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DJ Scibes doing album release show for 24 Karat Recordings.

Australian DJ and producer Scibes performing at an event in Perth, Australia, colour image.

Scientific Sound Asia is proud to announce to DJ Scibes will be performing an album release show for 24 Karat Recordings. Scientific Sound Asia is the Asian electronic music station and DJ Agency for the region with an international following.

DJ Scibes is an Australian DJ and producer hailing from the sunny shores of Perth Australia. DJ Scibes real name Simon Marsh has had an extensive career in the professional entertainment industry. Starting with theatre then evolving on to film, TV, and performing all over Europe, the UK, Japan and of course Australia.

DJing has always been a passion for Scibes for more years than he cares to remember performing in various clubs, festivals, dance parties and radio stations. He has worked for Dream Killers Records (USA), i&i (UK), Segara Indonesia, Jam down Productions (Perth), Australasian Collective, and Extended Play (Perth).

He has recently worked with Third Eye Records UK and is currently directing and fronting Stand & Deliver Productions and Recordings with the Jungle Madness shows and upcoming releases. He consistently performs on a large range of online shows and streams for Starz and Deeza show, Pull Up Radio, Block Radio, Pirate Radio, DnB Australia, and Kiss FM Australia.

24 Karat Recordings This is Nu Skool Jungle Album cover featuring a jungle scene with graffiti, colour image.

This is Nu Skool Jungle Album cover.

24 Karat recordings album comprises a whopping 52 tracks from a selection of 43 artists either solo or working together in some shape or form and started from a comment on social media by label boss, Danny Styles. What started as a random Facebook post musing about a possible jungle album has turned into the largest project ever undertaken by the label to date.

Artists from all over the globe answered Danny’s call for music and the album grew and grew… and grew from there. With a sneak early USB release featuring exclusive dubs and versions not available on the digital release selling out in less than 24 hours the anticipation around the album has been almost palpable - the USBs are being manufactured and printed as we write this press release.

They have not gotten to us at the time of writing. You can taste the tension in the air. Danny has been aggressively protective of the finished product, refusing to send it to the promotional mailing list and keeping the dubs for himself playing the tracks every set.

He then sent it to one DJ and one DJ only.. Kenny Ken. Not even the artists have the album. Danny has been a real dick about it and we have told him this.

But, who can blame him with a list of contributors featuring names like Ras Demo, MC SAS, 6blocc, Epicentre, Veak, Sola, KJAH, Street Creeps, DJ Uniques, Neil Badboy, Just Jungle, Lion UK, iV, Destiny, Danny Styles and many, many more including the introduction of new talent… Danny had every right to feel protective.

As a project, the idea was to represent what Danny likes to call “Nu Skool Jungle” - The jungle scene is thriving at the moment and a lot of the talent is new blood. The sound has evolved over the years and although representative of Old Skool Jungle and its offspring, Drum & Bass, Nu Skool Jungle is a different beast.

It is as distinct from those genres as it is a part of them. Indeed, one could say Nu Skool Jungle is the bastard offspring of Original Jungle and Drum & Bass. Danny likes to call it “it's just Jungle but as it would sound if we had all this technology back then” - Whatever it is, It sounds bloody good.

The tracks vary in tempo and atmosphere. A huge range of styles from the dark, trippy, atmospheric drum fest that 6blocc offers up to the crazed edits of Sum NSF there is a bit of everything on this album.

Hip hop Jungle. Reggae. Jungle. Ragga Jungle. Hard Dark Jungle. Sci-Fi atmospheric Jungle. Old skool jungle. Lover’s Jungle. Abstract Jungle.. .so much Jungle… What 24 karat has tried to do here is to represent what is happening in Jungle right now and to almost take a historical snapshot of a musical scene that is thriving and that we feel blessed to be part of. We hope you like it!

Listen live on Saturday 2nd of December from 12 AM to 2 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeat Tuesday from 12 PM to 2 PM (ICT).

DJ Scibes, This is Nu Skool Jugle Album Show 2nd December 2022.

Sync Dynamix - This One

Sasha Khan - Inner Space

Ben Repertoire - Breff

Danny Styles - Insurerection

Lion Uk - Ancient Breaks

Poynt Too & Fantasic 12000 - Presure Drop

BOTB - All Massive

RUNDR & Ben Repertoire - Arresting

Epicentre - Jungle 33

Just Jungle - Warn Dem

Pablo G - Hardcore Members

Sum - Theorize

S Man - Mind Cross

6Blocc - Low Rider

Danny Styles - Attainment

Danny Styles & Mc SAS - Join in

Danny Styles - Fuck Off

Danny Styles - Hustlers

Danny Styles - In Your Town

DJ Axonal - Ready Up Bumbaclart

DJ Prism - Dirty Fack

DJ Prism - E and A Piano

IV - So Y

IV - Stark

IV - This Is The Way 2022

SUBbreak vs D-region & Code - Dont Ramp

DJ Afterburner - Stand Out

Danny Jenk - Close My Eyes

Danny Jenk - Jungle Daze

Danny Jenk - Warning

DJ Direkt - SNm

DJ Skye - Dont Cry

DJ Uniques - Get Out My House Bitch

Epicentre - Selecta

Neil Badboy & Veak - This Generation

Ras Demo & Danny Styles - Done This

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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