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'El Brujo and the Wild Bunch' episode 06 uploaded to Mixcloud.

Italian DJ and producer El Brujo wearing a camouflage shirt and a hat with sunglasses on looking up with armed crossed, colour image

'El Brujo and the Wild Bunch' 06 was originally aired on Thursday the 9th of July 2020, listen to the Mixcloud player below. Scientific Sound Asia radio is the expatriate and local underground electronic music station for India, China, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, the Philippines and the rest of Asia.

El Brujo (first hour) real name Robert Milanesi was born in Italy in 1964, from a very early age he became addicted to music and in 1994 became known as one of the founding fathers of the underground rave scene in Bologna, Italy. His first official release in 2008 was ‘Warriors’ on the Milan Label Open Legs.

His Label, Jambalay Records, was launched at their opening party in 2010 in Ibiza, Spain at Club Geminis in the Ibiza harbour. The label & El Brujo then burst onto the worldwide scene with the legendary Maya Jane Coles first charting in her February Chart 2011; his track, ‘Mozambique’ in collaboration with Big Mojo, which was his first physical CD release ’Nutty Fellas Are Go'.

In January 2019, his release, ‘Plastic Dreams’ originally released on FrameWorxxx was ranked number #33 in the Beatport Hard Techno Top 100. EL Brujo has released on labels such as Elektrax, Frame Workxx, LW Recordings, Subwoofer, Berlin After Dark, Music Is The Drug, Gobekli Tepe, Fortwin Rec, Bunker, Mad Rhythm, SE7ENS, Physical Techno, Professional Rockstars, Serapis, Dublin Xpress, SMR Underground, Hypnotic Skull, Underground Media, Konfused Konfliction, Backbeat, Electrified Mindz, Killer Crossover, Oxytech, Profunda Intellectus, Tanira, Society Music, Toxic, MTZ Noir, NACHT, Ahromatiq, Technological, Plusquam, Ushuaia Music and many others.

His unique sound is as unknown as the cosmos and is a part of El Brujo and his creations are interstellar in his “Raw” approach whatever the music genre he conceives in music innovation. Every month El Brujo will be giving us a guest DJ from his 'Wild Bunch' of Techno producers and Artists.

British DJ and producer Kev Willis stading in a warm coat with hands in pockets smiling, black and white image.

Guest DJ (second hour) Kev Willis.

This weeks guest DJ (second hour) is Kev Willis, Kev Willis is a Techno DJ and producer from Stoke On Trent, in the North of England. He has started to DJ and experience music production when he was a teenager and became embroiled in Techno Music.

From 2004 to 2009 he presented his own shows on Techno FM (an online radio station based in Canada). His shows were monthly, and after a while they became more popular, achieving more listeners from all around the world and this gave him better opportunities to improve as a DJ and get more shows to be featured on the station.

Eventually, he decided to part from the station and move ahead and the hosts really appreciated what he had done with his shows and wished him the best of luck for future developments. All of these experiences in DJing gave him more confidence and the chance to network with other DJs and producers, receiving great feedback.

He has demonstrated his Disc Jockey abilities on a great number of Techno stations and Podcasts including Fnoob Techno Radio and Future Music FM. His abilities on the decks led to him performing at a plethora of events such as Load, Ghettoblaster, Waveform Riot, Subterraneo, Metro Casa, Heritage and many more.

Presently he runs his own shows on Cosmos Radio every Tuesday evening, featuring guest DJs for each show and appearing monthly on Techno Pulse Radio for Techno Connection UK. When he is not on the radio he spends a great deal of time producing new music, enjoy the show!

'El Brujo and The Wild Bunch', 9th July 2020.

El Brujo: (first hour).

El Brujo - 2222 Dualism [Frame Workxx Promo]

El Brujo - Till The End Of Time [Techno Parade Promo]

El Brujo - From Here To Eternity [Techno Parade Promo]

El Brujo - Final Takeover (Cristian Remix) [Ubeatcode]

Kev Willis - Lunar Collide [Jambalay Records Promo]

El Brujo - Call Of Cthulhu [Jambalay Records Promo]

The Rhythm Fixxer - Nigth Ritual [Jambalay Records Promo]

Francesco Conti - I’m Looking For A Place To Stay [Jambalay Records Promo]

Judge Jay - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark [Jambalay Records Promo]

Gianni Piras - I Can Fly [Jambalay Record Promo]

Joe Cozzo, Chris Khaos, Mike Wlkr - Condemned [Jambalay Records Promo]

Kev Willis (second hour).

Misinki - Modulate

Essor & Jacknowledge - The Test

Pfropf - Needles Text

Full Funktion - Day & Night

Secus - Midnight Run

Neiland - Nothing Less

Sleeparchive - Porridge

Emison - Limbo

Viels - Coincidence

Codeck - Petriuska (Miss Adk Remix)

Exallos - Saur

Oall Hates - Gentrifies

Petri Petro - Persist (As Above So Below Remix)

Riesenfeld - Skamlebak Radiotarn

Allessandro - Petracca (Miss Adk Remix)

Rngd - Broken Ritual 2

Mittens - She Who Brings Fire & Fury Unto The Desert

Same Lee - Patience

Luca Agnelli - Voltumna (Slam Remix)

Twan - Dead Freight

Emison - Hummel Paradox

Listen on Mixcloud here.

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