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'El Brujo And The Wild Bunch' Episode 24 Features 6047

Italian DJ and producer El Brujo standing wearing hat and wearing sunglasses outdoors, colour image.

El Brujo has published the tracklists for his show 'El Brujo and The Wild Bunch' 24 featuring guest DJ 6047. Scientific Sound Asia radio is the Asian electronic music station for the region and internationally.

El Brujo real name Robert Milanesi was born in Italy in the sixties, from a very early age he developed an addiction to music. At the beginning of the nineties, he became revered as one of the forefathers of the underground rave scene in Bologna, Italy.

His first official release in 2008 was ‘Warriors’ on the Milan label Open Legs. His label, Jambalay Records, was launched at their opening party in 2010 in Ibiza, Spain at Club Geminis in the Ibiza harbour.

The label & El Brujo then burst onto the electronic music scene with the legendary Maya Jane Coles first charting their track in her February Chart 2011. This track, ‘Mozambique’ in collaboration with Big Mojo, was on his first physical CD release ’Nutty Fellas Are Go'.

In January 2019 his release, ‘Plastic Dreams’ originally released on Frameworkxx was ranked at Number #33 in the Beatport Hard Techno top 100. El Brujo has released electronic music on diverse labels such as Elektrax, Frame Workxx, LW Recordings, Subwoofer, Berlin After Dark, Music Is The Drug, Gobekli Tepe, Fortwin Rec, Bunker, Mad Rhythm, SE7ENS, Physical Techno, and many others.

His unique sound is one of the unknowns of the cosmos and is a part of the artist that is El Brujo and his creativity. His productions are interstellar in his 'Raw' approach whatever the electronic genre he conceives in music innovation.

Every month El Brujo will be giving us a guest DJ from his 'Wild Bunch' of Techno producers and artists. In this episode, El Brujo enlightens us with a selection of promos and tracks from his stalwarts and companions.

American DJ and producer 6047 in an upper body shot featuring a space background with his logo on his chest, colour image.

Guest DJ (second hour) 6047.

This month, the guest DJ is 6047, California native 6047 (read as 60:47) is a Los Angeles based multi-styled electronic DJ & producer whose musical diversity is reflected in his mixes and productions, to date he has well over 800 releases across a variety of genres and labels.

Attention to detail is what is always present in his work, rather than boring people with long-winded bios written in 3rd person about the musical accomplishments he prefers to let the music do all the talking. His musical style revolves around Progressive, technical break and beat matching.

His mixes have been featured on the best podcasts & radio stations worldwide. In this months show, we look forward to his new guest slot which features Hard Techno and Techno tracks that have made an influence on him.

Listen live on Thursday the 20th of January 2022 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Monday 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT).

'El Brujo and The Wild Bunch' episode 24, 20th January 2022.

El Brujo (first hour).

El Brujo - Till The Sheeps Become Lions [Trench Promo]

El Brujo - Alter Ego [Trench Promo]

DJ D Redd - Call Of Duty (El Brujo Remix) [Trench]

DJ D Redd - Belt Of Orion (El Brujo Remix) [Frame Workxx]

Cristian - Catholic (El Brujo Remix) [Frame Workxx Promo]

El Brujo - Rammer [Frame Workxx Promo]

El Brujo - Chinese Magik [Underground Beatcode]

El Brujo - Madame Fong [Underground Beatcode Promo]

Ugo Anzoino, Master Master - Kuro (El Brujo Remix) [Trench Promo]

Makaja Gonzales - So Different (El Brujo Remix) [Trench]

Makaja Gonzales - Faster Than Light (El Brujo Remix) [Frame Workxx]

El Brujo - Idiocracy (Mean Mix) [Trench]

El Brujo - Sturm Und Drang [Trench]

El Brujo - Rim [Frame Workxx Promo]

6047 (second hour).

Hell Driver - Midway (Original Mix) [Dolma]

N.O.B.A - Destiny (Original Mix) [ithica]

Lost In Europe - Corruption Of The Mind (Original Mix) [Intuition]

Riko - Aérospatiale Concorde (Original Mix) [CEP]

Marco Bailey - Days Of Yore (Original Mix) [MATERIA]

Jokasti & Nek - Lullaby (Original Mix) [Green Fetish]

Narciss - Diable Jambe (Original Mix) [Lobster Theremin]

Rudosa - Impetuous (Original Mix) [Moments In Time]

Dowdzwell - Tsunami Headrush (Original Mix) [Hydraulix]

D.A.V.E. The Drummer - Trick Me Twice (Original Mix) [Suara]

AnD - Dagger In Heart (Original Mix) [Involve]

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