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Hartojo From It Sounds Future Berlin To Perform Second Show.

German DJ and producer Hartojo performing as a  DJ at an event in Europe, wearing headphones and Baseball Cap.

Scientific Sound Asia is proud to announce that Hartojo a.k.a Daniel Wiess will be performing a second guest show on our station this coming Sunday 29th March 2020 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Thursday 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia Radio is the leading underground electronic music station for the Asian region.

Educated within the legendary holy halls of Stammheim Kassel ( Aufschwung Ost ) at the end of the millennium, soon after Hartojo started with music production and moved to Berlin. His first releases were on Pulsar Records, and his first live act was performed in 2006 at the no less legendary Icon club. As a consequence, he started DJing in 2009 and played at clubs like Sisyphos, Suicide Circus, Kosmonaut, Kitkat, Birgit & Beer.

In 2013 he got his first gig in the EU, followed by the first international gig in 2014 in the burning desert of Nevada. In the following years, he played every Burning Man Regional event he visited, South Africa, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, the UK and of course Germany next to music festivals like Fusion Festival (DE), Rave the Castle (LUX) or Block Rave (DE).

Hartojo dropped his first release on Superstrobe's Label IU2U in 2015 followed by releases on the internationally known imprint Lauter Unfug with artists like Township Rebellion, Channel X or Beatamines. At the end of 2015, he also started his music blog '' to dive deep into the music scene and embrace it with all its facets. His contributors and he write about electronic music, festivals, events, tech, and Burning Man.

The final step in this musical journey was having their own label: in 2017 he partnered with his friend Mon Groove, a Suicide Circus resident for more than a decade and in the scene since the early '90s. Fehler Musik was born. They release new music every month with names and artists like Andre Crom, Skober, Lützenkirchen, Christian Hornbostel or Elmar Strathe and this mix features some of Hartojos' original tracks and remixes and music from his record label Fehler Music, enjoy the show!

Hartojo Guest Mix 2 29th of March 2020.

Mon Groove - Mechanism Control (Hartojo Remix)

Interflug - 4200 (MORE ACID Mix)

Hexer - Ascension (Original Mix)

Ernest Kalinin - Bursa (Original mix)

Christian Hornbostel - Kenaz (Original mix)

Erhalder - Tomis Line (Original mix)

Hartojo - The Elevator (Skober Remix)

Haenk B. - Diletory Tactics (Original mix)

Nobots - Drive (Original mix)

BB Deng - Silent Battle (Original mix)

Distorted Planet - Faccia Staccata (Original mix)

DJ Wank - Acidic Restraint (Original mix)

Erhalder - Volca PinUps (TWR72 Remix)

ANtI (DE) - 400 Rabbits (Original mix)

Hartojo - The Quantum Field_Mastering (Original mix)

Hc Kurtz - NoenD (Original mix)

Christian Hornbostel - Ogham (Original mix)

ANtI (DE) - The Hedonist (Original mix)

Tolax - The Convergence (Original mix)

Sebastian Fleischer - Not To Cry (Lützenkirchen Remix)

Sam Junk - Acid Reality (Original mix)

Nobots - Take A Trip (Mon Groove Remix)

Sam Junk - In the Air (Original mix)

Henning Richter - Dust (Original mix)

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