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'After Hours' 554 features Hypnotised, and guest DJ Priya Sen.

AH Digital After Hours 2023 logo featuring host DJs Hypnotised and PatriZes names.

After Hours episode 554 hosted by Hypnotised has announced its guest DJ Priya Sen and playlists for their new show. Scientific Sound Asia is the Asian electronic music station for the Asian region and has an international following.

This week's host is Hypnotised (first hour), Hypnotised is originally from Ghent (Belgium), the city where he experienced the exciting start of legendary parties like "I love techno" and "10 days of techno". Back then, he played various styles in the biggest party area in Ghent. These days he will “hypnotise” you with deep prog and tech sounds. Together with his partner in crime PatriZe, he is hosting his popular radio show "After Hours" on three radio stations worldwide: TM Radio (USA), Cosmos Radio (Germany) and Scientific Sound Asia (Vietnam).

Next to this weekly show they also host a monthly show "AH Digital Essentials" on Proton Radio (USA). Hypnotised also hosts his monthly show “Energetic” on Progressive Beats Radio (Germany). Being well appreciated for his intriguing sets he's also been invited as a guest on several other radio stations all over the world such as Ibiza Global Radio, Frisky Radio, DI FM, Golden Wings Music Radio, Insomnia Fm, Groove City Radio, Fnoob Techno Radio, Urgent FM, Ibiza Soul-Radio and many more.

He has shared the decks with top artists like Marco Bailey, Tom Hades, Purple Disco Machine, Jesse Rose, Nick Bril and others at festivals, events or clubs such as Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Deep on Deck Festival (South Africa), Club NL (Amsterdam), Decadance (Ghent), W Lounge (Amsterdam), Citylife (Terneuzen), Niche Club (Ghent), and Zanzibar (South Africa) to name a sprinkling.

In 2015 a new chapter arrived for Hypnotised managing his label “AH Digital” and the start of his producing career. His work regularly moves up in the "Beatport top 100 releases” often and gets support from many great artists. His first EP “People from the Otherworld” immediately topped the charts at no. 4 and the title track was later remixed by No. 1 selling artist Rui Da Silva.

More recently Hypnotised's EP "Infinity" smashed the Beatport releases charts being at second in both the progressive house and trance charts and third in the techno charts. In 2016 he also started producing under his alter ego “Man on the Moon” where he launched himself off to a fantastic start with his debut "Sense" was signed on the renowned Bonzai label, winning one of Metapop’s remix contests and getting support and airplay on Belgium's best radio station "Studio Brussels".

Next to his label AH Digital he has worked for labels like Bonzai Progressive, Green Martian, SLC-6 Music, Pro-B-Tech Music, Stellar Fountain, Vesta Records, Insomniafm, Abstract Space Records, Eternal Beats, Beat Block Records, Absurd State, Aeriform Records, Morninglory Music, Mystic Carousel Records, Crop Circle, Disposition Recordings, Hot Cue Music, Estribo Records, IN2U Records, Tech Deluxe and new work can be expected soon on SLC-6 Music, Tantalum Records and his own AH Digital, enjoy the show and get Hypnotised!

Indiasn DJ and producer Priya Sen standing looking at camera over her left shoulder, colour image.

Guest DJ Priya Sen.

This week's guest DJ is Priya Sen, Priya Sen is a regular contributor writer for music magazines Decoded (UK), and Underground Tel Aviv. She has recently joined Pioneer DJ Radio with her monthly show titled Dreamscape.

She is also part of Frisky Radio as a writer plus she hosts her monthly show Provocateur on the radio site. Based out of Mumbai, her vision has always been to entertain, educate and be an independent voice on music, machines and the performers who make all our lives so rich and colourful with what they do.

To translate all of it through words that engage and make a difference. Priya continues to grace consoles with regularity as a specialist in Deep Tech, Progressive House and Melodic Techno.

She performs at some of the most prolific hot spots and electronic dance music nights that celebrate the underground scene in India. She hopes to continue her journey and forge everlasting recognition in the coming year.

Listen to the show live on Monday the 16th of January 2023 from 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeat Friday from 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT).

After Hours 554 Tracklist, 16th of January 2023.

Hypnotised: (first hour).

Brian De Santis - Warburtons Madness (Mike Hiratzka Remix)

Kay-D - Remote Control

Kebin van Reeken, Jelly For The Babies - No Way Home (Andre Moret Mix)

Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Sinan Arsan Remix)

Dany Dz - Variance (Juani Ottati Remix)

Steve Goldsmith - My Mind (Teleport-X Remix)

Arbey Gonzalez - Cruising Altitude (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)

SHASHI (SL) - On Cloud Nine (Nacjus Remix)

Priya Sen: (second hour).

Sean & Dee, Melody Stranger - Apollo (Fuenka Extended Mix) [UV]

Rick Pier O'Neil - Tlaloc [Proton Music]

Innergroove - Mistify [Stellar Black]

Stefano Richetta - My Bird [Click Records]

Browncoat - At An End (GMJ & Matter Remix) [JEE Productions]

Pointcloud - Tension [Aftertech Records]

Upteka - Cyclone [43 Degrees Records]

Cezar Nica - Hyperion [YOMO Records]

Alex O'Rion - Aperon [Replug]

Lio Q - The Lover's Symphony (Ric Niels Remix) [SLC-6 Music]

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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