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Bicycle Corporation invite DJ Terence C for Electronic Roots 118.

Malaysian DJ and producer Terence C performing at Kyo, colour image.

Terence C, a guest DJ from Bicycle Corporation, will showcase his upcoming Electronic Roots show on Scientific Sound Asia. Being the leading electronic music station and DJ agency in Asia, Scientific Sound Asia serves audiences locally and globally.

The Italian duo of DJ and producer Marco Mei and the talented Stefano Ugliano, also known as 6884, form Bicycle Corporation. They have created and remixed more than 50 original tracks in the genres of House and Techno, establishing a strong presence in the electronic music industry through their collaborative work.

During the early nineties, Marco started his musical career as a DJ, drawn to the rise of Electronic music and Afrocentric beats. After entering the music scene, he launched his own House music and Techno events named Urban People, which took place in different venues across Italy.

With this, Marco began his influential journey in the electronic music scene, immersing himself further in sound exploration and event organization. His skill on the turntables quickly earned him acclaim, resulting in a sought-after residency at Pacha in Egypt.

By taking on this crucial role, he not only increased his standing in the industry but also gained access to international DJ opportunities, launching him on a global musical adventure. The acclaim he received while working at Pacha was the starting point for Marco's exploration, as he set out to showcase his musical skills to audiences worldwide.

Stefano, born in Torino, Italy, showed exceptional musical talent early in life. Introduced to the world of music by his parents, he enthusiastically followed his love for music, exploring classical piano, percussion, and drums with great commitment. His musical interests and influences were diverse, ranging from Chopin's emotional compositions to the lively rhythms of West African Djembe.

Stefano developed a deep musical expertise through dedicated exploration and practice, which would go on to influence his impact on the electronic music scene. As Stefano grew older, his interest in music transformed, leading him towards the enticing world of electronic DJs captivating ravers.

He had no idea that the vibrant electronic music, rarely heard on Italian radio stations in the '90s, would lead to a significant change in his life. Captivated by the magnetic allure of electronic music, Stefano was irresistibly attracted to its mesmerizing beats and melodies.

Despite their current success, Marco and Stefano stay connected to their modest beginnings. Lately, they have gone back to some of their earlier songs, showing their dedication to respecting their musical origins. Moreover, they have set up a Bandcamp page to share their creations, highlighting their commitment to safeguarding their artistic heritage.

Electronic Roots, the House Music and Techno radio show hosted by Marco and Stefano, acts as a platform for highlighting prominent artists from various parts of Asia. This project not only honours the wide-ranging talent present in the Asian electronic music industry but also encourages networking and partnerships within the worldwide music community.

Malaysian DJ and producer Terence C performing at an event, colour image.

Guest DJ Terence C.

Appearing on the show this week is Terence C, a Malaysian DJ and producer recognized as a veteran in the field. Terence, who now lives in Shanghai, China, has had a successful career for more than twenty years.

Throughout this period, he has maintained residencies at several of Kuala Lumpur's top clubs and venues, establishing himself as a key figure in Malaysia's House Music and Techno scenes. Terence's consistent presence and input have garnered him extensive acknowledgement and praise in the electronic music scene.

During his distinguished career, Terence has had the honour of opening for some of the most legendary figures in the music industry. Ranging from David Morales to Fatboy Slim, and Pete Tong, among others, Terence has continuously established the atmosphere for thrilling performances.

Terence is well-known for his talent in captivating the audience, as his exceptional skills as a DJ have consistently filled the crowd with excitement. Several top figures in the industry have specifically asked Terence to ignite their events, showcasing his status as a skilled DJ and crowd motivator.

Terence's outstanding DJ abilities have led him to become Digweed's top pick whenever he plays in Kuala Lumpur. The talented pair have performed together multiple times, making a significant impact on the renowned Zouk club brand in Malaysia.

Their dynamic performances have been instrumental in establishing Zouk as a well-known international hub for electronic music enthusiasts. Terence's collaboration with Digweed highlights his significance and influence in the electronic music industry, solidifying his position as a key figure in Malaysia's lively nightlife scene.

Prior to the pandemic, Terence was leading the way in organizing monthly Techno events at Zouk called 'We Love Techno', working closely with DJ XU, a prominent figure in Kuala Lumpur. 'We Love Techno' aimed to introduce audiences to the underground sounds associated with labels like Drumcode, Cocoon Recordings, and more.

