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Bicycle Corporations 'Electronic Roots' 74 features Brendon P.

Singaporean DJ and producer Brendon P performing at event with light swirling around him, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation guest DJ Brendon P will be presenting 'Electronic Roots' episode 74. Scientific Sound Asia is an Asian electronic music station serving the region and internationally.

Bicycle Corporation is an Italian duo of DJ and Producer, Marco Mei and Stefano Ugliano, better known as 6884. They have many releases spanning genres from Deep and Tech-House to French House and Techno.

Marco began his career in the early nineties by working as a crew for events like ‘Urban People.’ With time he gained recognition on the music scene and steadily became a man in demand all across Italy. But then things didn’t stop there, after so much so success in his native land Marco was soon getting international bookings across the globe.

Stefano, from Torino, Italy was showing promise as a budding musician right from his childhood. He showed a keen interest in the musical arts which soon began to engulf most of his spare time. He studied classical piano, percussion and drums and also had a great appreciation for ‘Chopin’s and ‘West African Djembe.’

But with all his devotion to so many different kinds of music, there was one thing Stefano had a love for that was like none other, The man spinning the wheels, yes, The DJ became most enticing for the teenaged Stefano. Those beats were so seldom played on any Italian radio station of that time.

Making those sounds let alone playing them before masses of people would seem like a pipe dream to most. But Stefano would not be deterred, he had a vision which he would now see through to the end and with hard work, dedication and sheer tenacity, Bicycle Corporation came to be.

Even with all their success today, Marco and Stefan have not forgotten their humble beginnings. Just recently they’ve been going back over some of their earlier tracks and even set up a Bandcamp page to distribute them.

Singaporean DJ and producer Brendon P at event in Kilo Lounge, colour image with green tinge.

Guest DJ Brendon P.

DJ Brendon P's real name is Brendon Perera and he is a native of Singapore. He prefers the low-profile, lo-fi approach to his work and has performed as a disc jockey for over four decades.

Brendon P has a long history of Clubs and Music; starting in 1980, in the Singaporean mobile DJ circuit, and moving on to clubs a year later. A visit to New York in 1984, and visiting clubs such as the Funhouse, the Paradise Garage, Dancetaria and Area weaned him into the New York club culture, and into the music that was to become the house music that we hear today.

Crossing vast musical backgrounds over his years as a DJ, both locally and internationally, he continued to acquire a keen ear and passion for dance music. His main genres now are House, Techno, Disco, Nu Disco, Funk, Soul, Lounge, and Electronica.

From doing the club rounds in the ’80s, both locally and internationally, with the Juliana’s and Bacchus groups, residencies with Neo Pharaohs, Venom and NOX in the ’90s, and a 9-year residency at the globally renowned, Zouk Club in Singapore. Between July 2001 and May 2009, he held a 2-year Residency at Kyo and spent the last five years on the team of residents at the Swanky CE LA VI Rooftop Club & Skybar at Marina Bay Sands.

He continues to be a regular feature in the local and international club circuit today. Having DJ'ed in cities across the globe (including Geneva, Gothenburg, Melbourne, London, New York, Miami, Taiwan, Hanoi & Hong Kong, just to name a few), and has also played at the world-renowned (and now defunct) Cielo Club in New York, in June 2010.

Brendon, in his own and separate right, as a producer, has also released his original material and remixes on In The Woods (USA), Los Grandes (Spain), Reversoulmusic (USA), Audio Parallax (UK), Hotbox Music (USA), Soul Shift (USA), Defected (UK), Rawjak (SG), Eclesia (SG), Issys Groove (UK), Love International (MY) and One With Music (SG).

With his stringent adherence to music style and sophistication and attention to detail, it's not difficult to understand why Nicolas Mattar, owner of New York's 'Cielo' and ‘Output’, calls him a 'taste master' and one of the best DJ's in the region. Expect nothing less from him, than a set that crosses vast musical boundaries; past, present and future.

In this show, Brendon expresses his electrical roots with a nice selection of Electronica, Deep House, and House. This show originally aired on Wednesday 8th of February 2023, listen to the Mixcloud player below.

'Electronic Roots' episode 74 Brendon P, 8th of February 2023.

Larry Heard - Guidance Theme [Guidance, US]

Pépé Bradock & The Grand Brûlé's Choir - Deep Burnt [Kif Recordings]

Still Phil - Bey Un Bey (MKL & Soy Sos Cellist Mix) [Natural Resource]

Kevin Yost - Two Wrongs, Making It Right [Guidance, US]

System 7 - Sirènes (Marshall Jefferson Remix) [Butterfly Records]

Jovonn - Pianos Of Gold (Ian Pooley Remix) [Clone Royal Oak]

Rickster - Night Moves (Steve ’Silk’ Hurley House Mix) [P1 Records]

Bicep - Rays (Original Mix) [Feel My Bicep]

Paolo Rocco - People Say (Nic Fanciulli Remix) [Saved Records]

Ane Brun - Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz Remix - Dennis Ferrer’s Noisy Edit)

Zero dB - Te Quiero (Peter Kruder Ruff Mix) [Ninja Tune]

Underground Resistance - Hardlife [Underground Resistance]

DJ Steef - Shaking (The Revenge Remix) [RedEye Records]

Unit 2 - Sunshine (Kink Remix) [Running Back Records]

The Heartists - Belo Horizonte (Original Mix) [Atlantic Jaxx]

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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