Vietnamese DJ Tommy to perform first guest show.

30 Jun

Scientific sound Asia is proud to announce that local Saigonese DJ Tommy will be performing a guest show this Tuesday 30th of June 8 to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Saturday 8 to 10 AM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia is the premier Underground Online Radio Station for Vietnam, China, The Philippines, India and the rest of the Asian region.

Tommy real name Nguyen, Minh Khoa was born and raised as a blood child of Saigon, Vietnam. Tommy always proudly wears his own unique burning national colour on his characteristics and on every aspect of his mixes. He truly believes music plays an essential part as a flavouring ingredient for life. 

His music shouts out every feeling and emotion through melodies which is the way he expresses his “difference”. When Tommy’s career began in the last days of 2016, he proved his exceptional skills through variety of music genres like Bass, Tribal, Electro. 

No matter how diverse his music sounds, he still manages to bring the Vietnamese characteristics into the music he made. He has taken part in a series of  events in the Vietnamese scene such as Dim., Camdaibass, NYE, Technofish, Hipoiz Battle, etc.

He also performs regularly at some well-known bars, clubs in Saigon and Danang like Piu Piu Saigon, Indika Saigon, Snuffbox, Wamsaigon, Lunar Bar, Minsk Bar, Bass Meditation Community, etc. 

As well as outstandingly performing solo, he has hared the standing ground on stage with several famous international and local artists such as Skulz, Bobby D, Larria, Niskala, Psy Color, Tizone, Zoey, Providence, Attiss Ngo, Chiulinh, LC King, Koo, New Fame, Wean Le, Teddy Chilla, Minoto, Andy Lucas, etc.

With his upcoming projects, Tommy is planning to exclusively introduce more music products that carry his own materials and colours leaving spotlight in his listeners’ mind. 

Tommy guest show 30th of June 2020.

Maga - Another Day

Funkermunk - Soulful

Mente Orgánica - Agua Turbia (ft. Memorabilia)

Violeta Parra - Santiago penando estas (Jonajosu Remix)

Kapoor & Hvitling - Daeargryn (Original Mix) [Akumandra]

Beyhude - Operasyon (Edit)

Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps (Tolga Maktay X - Tanbul Edit)

LEN - Semblanza AEP018

Kapoor & Hvitling - Zora (Original Mix) [Akumandra]

gázel - Aqua Faba (FREE DL)

jonajosu  - Legoland

Amir Telem - Back to Vaikunta (Kapoor & Hvitling Remix) [trndmsk]

Kapoor & Hvitling - Daeargryn

Lukas Bohlender - Pan

Lukas Bohlender - Dionysus

Metrist - Argent (Original)

S. S. - Legends (ÜNAM Rethink)

Cem Yıldız - Güzel Aşık (Land Edit)

Maga - The Berliner (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Polynation - Cascade (O.D.Math Remix)

Hybu - Euthanasie (Blâme Remix)

Balsam Drum - JAY   

Aetius Boutefoy - Auwa  (Original Mix) 

Anonymity Cosmos - Jaws 2018

Anonymity Cosmos - SAD EMOJI :( feat. Baptiste)

Host - All Night Every Night

Red Axes Feat. Minh Duong - Phu Quok [K7 Records]

Red Axes - Hue

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