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DJ Joshua releases his playlists for his shows on February 5th.

Portuguese DJ Joshua standing in front of a graffiti work in a derelict building, colour image.

DJ Joshua has revealed the playlists for his recurring shows, Floating Beats and Velvety Elements, which are aired on Scientific Sound Asia. As an established DJ agency and electronic music station based in Asia, Scientific Sound Asia enjoys a diverse global audience.

Originating from Evora, Portugal, DJ Joshua has established himself as a committed admirer of electronic music across multiple mediums, encompassing digital format, vinyl records, CDs, and tapes. Throughout his developmental years, he dedicated significant time to honing his DJing abilities and meticulously curating his collection of Techno, House, Drum and Bass, and Chillout tracks.

During the early nineties, rave music genres encountered substantial resistance and were noticeably absent from Portuguese airwaves. However, undeterred by this challenge, DJ Joshua demonstrated patience and persistence, eventually securing regular gigs on local radio stations. Through these opportunities, he commenced disseminating his passion for rave music to a wider audience, steadily dismantling barriers and broadening the genre's influence.

DJ Joshua ventured into organising House Music and Techno events at different clubs and bars, working closely with his trusted associates. His influence stretched beyond his hometown, reaching other areas as well. However, upon the arrival of his first child, he chose to temporarily step back from event organisation and radio performances.

As his daughter grew older, DJ Joshua felt a yearning to re-establish his roots, leading him to initiate the Floating Beats podcast and radio series. Since its inception, he has nurtured a dedicated following and remains steadfast in realising his original vision across several prominent online platforms.

Motivated by a profound affection for House music, which he cultivated during his early show, DJ Joshua was driven to establish an additional program that would honour its soulful intricacies. Hence, he introduced a new show titled "Velvety Elements." In recent years, his podcasts have earned airplay on numerous global House Music and Techno radio stations, including our own.

DJ Joshua eloquently expresses that music encapsulates an art form, merging various elements to evoke emotions and inspire movement. It serves as a realm where individuals encounter sounds that appear to drift and delicately envelop the body. Essentially, his goal is for listeners to savour the experience completely.

Joshua hosts weekly radio shows that highlight a fusion of House Music and Techno sub-genres. His programmes encompass a diverse range of genres, including Deep House, Tech House, Melodic House, Detroit Techno, Soulful House, Progressive House, Techno, Vocal House, and Melodic Techno.

To tune in to DJ Joshua's live shows on Monday, February 5th, 2024, from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT), and the re-airing on Friday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT), listeners can simply tune in to Scientific Sound Asia using the player below.

Floating Beats 625 (first hour) by DJ Joshua.

Mark Broom - You Got Me (Dj Love Mix)

OFF GRID - Walk The Walk (Original Mix)

Shlomi Aber - Righ (Original Mix)

R.M.K - Personal Waveforms (Original Mix)

Confidential Recipe, ELO - Everyday (Original Mix)

Deas - Praxis (Original Mix)

Jackin Trax, Don Rimini - U Could Be Mine (Original Mix)

Surgeon - Oak Bank (Original Mix)

Spuri - Divergence (Original Mix)

Saytek – Ride (Original Mix)

Steve Parker - Soul Seeker (Original Mix)

Jancen - Dub Tool 1 (Hertz Collision Remix)

Adam Beyer & Green Velvet - Simulator (Original Mix)

Filipe Barbosa - Teatro (Original Mix)

D-Unity - Tribal Heat (Original Mix)

Velvety Elements 197 (second hour).

Satoshi Tomiie, Tuccillo - You Know (Original Mix)

Cosmonection - Nostalgia (Original Mix)

Levantine - Messages From a Star (Steve End Remix)

Mellow Man - I Need A Rhythm (Re-Dub)

The Mountain People - Mountain020.3 (Original Mix)

Elephunk - Azure (Fragoso & Whitenoise Remix)

Bushwacka! - Right Now (Original Mix)

Mulder (NL) - Phase Out (Original Mix)

DJ Sneak - 1234 (Original Mix)

Steve Rachmad - Magical Vibes (Original Mix)

Darles Flow, Lafreq - Going Home (Original Mix)

Yonatan Rukhman - Walls Of Love (Original Mix)

Peace Division - What Is This Sound (Archie Hamilton's Higher Repurpose Mix)

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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