Anonymous Z announces guest DJ and playlist for show.

03 May

Anonymous Z has announced guest DJ Camille Rodriguez for his show this Sunday the 3rd of May 4 to 6 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Thursday 4 to 6 AM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia Radio is the local and expatriate online radio station for the Asian region.

Anonymous Z is mostly famous in SaigonVietnam for being the founder of Mad Circus Epic parties.  Organizer of mayhem to the core, he founded the 1st underground DJ community of Bahrain, Glassroom. Leading this group of misfits from various origins, he organized parties and after parties legal or not which are remembered as legendary by local nightlife. 

His motto then was "They tried to bury us, but they forgot we were seeds". Joining the Banana Hustle crew in their punchy tropical frenzy, he participated to develop their unique vibe. Originally a Techno head, he receives a taste for digging unique tracks may it be Afro, House, Disco or Funk. 

He complements the whole with his special selection of hand picked Techno or most recent Indie Dance. His strong abilities as a selecta opened him the doors of top underground venues: Arcan, The Lighthouse, Broma & Vitamin D after parties. His non linear sets are most often improvised, driven by the dance floor and over a variety of a music styles with tense and groovy basslines and epic storytelling melodies always playfull with the emotions. 

2018-05-18-CAMILLE RODRIGUEZ @ REX CLUB-2kFb-003 - siegfried masson

Guest DJ Camille Rogriguez.

The second Edition of Not So Anonymous is 2 hours of techno hosted by Anonymous warming up for Camille Rodriguez as a Guest.  A free spirit at the edge of a network yet too often pretictable, an artist of his own, distant from the mainstream, Camille Rodriguez embodies a quest of singularity, a love for Music, an integrity and generosity leading to devotion. 

A Stakhanovist transgressing the dance-floor codes, preferring curves and breaks to straight lines, he gives his physical and memorable live performances an uncompromising aspect. Setting up a rich, dense and melodic atmosphere with a Wagnerian energy, his work proves his inherent and profound relation to music, deeply moving and unique, without ever letting himself fall into dull experimentalism. 

A master at controlled improvisation, mixing analog and numeric devices, heavy movements and flights of lyricism, his hallmark is not only to be found with labels such as Timid records, Btrax or more recently SCANDIUM RECORDS but especially during his noticeable performances at places like Astropolis or Rex Club, that he shows the full extent of his art, of his cheerful creativity which turns his demonstrations into communions. Hands up!...

Anonymous Z playlist 3rd of May 2020.

Anonymous Z Set

Camille Rodriguez - Andalucian 2.0 (Traumer Remix)

Max Cooper & Patrice Baumel - Organa (Patrice Baumel "Balance" Remix)

Maxime Dangles - Dysnoptik (Original Mix)

Camille Rodriguez - One night With Wagner (Original Mix)

Manuel-M - Yokai (Original Mix)

Christian Bonori - Hamal (Arno Gonazalez Remix)

Guy Guerber & Sahar Z - Kenny's Back (Mike Monday Remix)

Paul Nazca - Under the Map (Truncate Remix)

Camille Rodriguez Set.

Levon Vincent - And It don't Change

Rob Acid - Dear Maria-Sabina

Catching Flies & DJ Seinfield - Silver Linings (DJ Seinfeld's Drum Mix)

James Welsh - Rubber Dog (Original Mix)

Eron Alkan - Spectrum (Special Request Kaleidoscopic mix)

Kaczmarek - 3333 (Museum Remix)

Voltaire - Fading Lights (Original Mix)

Vladimir Dubyshkin - Rural Woman (Orinigal Mix)

Juxta Position - Enlightenment (Original Mix)

Amotik - Tetalis (Elle Allien Remix)

Earth Trax - I'm Not Afraid (Original Mix)

Amotik - Satrah (Original Mix)

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