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Coh-hul publishes a playlist for 'Play It Loud' 37.

Irish DJ and Producer Coh-hul's Play It Load episode 37 cover picture featuring his and our logo on a background with a multi coloured Brazilian flag, colour image.

Coh-hul has published his playlist for 'Play it Load' episode 37. Scientific Sound Asia is the Asian electronic music station and DJ Agency for the Asian region and has an international following.

Coh-hul is a Tech Funk and Tech House DJ and Producer previously based in Saigon, Vietnam for 7 years and currently in Ireland. His signature sound is blended between Afro/Latin rhythms, tribal percussion and groovy melodies over heavy baselines.

The Dirtybird and Relief record labels heavily influenced his sound. He was an established disc jockey in Vietnam, having residencies at the major clubs in Saigon. His biggest show was in Marseille at Le Chapiteau a sold-out venue laying down the best set of his career.

Before leaving Vietnam to follow his dream of DJing in Brazil he promoted his first show ‘Coh-hul Invites…’ (A festival of Love & Music) having 25 artists on the one night with music ranging from Afrobeat to Electronic, Ghetto Tech to Surf Punk. The show was successful having a packed turnout of 500 people.

’Play it Loud' showcases the best in Tech-house & Tech-funk. Coh-hul hosts his Tech House Music radio show ‘Play It Loud” with Scientific Sound Asia Radio and often reaches the top 10 in various genres on Mixcloud.

He also has a YouTube show called 'Seshnikov'. The show offers music production tips and showcases some of his new track ideas.

Coh-hul is now on Beatport, Spotify, and Bandcamp. His focus is currently on production, and he is looking to get some of his content on dance floors. An exciting and driven future is what we have in store for this artist.

The monthly broadcast focuses on the hottest new tracks before dedicating the last hour to a record label he feels inspired by. His latest focus has been on music production.

His track ‘Oh Yeah’ was signed to Spoon Fed Records and the compilation it was on reached #1 in the Bass House charts on Beatport. He has some more tracks signed to labels that will be released soon and is also working with a charity release for Blue Dragon (a Vietnamese children’s charity).

He has recently been on tour in Portugal and Brazil. This month's show will focus on the music that he came to love during his time in Brazil, from Rock to Samba to Forro to Disco, Soulto Funk to Bossa Nova to Classical to Folk, It’s all there.

He managed to go through his 9-hour playlist shortlist it to nearly 3 hours and try to include the special songs for him into a one-hour mix. He loved everything about Brazil, the music, the people, the food, the beaches and will be back there again soon!

As always the show will start with this month's best tracks, a blast from the past then into the Brasilero Mix. Listen live on Saturday the 30th of December 2023 from 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeat on Wednesday from 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT).

Coh-hul 'Play It Loud' episode 37.

Eloi - La Danse Des Balrogs [LISZTOMANIA]

I Gemin - Dry My Tears [SCRUNIVERSAL]

Togar - Place Is The Space [SUNDRIES]

Scruscru - Unlimited Jazz [ANOMILIS RADIO]

Dan Corco & Punky Wash - Time To Boogie [ROBSOUL REC.]

Sisto - Jack Is Passing [MOOD FUNK RECORDS]

Philippa - There It Is [FREERANGE RECORDS]

Leko On Pluto - No Fear [MOISS MUSIC]

DJ Sneak - Love Can Make It Happen [HEIST RECORDINGS]

Jeff Haze - Mine (Ben Spalding Edit) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Andruss, Dmitri Saidi - El Santito [CANDY FLIP]


Gama - Tatata [MOOD CHILD]

Ninetoes & A-Trak - Securite [HEAD TO TOE]

Cour T . & DJ Glen - AYDIA [DIRTYBIRD]

HypeBass, Coh-hul - No Cap [UNRELEASED]

Dylaan - Sneeze [ABDUZION RECORDS]

Moonlight Fiziks - Get Down [BOX OF CATS]

HOOKED & Louz - Putaria [BIRDFEED]

Fabio Vela - A Long Journey [SNATCH!]

Thomas Garcia, Dillon Marinez - Vibe [CLUB BAD]

guerrA. - Sneak Peak [ORGANIC PIECES]

Bruno Furlan - Florest

Brasilero Mix:

Baden Powell - Consolação

Rosinha De Valencia - Summertime

Candeia - De Qualquer Maneira

Seu Jorge - Amiga da Minha Mulher

Ruy Maurity - Quizumba De Rei

Chico Buarque, MPB4, Quarteto Em Cy - Apesar De Usted (Apesar De Você)

Ed Motta - Manuel

Gang do Tagarela - Melô Do Tagarela

Tim Maia - Sossego

Joutro Mundo - Nao Force

Rosa Maria - Deixa Nao Deixa

Luiz Gonzaga - Vem Morena

Toni Tornado - Dei A Partida

Wilson Simonal - Nem Vem Wue Não Tem

Chico Buarque - Construção

Baden Powell, Quarteto Em Cy - Tempo de Amor (Samba do Veloso)

Cartola - Ensaboa

Gilberto Gil, Jorge Ben Jor - Jurubeba

Martinho Da Vila - Disritmia

Jorge Ben Jor - Por Causa de Você, Menina

Clara Nunes - Tristeza Pé No Chão

Thelma - Maria Moita

Noriel Vilela - 16 Toneladas

Téo Azevedo - O Novo de Hoje Já É Velho Aqui

Djavan - Flor de Lis

Jorge Ben Jor, Trio Mocoto - O Telefone Tocou Novamente

Chico Buarque - Cotidiano

Os Originais Do Samba - Tenha Fé, Pois Amanhã um Lindo Dia Vai Nascer

Os Originais Do Samba - Cadê Tereza

Edu Lobo - Zum-Zum

Toquinho & Vinicius de Moraes - Canto de Ossanha

Paulinho da Viola - Timoneiro

Elis Regina & Antônio Carlos Jobim - Águas de Março

Alceu Valença - Anunciação

Listen Here.

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