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'McCarty Shoot' Announce Guest DJs For Episode 6.

Iranian DJs and Producers Qazal Dalir and Dadgar standing side by side with McCarty Records logo in middle, Black and white with colour logo.

'McCarty Shoot' episode 6 features guests Qazal Dalir and Dadgar. Scientific Sound Asia is the online Asian electronic music station for the region with an international following.

McCarty Records was born during an encounter between Europe and the Middle East. Ultimately, it was born from the friendship between two people, who have always been music lovers. Both founders had been working in the world of music for many years and decided to combine their talents and enterprise to start a new label.

At the record labels birth both felt they were young and rebellious enough to open their branches to everyone and to all musical genres of the Techno galaxy. As a result of their decision McCarthy records releases tracks across the spectrum be it Techno, Melodic, Deep Tech, Minimal and Tech House.

McCarthy Records will present to us every month their hand picked selection of fresh releases from themselves, their guests and from across the international Techno world.

Guest DJ Qazal Dalir (first hour).

In this show the first DJ Is Qazal Dalir, hailing from the capital of Iran, Qazal Dalir, is not only a DJ but also a musician playing the piano and singing the vocals for her own music. Qazal started her career as a DJ over the last few years, with only with a laptop and a pair of headphones as an introduction, before moving onto CDJs and controllers.

Her skills in harmonic mixing have made her a unique DJ in Tehran's underground rave scene witch is mostly male. Other than her skills on the decks, it's her good vibes, and the way she makes the crowd move that capture every raver's heart in the Iranian Techno scene.

Touring from city to city, and playing at the most critical dance events of Iran, have made her a household name amongst the new generation of ravers in her homeland. Qazal's sound is dark and groovy, and sometimes hard and melodic. Although she is new to music production, her first track 'Rare Situation' has received great feedback from the audience in the Iranian rave scene already.

Iranian DJ and producer and McCarty records owner Dadgar smiling at Camera

Guest DJ Dadgar (second hour).

This episodes next guest DJ Is Dadgar, Dadgar Mohajer Taleghani a.k.a Dadgar, is the Co-founder, the manager and the A&R of McCarty Records. Emerging from the underground (and of course illegal) scene of Tehran, Dadgar quickly made a name as a DJ/Producer amongst Techno lovers of Iran.

Dadgar started DJing at illegal underground raves in Tehran, accepting the challenges of being a DJ, where a rave is a crime! Then Dadgar met Ricky Busta, the former manager of Subwoofer Records.

Ricky is also co-founder of McCarty Records, and manager and founder of Let's Techno Records. When they met and shared their ideas, after a year, they founded McCarty Records together.

Dadgar's sound is solid as he tells serious stories with his music. Stories about daily struggles with today's industrial society. He is heavily influenced by the German Techno sounds of the 90s', and in almost all of his tunes, classic sounds can be heard.

He works out vintage sounds, breakbeats, and sampled noise in company with the futuristic vibes of today's mainstream techno. Dadgar believes that today's electronic music lacks the original spirit of the early raves and he defines his sound as Acid, Hard, Dark, Futuristic and sometimes Minimalistic. Dadgar has also been active as a pop and hip-hop producer and A&R since the mid-2000s'.

Listen to the show live Saturday 9th of October 2021 2 AM to 4 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Tuesday 2 PM to 4PM (ICT).

McCarty Shoot Episode 6, 9th of October 2021.

Qazal Dalir Tracklist: (first hour).

Nory Yamasaki - Thunder (Original Mix)

Simple Symmetry - Enkidu (Adam Ports Tulum by Night Edit)

Nory Yamasaki - Thunder (Original Mix)

Justin Jay - Ease Up Feat. Josh Taylor (Will Clarke Cuddles At Sunset Remix)

Reza Golroo - Disaster (Original Mix)

h3er - Snowball (Original Mix)

Christian Craken - Drama (Original Mix)

Sergio Brea - White Lady (Original Mix)

Dimi Mechero - Slums (Original Mix)

Reza Golroo - Antichrist & (Original Mix)

Blacktextured, Monocoder - Storm The Clouds (TiM TASTE Remix)

Carbon - Cut the Crap (Original Mix)

Carbon - Cut the Crap (TiM TASTE Remix)

Shaded - Mad Stacks (Original Mix)

Carbon - Club to Club (Original Mix)

Rob van Hell - Wormhole I (Original Mix)

Matt Sassari - Give It to Me (Extended Mix)

Dadgar - Space Time Mind Body (Original Mix)

Dadgar Tracklist: (second hour).

Dadgar - Nasty Desire (Original Mix)

Carlos Almazan - Asterion (Original Mix)

Franco Rossi (Arg), Nico Keil - Blackbag (Original Mix)

Rob van Hell - Drill Mechanics (Dadgar Remix)

Bongani - What do you see (Original Mix)

Stefan Nite - Till We Meet Again (Original Mix)

Sefan Nite - When The Light Goes Out (Original mix)

Rob van Hell - Downstairs (Original Mix)

Dadgar - Unnamed Promo

Kiarash and Dadgar - Unnamed Promo

MAUK - Between Life Death (Original Mix)

Adrian Oblanca - Genesis (Pulse Plant Remix)

Rob van Hell - Phase Jump (Original Mix)

Stefan Nite - Immortal Darkness (Original Mix)

CYCLYCX - Doorman (Dadgar Bonus Remix)


Dadgar - Dark Edge Of Lust (Original Mix)

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