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Scientific Sound Asia Radio Turns One Year Old Today!

Scientific Sound Asia Logo


Scientific Sound Asia Radio is pleased to announce that we have officially broken the one year mark with a plethora of genres and styles of play and a great repertoire of International DJ's most of whom are Asia based along with DJ's performing guest mixes the list is too long to mention.

We have DJ's based in Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Germany, Romania, United States, Australia, United Kingdom and the list is growing every week, any DJ's who want to pick a slot are welcome to come on-board.

As our catalogue of past shows grows every week and as most of the shows for our radio station are exclusive to our brand of Underground Radio for Asia we have decided to set up a Mixcloud account to stream past shows.

Please be patient with us as we upload the shows from our guests and partners in the Asian community with a view to have them up in the future about a month after they are broadcast on our online radio server.

Our first mix was chosen randomly from the DJs who were on the station the first few weeks and we have a mash up of styles and genres over the coming weeks, please connect to our Mixcloud page and follow to get updates on shows as they are aired!

And finally, thanks to all the listeners who have been patient and supportive over the last year and of course the DJs who have contributed their time and effort to keep the music flowing in, the gift of music lives forever in people, that is for sure.

Also big thanks to everyone at the radio servers for there swift response to online crises over the course of the last 12 months, the link to the Mixcloud page is reached by clicking the picture below!

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