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Gerard announces playlist and guest 6047 for his show 'The Hit List' 68.

American DJ and producer Gerard looking to his left wearing a sweater and glasses on a purple patterned background, colour image.

DJ Gerard Jones, also recognized as Tim Jones from DeviceRATT, has revealed the tracklist and announced guest DJ 6047 for the forthcoming episode 68 of his weekly program 'The Hit List'. The show is aired on Scientific Sound Asia Radio, a leading online electronic music station and DJ agency in Asia, catering to a worldwide audience.

Gerard, originating from Florida, USA, is a DJ renowned for his exceptional talent in production and an unmatched enthusiasm for electronic music. Celebrated for his infinite energy and inventive methods, he has established himself as a pioneering figure in the world of House music.

Initially a member of DeviceRATT under F.L.I. Records, Gerard's foray into electronic music quickly blossomed into a deep passion for the genre. In this creative realm, he discovered his true vocation, enthralling audiences with his hypnotic beats and entrancing sounds.

Gerard's skill propelled him through the dynamic underground scene of South Florida, captivating audiences at venues such as Treehouse and Nocturnal with his dynamic performances. His rise to prominence was rapid, characterized by enthusiastic reviews, full houses, and a growing fan base captivated by his distinctive style and compelling stage presence.

Gerard's debut with Aerotek Records in 2014 signalled the start of an extraordinary path in the electronic music industry. He has continually challenged the status quo and broadened his scope with releases on respected labels like Pure Pitch and LTHM. Each new release has further established Gerard as a key player in the House music scene, garnering acclaim and respect for his inventive impact on the genre.

Gerard's acclaim knows no boundaries; he has established a sequence of residencies at venues throughout East Asia. His hypnotic rhythms and enthralling shows have swiftly mirrored the success he experienced in his homeland, bewitching spectators and making an indelible mark at every performance.

After amassing a significant following and establishing himself as a firm favourite in venues across China, Gerard emerged as a prominent figure in the country's House music events. Regrettably, his journey in the Far East was cut short. Following his success in the region, Gerard made the difficult decision to return to America when the pandemic struck, leaving a palpable void in the hearts of many music enthusiasts who had come to cherish his performances.

Since his return to the States, Gerard has continued to devote himself to his art, enthralling audiences with his dynamic performances. Day by day, his following grows, his reputation soars, and his music gains international acclaim, cementing his status as a leading figure in the genre. His radio show, The Hit List, combines the finest House Music and Techno DJs from Florida and across the USA into a weekly podcast.

Californian DJ and producer 6047 standing with a space themed backdrop behind and his name logo on his chest, colour image.

Guest DJ 6047.

6047, pronounced as "sixty forty-seven," is a DJ and producer whose roots are in Vietnam and based in Los Angeles. With a heart firmly anchored in California, he has an impressive electronic arts background and a diverse discography that spans various genres, released on multiple esteemed labels.

6047 adopts a light-hearted view of himself, choosing to let his tracks and remixes do the talking. Throughout his 20-year career, he has put out more than 800 tracks and remixes on various formats and labels, letting his music tell the story of his path through the electronic music scene.

6047's exceptional production skills have garnered him a reputation, leading to numerous guest appearances on international House Music and Techno radio stations worldwide. His work is highly regarded and recognized within the industry.

6047 is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail. His performance style, characterized by Progressive genres, breaks, and precise beat matching, marks him as a dominant figure in the DJ scene. Currently, he is collaborating with numerous artists from Scientific Sound Asia and his sets are featured on House Music and Techno radio stations and podcasts globally.

The show presents a curated selection of Tech House, House, and Deep House favourites. It was originally broadcast on Tuesday, the 1st of June; you can listen to it via the Mixcloud player provided.

The Hit List episode 68.   

6047 (first hour).

Ben Hixon - F4 (Original Mix) [New Math Records]

BlaQ Afro-Kay - Lost (Original Mix) [Soulstar Records]

Simon Hinter - Wanna Make Love (Original Mix) [Quintessentials]

Byron The Aquarius - She Want To Work It (Original Mix) [Shall Not Fade]

Jus Tadi - Game Of Life (Original Mix) [Delve Deeper Recordings]

I Gemin - Sweetness (Original Mix) [No Fuss Records]

Fouk - Chicken Dinner (Original Mix) [24 Carrot]

Mo'Cream - Another Time (Original Mix) [No Fuss Records]

Tuccillo - Libellula (Original Mix) [Moscow Records]

Lrusse, Kraymon - Tropical Clown (Original Mix) [Monologues Records]

Lorenz Rhode - On The Nightshift (Original Mix) [Dirt Crew Recordings]

Gerard (second hour).

Travis Scott - Goosebumps ( HVME Remix Clean) 

Roddy Ricch - The Box (James Hype Remix) 

Dennis Cruz - No Name (Original Mix) 

Tiesto - The Business (Clean Extended) 

Fourword - Snake Charmer 

James Brown - Sex Machine (Xero & Josh Hunter Remix) 

Nogz - Turn Me Down (Original Mix) 

The Who - Baba ORiley (Lasko Morales Remix) 

LUCiD OROS - Haus Party 

LENny (IT) - Back 2 Black 

Blackchild ITA - Groove Dealer 

Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground (Dusk Till Dawn Gino Da Koda Re...

Cloonee - Pop It 

Kommando - That's My Thing

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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