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Many Hands DJ Duo Release Tracklist For 'Basement Soul' 07.

Many Hands Profile picture with a black background and swirls of colours.

Musical duo Many Hands (Berlin) have published their play list for their 'Basement Soul' 07 show on Scientific Sound Asia radio this Friday 29th of November 8 to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and re-airing Sunday 2 to 4 AM (ICT) Scientific Sound Asia is the English language electronic music station for expatriates and locals in Asia.

Many Hands is the intellectual property of harmonious absorbed wide-ranging DJ's Jona J & Kava. Jona Jefferies was conceived in Barcelona and raised in both Spain and the UK, Jona started out as a DJ in the prolific DIY 90's free party, rave scene in the Southwest of the UK. Jona then resettled in Ibiza and was mesmerised by it's Balearic sound and hedonistic style and has been a returnee ever since. Following his stint in Ibiza Jona went to Bass city, Bristol, where he habituated for a long period, here he was shaped by it's inner city frame of mind and love of sound system culture.

Jona is nowadays established in Berlin's growing international music gathering performing at a plethora of establishments spread over the urban environment of the capital city. Jona's release ‘Nocturnal’, a conjunction with long time friend, Stardelta Mastering’s Lewis Hopkin as 'Sapience' for Tom Middleton's 'Sound Of The Cosmos' record label gained notoriety and radio plays by esteemed disc jockeys' such as Gilles Peterson, Mala & Laurent Garnier. Jona has played mostly around Europe but in the recent past performed at a pleasurable amount of events across Asia.

Kava is a DJ spawning from New Zealand who has chosen Berlin as his home for the last ten years. Kava raised as a DJ on a voyage through the fruitful Wellington landscape, frequently doused to beneficial injections of Soul, Bashment, Hip Hop, Disco, House, Techno and Drum n Bass. Kava during his time in New Zealand dispensed the true form of music namely vinyl to every corner of New Zealand and had a plethora of radio shows on radio stations.

His ongoing participation in this audio adventure took him on a expedition performing all over the world as a DJ, whether it was local raves, basement clubs or national music festivals from Brazil to the Asian region, he shined when given the opportunity. A opulence of musical knowledge means his sideways selections and deft, original mixing style twitch hips and scratch heads warming up for big acts like Fat Freddys Drop, Dave Clark or DJ Marky.

After moving to Berlin Kava was resident for a monthly radio show with Rodi Kirk of Scratch 22 fame for a long period called Float Some and Jet Some on the now regretfully defunct Berlin Community Radio as well as practising his skills at a number of events across the urban sprawl.

Having met up through a mutual friend in the locality of OYE Records in Germanys capital Jona & Kava soon realised they possessed a common vocal element harmonically and realised they had a click so began playing together. This combination led to Many Hands, an eclectic dance, defrag, and alleviating music session, in a basement (Hence Basement Soul), in the heart of Berlin.

Jona J & Kava play across the rhythmic and harmonic cultural spectrum. Disco, Soul, Latin and Afrobeat shares hips with MPCs and Drum Machines, Jamaicans in New York, West Africans with Synthesizers and funky Euro-freaks. Sometimes quirky, sometimes bashy, but always for the dancers.

Many Hands 'Basement Soul' Show 07 29th of November 2019.

Boreal Massif - Dew Point Rising

Circles Around The Sun - Ginger Says (feat. Neal Casal)

The Vendetta Suite - Eye In The Triangle

Mori Ra - Half Body

Louisa Miller - Share The Love (Dance Mix)

Harvey Surtherland & Bermuda - Expectations

Symptoms Of Love - Freshwater People

Dazion - Sake Boogie City

Love Creation - Hang Loose (Love Creation Long Edit)

Michael Wycoff - Diamond Real

Mystic Jungle - Jurakan

N-Gynn - Disco Boulette

Black Jazz Chronicles - If The Creator Came Today

The Invisible - Love Me Again feat Anna Calvi (Chaos In The CBD Remix)

Roska - Lose Ya Mind feat Aleisha Lee

Fela Kuti & The Africa 70 with Ginger Baker - Black Man's Cry

Esa - A Muto

Lamont Dozier - Going Back To My Roots

Zatua - Nun Vuelvas Mas

Listen Here On Mixcloud.


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