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Ezmun's 'Cooking with Gas' 12 Drum & Bass special uploaded to Mixcloud.

British DJ and producer Ezmun standing in front of mnument holding a mug in his right hand and a small drum under his left arm, black and white picture.

'Cooking With Gas' 12 was originally aired on Sunday the 12th of July 2020, listen to the Mixcloud player below. Scientific Sound Asia radio is the ex-pat and local English language underground electronic music station for Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, The Philippines and internationally.

Cooking With Gas - The weekly dose of all things percussive, groovy and dark; curated by Ezmun. A friend recently asked Ezmun to record a mix at 180 BPM as this tempo works great as a running soundtrack. Episode 12 is just that – 2 hours of drum and bass starting with melodic and liquid, passing through dark techy and footwork in the direction of jump up.

Ezmun is originally from Cumbria in the United Kingdom, he has recently relocated to Vietnam to grow his music ambitions both as a DJ and producer. Unfortunately, covid forced him to temporarily relocate to Melbourne, from here he will release a weekly show pushing his favourite sounds.

Ezmun, like many DJs, started off in his bedroom and this led to house parties involving close friends and cohorts. Fast Forward to 2019 and he finally made his breakthrough into clubs, playing venues in Manchester, Hanoi, Laos and Ho Chi Minh City.

Enamoured with the dark sparse atmosphere of minimal half-time 140s and the lairy clatter of percussive leftfield bass, he implements these as peaks and troughs in an energetic techno setting. Ezmun is slowly gaining notoriety in the underground in Vietnam and is hoping to make his way back there.

In the meantime, he will explore the Melbourne underground scene and continue to hone his production skills with a view to releasing his own music next year. Cooking With Gas is an opportunity for him to showcase his friends and other undiscovered DJs, as well as explore the genres he loves in more detail.

'Cooking With Gas' Episode 12, 12th of July 2020.

Hidden Agenda - The Flute Tune

Dilemma - With You

Baodub - Find the Dub

Hidden Agenda - No Man’s Land

Lost State - New Dawn

Decon - Three Rivers (Madcap Remix)

Dilemma - Insomniac

Flowrian, Simstah - You knew

MC Fats, L-Side - Steppa Dub

Stunna, Calculon, Depth Range - Sugar Bear

Nativ, Sorted Seizure - Virus

Able - Lacura

ReDraft, Metafloor, Groves - Get It

Kray - Dye

Calculon, Dave Owen, Redraft - Kill & Collect

Fletcha - Abstrakt

Dub Phizix, Fox - Never Been

Hyroglifics - God Given

Inva, M. Justa - Gibber

Enei, Jakes, Particle - Fame

Mikal - At the controls feat. Xtrah

Hybris - The Cleaner

Dunk - Underground

Alibi - Shurikan

Calculon, Austin Speed - Get Murked

Velocity - Untitled Roller

Beat Merchants - Mandelah

S.P.Y - Clouds

DJ Dangerous - Sunday Blues

B Cloud - Deeper (Enei Remix)

Listen on Mixcloud here.

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