'McCarty Shoot' announce guest DJs for episode 2.

04 Jun

'McCarty Shoot' episode 2 features guests Concat and Danz Maxine. Scientific Sound Asia is an underground radio station for the Asian region with an international following.

McCarty Records was born during an encounter between Europe and the Middle East. Ultimately, it was born from the friendship between two people, who have always been music lovers. Both founders had been working in the world of music for many years and decided to combine their talents and enterprise to start a new label.

At the record labels birth both felt they were young and rebellious enough to open their branches to everyone and to all musical genres of the Techno galaxy. As a result of their decision McCarthy records releases tracks across the spectrum be it Techno, Melodic, Deep Tech, Minimal and Tech House.

McCarthy Records will present to us every month their hand picked selection of fresh releases from themselves, their guests and from across the international Techno world.

Concat - Scientific Sound Asia

Guest DJ Concat (first hour).

This episodes first guest DJ Is Concat, Concat is a Turkish DJ and Producer hailing from Istanbul. His beginnings as a producer started with him making electronic music in 1998 with very old-school equipment. 

His beginnings as a producer are closely linked to his career as a DJ again starting in 1998 he frequented many clubs and bars in his home country till a new career opportunity arose in 2005. Between 2005 and 2012 he started to work with popular Rock bands helping out with sampling and production whilst taking a break from club life.

He has produced a plethora of tracks under his real name and his moniker and after his stint in the popular music world has now returned to his real roots Techno.

Guest DJ Danz Maxine  (second Hour).

This shows second guest is Danz Maxine, If there was a word to conceptualise Danz Maxine, we would find it in "process". Danz Maxine is a process of self-discovery through collective euphoria on the dance floor, an introspection among the collective guided by hypnotic beats, polymetries, Afro-Latin rhythms as well as abstract and energetic atmospheres. 

In his own words; Danz Maxine is a space of resistance to everyday’s vicissitudes and homologous hegemonic currents, a space of rebellion against predefined orders. It is a laboratory of sound experimentation, where the orthodoxy loses strength and freedom emerges from eroded soils. 

It is the absurd and the meaningless meaning, it is the sterile effort that fertilises ephemeral nocturnal situations that produce perennial memories; it is the search for answers to anxious questions and a space for the necessary catharsis that avoids losing our sanity; it is a walk through the innermost recesses of our thoughts and emotions, those that were oppressed and denied before the prevailing wave of positivity that society expects from us, those that we are not allowed to express outside the couch. 

It is the bacchanalian space that allows us to indulge to our passions and the pursuit of pleasure. It is a crossing point between philosophy, art and science, which explains and creates small moments of maximised reality that take us beyond the limits of our imagination. It is an anarchist and libertarian political statement.

Listen to the show live Saturday 5th of June 2021 2 AM to 4 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating 2 PM to 4PM Tuesday (ICT).

McCarty Shoot Episode 2, 5th of June 2021.

Concat Tracklist: (first hour).

Ugo Anzoino, Nik Wel - UPGRADE (Original Mix) 

Concat - All Night (Original Mix) 

Teenage Mutants - Fortune (Original Mix) 

UMEK - Cryptic Speech (Original Mix) 

Coach - Perpetual Dark (Original Mix) 

Dadgar - Nasty Desire (Original Mix) 

Coach - World to Come (DJ Joel Cabana Remix) 

Drunken Kong - Phoenix (Original Mix) 

Dadgar - Space Time Mind Body (Original Mix) 

Bruce Zalcer - Dark Desires (Original Mix) 

Bastet, Rommo, Andrea Signore - Phoenix (Andrea Signore Remix)

Danz Maxine Tracklist: (second hour).

Dadgar - AI Controlled (Original Mix) 

h3er - Fireball (Original Mix) 

Coach - Perpetual Dark (Audio Sin Remix) 

Danz Maxine - Sense Irregularity (Original Mix) 

DULEP - 10 Minutes (Plural_izm Remix) 

Coach - World To Come (Dj Joel Cabana Remix) 

Danz Maxine - Unreleased 

Coach - Perpetual Dark (Original Mix) 

DULEP - 10 Minutes (Original Mix) 

Danz Maxine - Unreleased 

Coach - Perpetual Dark (El Brujo Remix) 

CYCLIX - Doorman (Danz Maxine Remix) Unreleased 

MarAxe - Surreal (Original Mix) 

Dadgar - Alternative Zukunft (Danz Maxine Remix) 

DULEP - 10 Minutes (Patrick Branch Remix) 

Billy Turner - Distress 

Anthony Brahv - R2T100 (Danz Maxine Remix)

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