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Ezmun Announces Tracklists And Guest DJ For 'Cooking With Gas' 04.

British DJ and producer Ezmun standing in front of monument holding a smiley mug in his right hand and a small drum under his left arm, black and white image.

Ezmun has announced the guest DJ Chacona and their tracklists for 'Cooking With Gas' 04 on our station Sunday the 17th of May 2020 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating on Thursday 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia radio is the expat and local English language underground electronic music station for Vietnam, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, The Philippines and the rest of Asia.

Cooking With Gas - The weekly dose of all things percussive, groovy and dark; curated by Ezmun. This week's 1 hour mix exposes the dark minimal side of leftfield bass finishing on a tech-house note. We have another guest mix from Chacona for the last 50 minutes of the show. Chacona is a prolific music producer.

He experiments with heavily effected vocal samples and choppy rhythms at a range of different BPMs. The end result is always unique and distinctively engaging. This week he’s done us a 160bpm selection of his own tunes amongst some juke, footwork and drum and bass. Chacona coming in hot!

Ezmun is originally from Cumbria in the United Kingdom, he has recently relocated to Vietnam to grow his music ambitions both as a DJ and producer. Unfortunately, Covid forced him to temporarily relocate to Melbourne, from here he will release a weekly show pushing his favourite sounds.

Ezmun, like many DJs started off in his bedroom and this led to house parties involving close friends and cohorts. Fast Forward to 2019 and he finally made his breakthrough into clubs, playing venues in Manchester, Hanoi, Laos and Ho Chi Minh City.

Enamoured with the dark sparse atmosphere of minimal half time 140s and the lairy clatter of percussive leftfield bass, he implements these as peaks and troughs in an energetic techno setting. Ezmun is slowly gaining notoriety amongst the underground in Vietnam and is hoping to make his way back there.

In the meantime he will explore the Melbourne underground scene and continue to hone his production skills with a view to release his own music next year.

'Cooking With Gas' Episode 04 17th of May 2020.


DJ Python - Alejandro

Piezo - The Mandrake

Ossia - Tumult (Lurka Remix)

Natural, Electronic.System - Vespero

Meg Ward - Take A Walk

Ido Plumes - Which Way Is Up

Hypho, Squane - Hekno

Wen - Late Night

Alex Coulton - Ambush

Walton - Abyss

Untitled - Pearson Sound

Albino Sound - Dried Seeds

Dani Sbert - Industrial Gain

Psyk - Throb

Crae - Lost My Mind at 11

CHACONA (second hour).

Ivy Lab - Thirsty

A Guy Called Gerald - Finley’s Rainbow

JLin - Never Created, Never Destroyed

RP Boo - U Belong To Me

DJ John Brooklyn - Real Freaks

CHACONA - Yes Please

Kyle Edwards, DJ Smallz 732 - Birthday

DJ Rashad x DJ Spinn x Taso - New Start

DJ RAshad - Let It Go

CHACONA - The Style Of The Thing

DJ Fulltono - Apaches

Slacker - Amen To The Lonely

CHACONA - Like That

DR S. Gachet - Touch My Toes ’95 Mix

DJ Swisha - Mind Went Blank (RIP Screw)


Listen On Mixcloud Here.


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