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Anonymous Z has announced the guest DJ L-J Louis and playlist for his 49th show.

Australian DJ L-J Lous and French DJ and producer Anonymous Z on a pink and blue background with our logo and DJ names, colour image.

Anonymous Z has announced the playlist and guest DJ L-J Louis for his 49th show. Scientific Sound Asia is an Asian electronic music station for Japan, India, China, Vietnam, The Philippines, South Korea and the rest of the region with a global following.

Anonymous Z (second hour) is mostly famous in Saigon, Vietnam for being the founder of Mad Circus epic parties. The organiser of mayhem to the core, he founded the 1st underground DJ community of Bahrain, Glassroom.

Leading this group of misfits from various origins, he organised parties and after-parties legal or not which are remembered as legendary by the local nightlife. His motto then was "They tried to bury us, but they forgot we were seeds".

Joining the Banana Hustle crew in their punchy tropical frenzy, he participated to develop their unique vibe. Originally a Techno head, he receives a taste for digging unique tracks may it be Afro, House, Disco or Funk.

He complements the whole with his special selection of hand-picked Techno or most recent Indie Dance. His strong abilities as a selecta opened him the doors of top underground venues: Arcan, The Lighthouse, Broma & Vitamin D after parties. His non-linear sets are most often improvised, driven by the dance floor and over a variety of music styles with tense and groovy basslines and epic storytelling melodies always playful with the emotions.

For Not So Anonymous vol.49, Anonymous Z invites L-J Louis. L-J Louis has been djing for the last 20 years.

Ranging from UKG, dubstep and drum and bass parties around Melbourne supporting the likes of Zed Bias, MJ Cole, Joe Nice and a list longer than his arm. On top of that hosting a weekly radio show online on Sub.Fm and doing guest slots on the likes of KissFm, SYN FM and PBS.

This time bringing a different flex than his usual sets expect a mix of deep and soulful house. Anonymous Z follows with an hour of hypnotic and lazy Dub Techno that lets the listener float nicely high in the clouds.

Listen live on Sunday the 19th of December from 4 PM to 6 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeat Thursday from 4 AM to 6 AM (ICT).

Not So Anonymous episode 49.

L-J Louis (first hour).

Atapy - Sweet things (Original Mix)

Djoko - Facettes (Original Mix)

Wave Particle Singularity - Cadmium Telluride (Original Mix)

Groove Box - Latin Ritual (Original Mix)

Altered Natives - Crop Duster (Original Mix)

OneOneOne - Squeak (Original Mix)

Okain - O'Çlock (Original Mix)

Pete Dafeet - Hypnotic Rhythm (Original Mix)

San Soda - Cocomo (Original Mix)

Unknown - Unknown (Original Mix)

Kollektiv Turnstrasse - Heimat (Original Mix)

Fred Everything - Back Together (Original Mix)

SBTRKT - Pharoahs (Original Mix)

Anonymous Z (second hour).

Heavenchord - Innocent Dub (Original Mix)

Lars Wickinger - Dub Killer (Dub Mix)

Heavenchord - Through The Snow (Original Mix)

Nadja Lind - Dub At Ease (Original Mix)

El Choop - render_003_untitled (Original Mix)

Radio Slave - Blacklight Sleaze (Radio Slave Dub Mix)

The Black Tone - Aquatic Redox (Original Mis)

Peter Groskreutz - Sinking (Original Mix)

Raditz Room - Kabus (3am Redrum Mix)

David Hausdorf - Kunstflieger (Original Mix)

Matthias Springer - Mysterium Cosmographicum (Original Mix)

Listen Here.

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