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8U8A Makes Public Playlist For 'Global Bass' 15 On Scientific Sound Asia Radio.

Russian DJ and MC 8U8A MCing at an event in Asia wearing a baseball cap whilst speaking into the MIcrophone, image in colour.

8U8A has published his tracklist for his upcoming show on Scientific Sound Asia radio this Monday 13th of April 2020 12 AM to 2 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and re-airing on Thursday 12 PM to 2 PM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia is the English language electronic music station for Asia.

8U8A is a DJ hailing from Russia, who began his music career as a Drum and Bass and Jungle MC in 2004 becoming a vocalist soon after. In 2007 he realised that he wanted to DJ and MC mutually and started collecting bass music from around the globe, focusing on dubstep, grime and garage.

In 2011 8U8U started to listen to the global Bass scene and his collection grew more and more including Baile Funk, Moombahton, Kuduro, Dancehall, Dembow, Cumbia, Trap, Jersey Club, Footwork, Jungle and many other sub-genres. In 2014 he set off travelling, with an intention of showing off his music collection and demonstrating his talents, he met and performed with his friends in South East Asia and started doing performances in Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.

His skills both on the microphone and on the decks ignited crowds all over Asia and his mission of sharing good vibes continues in the scene in Asia. He is currently on our DJ agency and performs regular shows on our station and across Ho Chi Minh City and Mui Ne where he resides.

8U8A 'Global Bass' episode 15 on 12/04/2020.

Defox - Yama

Defox - Pancharatnam

NKOHA - This Is Destiny

NKOHA - Sanguo

M.A.L.A. - This Is It

M.A.L.A. - Bang It

Celt Islam - Light Within Me

Celt Islam - Fakir feat The Renegade Sufi

Stepart - Lovin Death

Stepart - Gangsta Riot

ODG - Ghetto War Ft. Brother Culture and Biga Ranx

Raffi Balboa - Ponte buena Feat. Paco Mendoza

SPD - Shutta [Wile Out](GCB046)

Chad Dubz - W.T.S.I.T

Chad Dubz - 4AM

6Blocc - Third Choice (6Blocc Future Jungle Edit)

6Blocc - Calm Down (6Blocc's Future Jungle Edit)

E.Reflexion - Chachacha 2.0

Gentlemens Club x Blunts & Blondes - Rough Rider

Gentlemens Club & Watson - Gully Mode


GRAVEDGR feat. City Morgue - WARDOGZ

GRAVEDGR, Carnage & Dither - FICK DICH

Radical Redemption, Yellow Claw & Lil Texas - Beat Your Mother

Rawtek & Lil Texas - Wake Up

Dither & Juyen Sebulba - Welcome To Hell

Igorrr - Very Noise

Alex Barbarian - I feel fine. I feel fine. I feel fine.

Alex Barbarian - Wedding Soup

Alex Barbarian - Eventually

Alex Barbarian - Fussy

6Blocc - Hornz 2019

6Blocc - 808 Messiah

G Jones - Dream Fatigue

JSTJR & Rawtek - Go Stoopid

Ray Reck - Lose It (JUMP)

Morello X Henrique de Ferraz - Garupa Pt. 2

Morello X Neguinho do ITR - Popotao

Zushi - Favelado (feat. Carl Nunes & MC Peu da VM)

Zushi - Rabetao (feat. Kaku & MC Malaika)

Salon Sandunga - Negro



E.Reflexion ft Bass&Breakfast - Jungle do Favela [Wile Out]

DJ Dayvi, Victor Cardenas - Baila Conmigo

Los Dutis - Zapatear

Sydney Souza & kLap - Me Gusta (Remix)

Salon Sandunga - Suxxxia

Salon Sandunga - Ese Booty

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