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Blaze DJ returns with 'Ministry of Breaks' episode 36.

British DJ and Producer Blaze UK wearing a baseball cap with a Ministry of Breaks logo, colour image.

Blaze DJ has unveiled the playlist for his forthcoming show 'Ministry of Breaks' episode 36 on our radio station. Scientific Sound Asia is the leading electronic music station, promoter, and DJ agency in Asia, committed to catering to a diverse worldwide audience.

Blaze DJ hails from Walthamstow in the East End of London, U.K., and is a British DJ and producer with a profound connection to underground music culture and the craft of DJing. Throughout his career, he has remained closely linked to this dynamic scene.

According to the concept of the "10,000 hours rule," approximately 10,000 hours of focused practice are necessary to achieve mastery and competence in a specific domain. Nevertheless, for Blaze DJ, the idea of 10,000 hours was simply considered an introductory phase or training period.

Blaze DJ has spent numerous hours honing his skills, leading to a deep and instinctive grasp of the turntables, the music he chooses, and the crowd he performs for. Raised in a home filled with a variety of musical styles, Blaze DJ attributes his parents and siblings as his primary sources of motivation.

Blaze DJ's music preferences were shaped by a mix of Jazz, Funk, Disco, New Romantics, and 80's synth-pop. However, it was in 1987, during his school years, that a significant turning point occurred when he came across the cassette tape House Sounds of Chicago Volume 1. This discovery elevated music from a simple hobby to a powerful influence that impacted his social outings, professional path, and every facet of his life.

Starting his career as a DJ at the young age of 15, Blaze DJ quickly gained fame as a highly in-demand artist. He began by impressing crowds at a local pub in Edmonton, and before long, he landed regular gigs in Birmingham and Faliraki. At these venues, he consistently demonstrated his talents to large audiences, occasionally drawing as many as 2,000 spectators.

Blaze DJ has gained a wealth of experiences throughout his DJing career, which has moulded him into a seasoned expert in the industry. Being a true figure of the Acid House era, Blaze DJ feels lucky to have witnessed the development of the electronic music scene in the UK from its early days to the present.

Even after thirty years in the industry, Blaze DJ continues to exude the same level of excitement and vitality during his performances, harking back to his early days at iconic parties in the early 1990s. His unwavering love for house music has persisted consistently throughout his remarkable career.

Blaze DJ skillfully incorporates influences from a wide range of artists across different periods to create his own unique and original sound. His music effortlessly blends classic house, subtle breaks, a touch of acid, and a hint of techno, forming a distinctive and original musical style.

Blaze DJ's impact went beyond his DJ sets. He gained valuable knowledge from his time in DJ stores and made history by being the first to combine DJing and production equipment in a single venue in the country.

Furthermore, he was instrumental in revolutionizing the retail experience for the electronic music community. However, by 2005, Blaze DJ appeared to have lost interest in performing. Although he continued to be active in the music industry as an audio-visual designer and consultant, concentrating on improving sound systems in top clubs globally, he eventually retired from his DJing career and put his headphones away.

Following a fifteen-year break, Blaze DJ returned with a revitalized enthusiasm and a strong commitment to succeed in his shows. Without delay, he swiftly built up momentum. Despite the obstacles encountered in the previous year, he has already locked in three monthly radio slots with Ibiza Club News, Underground Kollektiv, and Scientific Sound Asia.

He is ready to make a significant comeback in the nightclub scene with an extensive collection of breaks and breakbeat music, and is currently linked with Industrial Force and Zeta Records. Having been in the industry for over thirty years, he holds a prominent status as one of the most dedicated DJs in the worldwide breaks community.

Over the last few years, the Ministry of Breaks (MOB) brand has been increasingly popular in London, the UK's capital, due to its distinctive blend of breaks, bass, and bleeps. At the same time, Blaze DJ has been working diligently to expand the brand's presence through different platforms.

His personal YouTube channel and the MOB YouTube channel have been relaunched by him, offering a platform to present their unique sound and reach a broader audience. Blaze DJ has also played a key role in arranging Breaks n Bass parties, which have helped to enrich the nightlife scene and strengthen MOB's position in the London music community.

Blaze is keeping busy as usual, managing 2 residencies in East London and organizing the popular Open Deck Nights. In the upcoming month, you might even see him performing in Ibiza.

Presented this month is a delightful blend of Breaks, Breakbeat, UK Bass, Nuskool, Oldskool, and Garage in the upcoming show. Tune in for the live airing on Friday, June 28th, 2024, between 6 PM and 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT), and enjoy a rebroadcast on Tuesday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

Blaze DJ, Ministry of Breaks 36.

Duke Dumont - Therapy (Franky Wah Extended Mix)

Ro73 - Feelings Founded (Samay Records)

Ravers54 a.k.a Luis Pitti - Sound Town (Original Mix)

Versalife - Hybrid Form (Original Mix)

Firestorm - La Luna (The Lion's Den MixMaster V2 44-16)

Mr. Sosa - Euphoria (Extended Mix)

C37 - Meant To Be (Original Mix)

Nørus - Mirror Fields (Original Mix)

Lexxi Vonne - Fluffy Tones

DJ Haus, Last Magpie, e-freq - Luna Espacio (Alternative Mix)

Pilot - Get Out James

Baltra - Where I End (Guava Remix)

Eztereo - Caelum (Extended Mix)

Magnetic Man Feat. Angela Hunte - I Need Air

Jauz - Teardrops (Original Mix)

Tommaso Pizzelli - Emotional Damage (Original Mix)

Flo-Rida - Good Feeling (Acapella)

Boom Jinx, Nitrous Oxide, Einar K, Vintage & Morelli - Breathing (Van Múrten Extended Mix

Activa, Jennifer Rene - Stranger (The Stupid Experts Remix)

Vintage Culture - Party Rockin (Esbórnia Of H Seidel Remix)

The Darrow Chem Syndicate - Beeps Hah! (Phattom & Dubinho Remix)

Content Of Void - Slipstream

FM-3 - Mafia (Original Mix)

Inner City - Good Life (Halley Seidel Beautiful Life And Little Time Remix)

Busspass - Concentrtate

The Darrow Chem Syndicate - Jackie (BasStyler & Dubinho Remix)

Aggresivnes & Code Breakerz - 2 On The Bass

AK47 - Jumping (Original Mix)

V. Aparicio - Snail Death (VIP Mix)

DJ Brownie - Nice It Up (Original Mix)

Keith MacKenzie - Andalusian Toast

Rhythmic Journey, Odeed - Fantastic (Say What Mix)

Sekret Chadow - The Cool Gang (FB Mix)

Adam Vyt - Rolling In The Beat (Breaks Mix)

Vadim Shantor - Freak & Nasty (New Version Master)

The Prodigy - No Good (The Beatkillers Remix)

Periko - Lady Don't You Know

Leftfield - Phat Planet (Original Mix)

Brothers Of Funk, Jock D - Grandmasters Of Bassology (Original Mix)

GreenFlamez & Alberto Jimenez - Can You Feel It

Stanton Warriors - Beggin (VIP Edit)

Blaze DJ - Ride Da Rhythm

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