper

Chook - Leaders (Sonic Union MXV Remix)

Styller - Samsara (Ninesh Babu Rmx) [Superordinate Music]

Cherry (UA) -Atlantida

Dark Matter - Motivated

Arude - Endowment

GRISHA (RU) - Adriatic (Plus Thirty Remix) [Polyptych]

Listen On Mixcloud Here.


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