Funk Sessions DJ collective publish playlist for fifth show.

13 Apr

'The Funk Sessions' have submitted their playlists for their fifth show featuring Yushka and Robson Jr. Scientific Sound is an Asian electronic music station for the region and internationally.

Since 2019 the Funk Sessions crew have been igniting dance floors across Ho Chi Minh City with their unique party vibes dedicated to all things funky. This DJ and party crew bring you the funkiest beats around, from funk classics & old-skool hip hop, to disco, party breaks, ghetto funk and more. 

A group of international DJs from Australia and UK, based primarily in Vietnam, on a mission to add a little spice to the dance music scene. With a vast back catalogue of experiences behind them, including club nights, free parties and festivals and having supported many heavyweights of the underground music world. 

The style of music they play is heavily influenced by the pioneers of breakbeat.  It’s particularly obvious in the Hip Hop, Funky Breaks and Ghetto Funk they play, but it's influence actually runs a lot deeper and to some extent can be heard throughout all of their mixes.

Funk Sessions have regular events in Ho Chi Minh City at Broma (not a bar), TNR (your favourite dive bar), Indika and Apt852.  Other venues past and present include, Secret weekend, Tempo, Arcan, Haus, Banana Mama, Piu Piu, Sky 9, Rogue Saigon, Soma and Saigon Outcast.

First up is Funk Sessions regular Yushka lays down a selection of the finest Hip hop, Funky Breaks and Ghetto funk.  Chilled beats and up tempo bangers a journey of a mix. The last part of the show is another awesome mix from another Funk Sessions regular Robson Jr.  Party classics, funky remixes and awesome breaks.  Robson Jr. strikes gold again with her selection in this weeks second hour.

This show was originally aired on Tuesday the 13th of April 2021, listen on the Mixcloud player below.

The Funk Sessions episode 5, 13th of April 2021.

Yushka’s Selection.

Hober Mallow - Here I Am (45 Edit) [Resense]

DJ Agent 86 - All About The Money [Lightspeed]

Dave Rmx,  Mr Rich And The Caretaker - Rat [Ghetto Funk]

Dusty Tonez - Ghetto Maestro (Johnny Pluse Remix) [Bulabeats]

Kurtis - Better Than The Real Thing [Knowfool]

Fdel - Get Up On Ya Feet [Freestyle Records]

Bowdeeni Fish - Offset Flippers [Bandcamp]

Jim Sharp - 10th Wonder [Resense]

Chinese Man - Pandi Groove [Chinese Man Records]

Rumble - Duality Feat. Rhyme Time [Chinese Man Records]

Funky Boogie Brothers, Doppia Erre, Maylay Sparks, Tutu Au Mic` - Andale Andale (2018 Rmx) [Dominance]

Mined & Forrest - Going Down Like This (Master) [Breakbeat Paradise]

Boca 45 - Party Rockers Ft. Ash The Author [2020 Donuts]

Voodoocuts - One Million Clubs [Redeye Records]

Second Hand Audio - MC Lyte Cold Rock A Party (Second Hand Audio Remix) [Eastwest Records]

Robson Jr’s Selection.

The Allergies - Rock Rock (Blast Off) [Jalapeno Records]

Le Cercle - The Beat Goes On (Feat. Chloe Del Orte)

Krafty Kuts & Freddy Fresh - Snatch It (Funky Boogie Brothers Remix) [BBZ]

Asian Dub Foundation - New Way New Life [Won Music]

Apollo 440 - Stop The Rock [Stealth Sonic Recordings]

Krafty Kuts Mix Of Captain Funk - Twist & Shout [Sublime Recordings]

L’entourloop  - Soundbwoy Feat. Troy Berkley & The Architect [X-Ray Production]

Tim Tim - Rum ’n’ Cocacola (Shake It Up Well) [ZYX Music]

Smoove And Turrell - Hard Work [Jalapeño Records]

Shirley Ellis - The Handclapping Song [Geffen]

The Propeller Heads - History Repeating [Wall Of Sound]

James Brown Vs Fat Boy Slim - I Got You (I Feel Good) [Music Factory]

Skeewiff - Matador [Wagram Music]

Fat Boy Slim - The Rockafella Skank [Skint]

Sister Nancy Vs Lauryn Hill - Never Lost One (Wick It The Instigator Remix)

Beastie Boys - Sure Shot [Capitol]

Panama Cardoon Feat. BNC - Don't Let Me Know [Carnibal Records]

Punjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke [Instant Karma]

DJ Twister - A Message To You Cutty

Featurecast - Rock Ya Body [Good Groove Records]

Dizzie Rascal - Fix Up Look Sharp [Dirtee Stank Recordings]

Badboe - Mr Big Stuff

Listen on Mixcloud here.