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Gerard announces playlist and guest 6047 for 'The Hit List' 048.

American DJ and producer Gerard Jones standing in front of tiled wall looking left, colour image

Gerard has published the playlist and guest 6047 for The Hit List episode 48 on Tuesday the 6th of October from 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Saturday from 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia is the English language electronic music station for China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea and the rest of Asia.

Gerard a DJ from Florida, the USA with a great natural flare for the production of genres such as Deep House, Deep Tech, Tech House and Techno. He stands as a revolutionary figure across all that is House music whose works of genius have left audiences mesmerized where ever he’s performed.

Starting out as part of DeviceRATT with F.L.I. Records, It wasn’t long before Gerard’s interest in electronic music grew into a deep-seated adoration for the genre. It was here that he discovered his path, electrifying audiences with those entrancing beats and sounds.

He performed all across South Florida’s underground scene, including venues such as Treehouse and Nocturnal. The budding artist soon skyrocketed to the top, with rave reviews, sold-out shows and an ever-growing fan base.

In 2014 Gerard released his debut with Aerotek Records, and ever since then has continued to grow and forge a place for himself on the electronic scene. With further releases with a number of labels including Pure Pitch and LTHM, Gerard has become a prominent figure across all that is electronic music.

Gerard has not just been a success at home but across the border as well. He scored a string of residences in venues across East Asia. Laying down beats and producing magic before audiences he soon began to repeat the same achievements he’d had in his native land.

After gaining a gigantic following and becoming a firm favourite across venues, Gerad soon secured himself as a prominent figure on China’s music scene. Sadly though, he was unable to continue his path in the Far East. After enjoying success in that region, he made the move back to America when the pandemic struck, leaving a big hole in many music lovers' hearts.

Since his return to the States, Gerard continues to wield his craft and enchant audiences. With his fan base growing ever bigger, his name reaching heights and his sounds transcending across the world, Gerard has made his mark on the music scene and secured himself as one of its top contenders.

American DJ and producer 6047 standing looking at camera, upper body shot in black and white.

Guest DJ 6047 (first hour).

6047 (read as 60:47) is a Los Angeles-based DJ and producer whose origins are in Vietnam but whose heart lies in California. His background in the electronic arts is stunning and he has released across a variety of genres on many labels.

He is very light-hearted in his perception of himself and prefers to let his tracks and remixes tell his story. He has under a variety of formats and labels released well over 800 tracks and remixes in his 20-year tenure.

His production abilities have gained him a reputation and earnt him a number of guest shows on international stations worldwide and recognition of his work is significant. His attention to finite details and his performance style which revolves around Progressive, breaks and beat matching make him formidable in the booth as a DJ.

He is involved in many collaborations at present with many of the other Scientific Sound Asia artists and can be heard on radio stations and podcasts the world over. His guest show features his multi-genre favourites from the label Sincopat.

The Hit List episode 48, 6th of October 2020.

6047 (first hour).

Mundo D & Roglar - No Name (Original Mix) [Sincopat]

Christian Nielsen - The Tide (Original Mix) [Sincopat]

AFFKT - Capote (Original Mix) [Sincopat]

Patrick Kunkel - Creed (Original Mix) [Sincopat]

Mattia Pompeo - Grado (Original Mix) [Sincopat]

Point Sole - Zero (Original Mix) [Sincopat]

Renato Cohen - Vacuum Light (Original Mix) [Sincopat]

Paul Ursin - Learn Wave (Original Mix) [Sincopat]

Johan Mila - Crystal (Original Mix) [Sincopat]

Deeplomat & Dublatov Feat. Mbaye - Afrodisiac (Original Mix) [Sincopat]

Gerard (second hour).

Alto - Love (Max Chapman Remix)

Moon Disco (US) - After Neon (Original Mix)

Placebo eFx - Give Me A Reason (Redux Saints Remix)

Luca Secco & Craftkind - That Bitch

Deiver - Pass (Original Mix)

Kabbina - Amnesia (Original Mix)

LondonGround - Loco22

Reflux - Pressure

Drew Dapps - Full Effect (Original Mix)

Ramin Rezaie - No Chance

Sofi Tukker - Drinkee (Pim Umenzi Fresh Edit)

Latmun - Ready And Willing

Listen on Mixcloud here.

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