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Green Snake Records Announces Playlist And DJs For 'Snake Sessions' 050.

Green Snake Records Logo in Grey green and white

Green Snake Records has announced their play list and guest DJs for their forthcoming show 'Snake Sessions' 050 on our Radio station this Friday the 6th of December 2019 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating on Sunday 10 PM to 12 AM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia is the English language electronic music station for Ex Pats and locals in Japan, Vietnam, China, Thailand and the rest of Asia.

Green Snake Records was founded in 2009 as a Russian-Australian label in cooperation with Bellarine Recordings. From the August 2009 the label is working as a single Russian label being owned by head honcho Samotarev. It's focused on such music styles as progressive house, tech house, deep house and techno, releasing both tracks from Russian and foreign producers.

Russian DJ and Production Duo LBRNTH performing in St Petersberg

Guest DJ duo LBRNTH in St Petersburg.

This weeks first hour is LBRNTH, LBRNTH is an analog Techno duo from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. LBRNTH was founded by Andrey 8BIT ( DJ 8 Bit) and Mitya Chekurov (Сleaning Сompany).

They are a real driving force in the underground music scene of St-Petersberg doing nights at legendary nightclubs such as Mosaique in their home city and releasing Techno tracks as a duo and as single artists across a variety of sources and labels. LBRNTH's tracklist (see below) contains a good selection of their releases and promos.

letaem standing on Bridge in Russia Looking up to the right

Guest DJ letaem.

This weeks second hour is Russian DJ and Techno producer letaem, whose far ranging tracks have been released on a plethora of different labels. His latest release on Green Snake 'Immersion' which has received a good welcome.

Alexey Samotarev the C. E. O of Green Snake Records had this to say "Russian producer letaem is new blood in production, but he's already got a lot of interesting stuff, his Techno-Progressive EP "Immersion" includes three different stories by letaem".

In this show lataem will be playing a full hour of tracks he has released and promos of his upcoming releases, enjoy the show.

'Snake Sessions' 050 1st Hour: ILBRNTH.

LBRNTH - 303 May.

Mad Dim feat LBRNTH - Sunflower.

LBRNTH - Claps on Clouds.

LBRNTH - Slide With the Lead.

LBRNTH - Tenori.

cleaning company - Wake Up In The Dark.

LBRNTH - The Experiment.

INTROCODA - DX 200 Live Version.

LBRNTH - 24 Century Planet Smashers.

cleaning company - Sinim I Modnim

'Snake Sessions' 050 2nd Hour: letaem

letaem - My Shattl

letaem - Air

letaem - Ectravecta

letaem - Space Trip

letaem - Underbraine

letaem - Critical Point

letaem - Flyinger

letaem - Synthetic Live

letaem - Louwnop

letaem - Microspase

letaem - Kvazar

letaem - Saw

letaem - Ocean Dreamer

letaem - Yamal

Listen On Mixcloud Here.

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