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Parisian Duo Kidding Kurrys & ATX To Start New Guest Show.

Parisian DJ Duo Kidding Kurrys and ATX sitting together on park bench looking at smartphone, colour image.

Parisian duo Kidding Kurrys and ATX have published their track list for their first Hotch Potch show. Scientific Sound Asia is the online Asian electronic music station for the region and internationally.

Kidding Kurrys and ATX are two DJs based in Paris, both members of the Slow Is The New Fast collective which, as it says, tends to promote downed and de-pitched beats to faster things. They have no boundaries though and can promptly jump from their dark and slow mantra to high-energy disco shapes when in the mood.

In this monthly 2 hours residency they propose a various selection of old and brand new dug gems from their collection without following no particular rule, order or style. Just enjoying a good friendly music session between Frenchmen: drinking wine, eating cheese and smoking giant green baobabs.

Listen Live on Friday 29th October from 12 AM to 2 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeat on Monday from 2 PM to 2 PM (ICT).

Kidding Kurrys and ATX Hotch Potch 1, 29th October 2021.

Parbleu - Vénus S'endort Et Moi Avec Elle [Periodica Records]

Unknown Artist - Chain (Jonny Rock Dubstrumental Edit) [Running Hot Records]

Men Without Hats - Safety Dance (Petko Turner Part 2 Edit) [Not On Label]

Robert - Elle se promène (Jitter Edit) [Serenades]

Okolokolo - Ekahalat (River Yarra Extended Fast Edit) [Ears On Earth]

Mick Smiley - I Believe It's Magic (Last Waltz Re Do) [Bastedos]

Alessi Brothers - Savin' The Day (The Revenge Flat Top Mix) [L.E.S.S. Productions]

Victor - Amerikan Dread [Dread Beat]

Station 17 - Fahrstuhl [17rec]

DMX Krew - Funky Dancer [Fresh Up Records]

Freudenthal - Human Maturity [Tunnyl Records]

KZA - Open Up (Slow Version) [Mulemusiq]

Amarcord - Bad Masters [Fucanglong Files]

Shame On Us - Naam (Fantastic Man Remix) [Hivern Discs]

DJN4 - Volzotan’s Phogarr [Emotional Response]

Son Of Sound - Your Voodoo Is Broken [Razors and Tapes]

Eliezer Feat. Alejandro Molinari - Altizachen [Fucanglong Files]

Shango - Soca Fever (Cornelius Doctor "Renegade" Mix) [Playground Records]

Kate Stein - Scenic Byway [Roam Recordings]

Eftersom - Hurricane (Rodion Remix) [Paradise Children Records]

Roe Deers - Men With Secrets (Vocal Edit) [Not On Label]

Class B Band - Repli-Can [Rotten City Records]

Simon Shackleton - Number One (Extended 'World Coming To An End' Dub) [StereoPhoenix Music]

Jac The Disco - Goddess [Spin On This Music]

Luis Hill - Frazio [Not On Label]

Tony Carey - Enjaw J [Medical Records LLC]

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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