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Green Snake Records Announces Playlist And DJs For 'Snake Sessions' 051.

Green Snake Records logo in grey green and white, with Cartoon Cobra in Middle.

Green Snake Records has announced their tracklist and guest DJs for their forthcoming show 'Snake Sessions' 051 this Friday the 14th of February 2020 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating on Tuesday 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia is the English language electronic music station for foreigners and locals in Japan, Vietnam, China, Thailand and the rest of Asia.

Green Snake Records was founded in 2009 as a Russian-Australian label in cooperation with Bellarine Recordings. From the August 2009 the label is working as a single Russian label being owned by head honcho Samotarev. It's focused on such music styles as progressive house, tech house, deep house and techno, releasing both tracks from Russian and foreign producers.

Russian DJ and Producer Nodar M sneering at pointing at camera, colour picture.

First hour Nodar M.

This weeks first hour (tracklist below) is Nodar M, Nodar M real name Nodari Mekerishvili was Born and raised in the small northern city of Surgut in Siberia, Russia. His main styles of production and DJing are Progressive, Tech House, and Techno.

Nodar M started as a DJ almost 2 decades ago in May of 2000 he played his first set as a DJ and grew and developed throughout the earliest years of the melenium travelling around Russia and eventially settling in St Petersberg in 2007. Then, in 2012 he aquired Ableton and began studying as a producer and writing his first tracks.

Fast Forward to the summer of 2016 and Green Snake Records released the first production of Nodar M the track entitled 'Chord'. At about the same time he launched his own project FX bar a nightclub in St. Petersberg with this institution becoming one of the best venues in the city.

Nodar M has since had a few releases in May 2017 he released the 'Play The Game' E.P. and following this a remix of Sharab in 2018. His latest release was a mini album entitled 'Minor Mood' in December of 2019, and this album has been well received amongst critics.

Russian DJ and Producer Vakabular smiling whilst looking at camera.

Second hour Vakabular.

This weeks second hour is Vakabular, Vakabular real name Vakabular Pasha started his DJ path in Koh Phangan, Thailand being totally amazed and inspired by the local house music scene. It only took a few years to rise from private underground parties to playing at some of the best events on the island.

Gaining knowledge and experience in what makes great dance music events Vakabular went on to create his own dance music hub, ‘Hollystone’ which is one of the best venues and events on the island. From the tropical paradise of Koh Phangan Vakabular established his name worldwide releasing powerful EP's and LP's on a wide range of international labels.

In 2016 Vakabular had his six track mini-album "Floor Damage" released on one of the best progressive house labels in the world, Stan Kolevs "Outta Limits”. Top techno label "Octopus Records" released his remix for Ron Costa after Vakabular won the Beatport Remix Contest which saw him breaking into the Techno charts.

Constant releases on ‘Suffused Music’ brought Vakabular's name into the Progressive charts. His next endeavour was diving into the minimal genre where Vakabular found himself on super stars Plastic Robots imprint "Warbeats Records". His EP "Vulfpeck" got massive support and climbed to one of the the top selling tracks of a brilliant Brazilian label.

Vakabular has created his own label "Hollystone Records" which he now focuses his attention to for all of his upcoming releases. The vision for the label is Music with no fixed genre orientation, freeing itself from expectations and limitations. Within the first year the label found support from music lovers all around the world.

From Vakabular’s eclectic selection of musical creations the release that has yielded the best results thus far is his top selling EP "Now You See". The release ran on all major labels mentioned above and has impressive numbers across broadcasting services, totalling more than 2.5 Million plays across Youtube, Itunes and Spotify.

Quite an achievement for an up and coming music label hidden in the middle of the Jungle on a paradise island in Thailand, enjoy the show!

Snake Sessions 051 14th of February 2020.

1st hour Nodar M.

Deniz Kabu - Nothing Left (Vox)

Dmitry Molosh - Wound (Vox)

Nesker - No Escape (Original Mix)

Local Dialect, True Partridge - November

Hannes Bieger - Stars

HOSH, 1979, Jalja - Midnight

Tantum, Oluhle, Samer Soltan - Into Yam (Super Flu Remix)

Legroni, Peredel - Mbyes (Fake Mood Remix)

Mike Spirit - Sweet Enough

Sbastien Lger - Kanga

Khen - Mamba

Newman I Love - Kiss of the Seraph

2nd hour Vakabular.

Alexey Romeo - Arabic Adventure (Original Mix) [Go Deeva Records]

RoelBeat - Mumbai (Original Mix) [Rundell Beatz]

Shamizo, Discorocks - My Dream (5prite Remix) [Heavenly Bodies]

Luigi Rocca - Wood Room (Original Mix) [Plastik Galaxy]

Karuva - Behind The Speaker (Original Mix) [303Lovers]

John Summit - Stimulate (Original Mix) [Repopulate Mars]

Rob Kali - Stimulation (Original Mix) [Kittball]

WilyamDeLove - Do It Again (Original Mix) [Prison Entertainment]

Mike Ivy, Luv Junkie, DJ Gomi - Touch (Frederick & Kusse Extended Mix) [Toolroom]

Macrolev - I Made You A Fan Too (Original Mix) [Vivifier Records]

Hassio (COL), Danum - Get High (Original Mix) [Eat and Beat]

My Dirty House - Make It (Original Mix) [Phunk Junk Records]

Rued, Vadim Koks - Domination (Original Mix) [Dextrous Records]

Ocean Roulette, Arnold & Lane - Groove (Original Mix) [Perfect Driver Music]

Listen On Mixcloud Here.

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