Through his initiative, there was a focused endeavour to highlight innovative electronic music and create opportunities for up-and-coming artists in the Techno genre. Thanks to Terence's knowledge and DJ XU's impact, 'We Love Techno' took Kuala Lumpur's electronic music scene to a whole new level, delivering an unforgettable sound experience to fans.

Starting his venture in 1998 with guidance from DJ Chris Doss, Terence quickly established himself in the music industry. By landing regular gigs at popular spots like Cubeat and Globar, he steadily built his reputation in the field.

Nonetheless, a pivotal moment in his career occurred when he landed a warm-up performance for the renowned David Morales at Morales' first show in Malaysia. This chance propelled Terence into the limelight, confirming his path to success and solidifying his reputation as a skilled artist in the Malaysian capital.

Having been a resident DJ at the influential Movement Club during the early 2000s, Terence established himself as a key figure in Malaysia's electronic music scene. Subsequently, he has maintained a strong presence in the city by performing at various venues like Backroom, Nouvo, and Atmosphere, where electronic music flourishes.

Terence has made a lasting impact on the nightlife scene in Kuala Lumpur through his continuous presence and valuable contributions, influencing its development and solidifying his reputation as a key figure in the DJ community.

Terence's impact is not limited to Malaysia but stretches throughout Southeast Asia, with impressive shows at well-known locations like Lush in Singapore and Liquid in Ho Chi Minh City. His influence went beyond traditional limits when he founded the innovative audio-visual group, Altered Image, in 2005.

Terence collaborated with artists Callen Tham and Digital to push artistic boundaries, creating a multimedia experience that exceeded anything previously witnessed in the region. His work on Altered Image ushered in a new era of artistic expression, establishing a lasting impact on his body of work.

Altered Image transformed the electronic music scene by skillfully combining cinematic visuals, turntable beats, and live effects to create mixes that were both pioneering and firmly connected to the energy of the dance floor. After their success in the Malaysian leg of the Heineken Thirst competition, Terence, Callen Tham, and Digital set off on a tour throughout Southeast Asia as part of the Altered Image project.

Terence has been leading the way in technical innovation in the electronic music scene. Lately, he has been focusing on refining his abilities with the Ableton Live production suite, mastering its complexities to improve his musical range. Utilizing this knowledge, Terence has successfully blended live performances by combining software with conventional decks and CDJs, expanding the horizons of performance art.

Terence C is now gaining attention for his production projects, ready to introduce a series of fresh releases in the coming year. In addition to his growing success in production, there will be an increased presence in Southeast Asia for audiences to look forward to.

Recognized as one of the leading DJs in Malaysia, Terence C is quickly establishing himself as a significant presence in the electronic music scene across Asia. His radio show featuring House Music and Techno on our station demonstrates his consistent commitment to presenting innovative sounds.

Terence C will showcase a variety of genres including Deep House, House, Progressive House, and Techno on this month's radio show. Be sure to listen live on Wednesday, July 10th, 2024, between 6 PM and 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT), with a repeat broadcast on Sunday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

'Electronic Roots' episode 118 with Terence C.

Dave DK - Where The Tree Grows (Original Mix) [Endless]

Floating Points - Del Oro (Original Mix) [Ninja Tune]

Dennis de Laat - Night Rider (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings]

Abuk - Jambo Dub (Original Mix) [Dessert]

Gorge - Intensity (Original Mix) [8Bit]

Audiojack - Play With My Mind (Original Mix) [Crosstown Rebels]

Lost Desert - Jardin Sonic (Original Mix) [Souksonic]

Yost Koen - Selfer (Original Mix) [Monaberry]

Roland Leesker feat. Dan Diamond - Let It All Go (Radio Slave Remix) [Get Physical Music]

Simon Vuarambón, Tantum - Lake Of Fire (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records]

Jonathan Kaspar - On The Line (Raw Edit) [Innervisions]

D. Diggler - Leuchtturm (D. Diggler Remix) [Lucidflow]

Benales - Kinetic (Original Mix) [Mitsubasa]

Ma Haiping - Parallel Cycle (Original Mix) [Molecular Recordings]

Dave Angel - May I Have This Dance (Original Mix) [RSPX]

DJ Hell - Outline (Original Mix) [Duatrecords]

Yan Cook - Proximity (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]

Dennis Caressa - Mrs. Jack (Original Mix) [Materia]

Samuel L Session - Reachin' (Andreas Saag Mix) [SLS]

Lopezhouse - Oscillations (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records]

Paul Roux - Hold On (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records]

Richie Blacker & James Shinra - Rapture (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]

Quiet Village - Reunion (Original Mix) [The Quiet Village]

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