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Ezmun Announces Tracklists And Guest DJ For 'Cooking With Gas' 05.

British DJ and producer Ezmun eating a cake whilst drinking coffee and browsing the web in a café in Vietnam, colour image.

Ezmun has announced the guest DJ Chacona and their track-lists for 'Cooking With Gas' 05 on our station Sunday the 24th of May 2020 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating on Thursday 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia radio is the ex-pat and local English language underground electronic music station for Vietnam, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, The Philippines and the rest of Asia.

Cooking With Gas - The weekly dose of all things percussive, groovy and dark; curated by Ezmun. This week’s episode is the first of our 2 part 140 BPM series. It features a 1-hour mix from Ezmun followed by a 1-hour mix by Chacona.

Their love for the UK underground rave scene was born out of dubstep’s surge in popularity around 2008-2010. Both friends immersed themselves in the clubs and parties of Manchester and London as they visited each other at university.

This opened the door to what the underground scene had to offer them. Both mixes are a rowdy blend of 140 bpm Garage, Grime, Dubstep, Bassline and Techno. This episode was an inevitability given their habit of catching up over beers and early Skream tunes in the living room until the early hours.

Ezmun is originally from Cumbria in the United Kingdom, he has recently relocated to Vietnam to grow his music ambitions both as a DJ and producer. Unfortunately, covid forced him to temporarily relocate to Melbourne, and from here he will release a weekly show pushing his favourite sounds.

Ezmun, like many DJs, started off in his bedroom and this led to house parties involving close friends and cohorts. Fast Forward to 2019 and he finally made his breakthrough into clubs, playing venues in Manchester, Hanoi, Laos and Ho Chi Minh City.

Enamoured with the dark sparse atmosphere of minimal half-time 140s and the lairy clatter of percussive leftfield bass, he implements these as peaks and troughs in an energetic techno setting. Ezmun is slowly gaining notoriety in the underground in Vietnam and is hoping to make his way back there.

In the meantime, he will explore the Melbourne underground scene and continue to hone his production skills with a view to releasing his own music next year. Cooking With Gas is an opportunity for him to showcase his friends and other undiscovered DJs, as well as explore the genres he loves in more detail.

'Cooking With Gas' Episode 05 24th of May 2020.


Chunky - Pash

Wookie - Stargate

Horsepower Productions - Landslide Remix

Roska, TT The Artist - Killin’ It

Mumdance - Take Time Feat Novelist

Neana - Soiree

Walton - Smashed Crabs

Pinch - Crossing The Line

Yak - Stampede

TenTewntySeven - Kid

Sudanim - Lightmare

Nastia Reigel - Horses

Kryptic Minds - Distant

Roska - Asbestos

Author - My Only

Chacona (Last Hour).

Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal

Liljah - Alhassan

Zomby - Spliff Dub

Tommy Holohan - Subaru Impreza

Hamdi - Trumpet

Falty Dl - Phreqaflex

DJ Lewi - Hold Me Tight (Dark Mix)

Artwork - Rank

Loefah - Jazz Lick

Loraine James - Messy

Objekt - The Goose That Got Away

Mark Ruff Ryder Feat. Mc Vapour - Move Your Body

Wiley - Eskimo (Instrumental)

Dizzee Rascal - Stop Dat

Rude Kid - Fabric Original

Sega Bodega - Cc Feat. Shygirl

Charli XcX - Pink Diamond

Shygirl - O

Sophie - Bipp

Tierra Whack - Child Please

Fatima Yamaha - What’s A Girl To Do

Listen Here On Mixcloud.

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