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Francesco Conti and Friends 13 year end special.

Italian DJ and producer Francesco Conti performing at an event, colour image.

'Francesco Conti and Friends' episode 13 is a Trench Records and NDI Records year-end show. Scientific Sound Asia is an electronic music station for Asia and globally.

Francesco Conti is a DJ and producer of electronic music who was born in Rome in the late seventies, he grew up in the radio station and rave scene in the Italian capital. He was moulded by the music that marked the end of the 80s and the early 90s, such as Acid House and Techno.

Over the years has reinterpreted these sounds and injected his own personal and original style. It all started in 1992 whilst collaborating with some radio stations in the capital, Rome; where he played in major nightclubs.

In the summer of 2003, he relocated to the Adriatic coast, where he continued on his DJ Adventure. In 2006 he gained some notoriety by winning the "Equinox DJ competition" against 16 Italian DJs in Riccione along the Adriatic coast in Northern Italy.

This award opened the doors to Ibiza, where he participated in the island's essential events every year. Then about ten years ago he started several record collaborations, including from 2017 to the present with Jambalay Records.

He currently collaborates with many online radio stations including United Techno Familia, and YouMixRadio. In these almost thirty years of activity, he has played with world-famous DJs. These experiences have enriched him, given him new stimuli and made him love music increasingly, which he considers a universal language without borders or barriers.

Listen live on Thursday the 29th of December 2022 from 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeat Monday from 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT).

'Francesco Conti and Friends' episode 13, 29th December 2022.

Max Boncompagni - Living (Original Mix) [NDI]

Alex Imparato - Knock In My House (Original Mix) [NDI]

Maurizio G - Flashback (Original Mix) [NDI]

CyznB - No Sleep (Original Mix) [Trench]

Lorenzo Chi - 303 (Judge Jay Luca Colombo Cool Acid Breez Remix) [NDI]

A503X - Big Saturday (Original Mix) [NDI]

Francesco Conti - Fase Acida Room (Original Mix) [NDI]

Gianni Piras - No Rush (El Brujo Remix) [NDI]

A503X - Malevolant (Original Mix) [NDI]

El Brujo - Till The Sheeps Become Lions (Original Mix) [Trench]

Francesco Conti - Hot Frequency (Original Mix) [NDI]

Henry Mwnn Lobbs - Flow State 02 (Original Mix) [NDI]

Gianni Piras - Blinding Light (Original Mix) [NDI]

Mikey Paz - Things I Aspire (Original Mix) [NDI]

Pier Giorgio Marini - Disco Brain (Original Mix) [NDI]

El Brujo - Lust 4 Junk (WDZ1 CyznB Remix) [NDI]

Francesco Conti - Floor Six (Acidified Version) [NDI]

Henry Mwnn Lobbs - Dark Chronicles (Original Mix) [Trench]

Teknotik - Space Escape (Original Mix) [Trench]

Henry Mwnn Lobbs - Contaminated (Original Mix) [Trench]

Tito K. - Arcade (Original Mix) [NDI]

Miss Nala - Back For More (K-Deey Remix) [NDI]

Ronnie Vineyard - Panic Attack (Cristian Remix) [Trench]

El Brujo, The Rhythm-Fixxer - Los Meppos (Emison Remix) [Trench]

Ronnie Vineyard - Panic Attack (Klaus Da Harder Remix) [Trench]

Nine Dot Ten - Konraception (Original Mix) [Trench]

NO 16 - Nine Dot Ten - Der Augenblick (Arram Remix) [Trench]

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