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Gerard announces guest DJ Eddie Lopez for his show 'The Hit List' 66.

American DJ and producer Gerard looking up standfing at the back of a boat in Florida, colour image.

DJ Gerard Jones, also known as Tim Jones of DeviceRATT, has unveiled the track lists and announced guest DJ Eddie Lopez for the upcoming episode 66 of his weekly show 'The Hit List'. Broadcast on Scientific Sound Asia Radio, a premier online electronic music station and DJ agency in Asia with a global audience.

Gerard, hailing from Florida, USA, is a DJ with a remarkable natural flair for production and an unparalleled passion for electronic music. Renowned for his boundless energy and innovative approach, he has earned a reputation as a trailblazing student in the realm of House music.

Initially part of DeviceRATT with F.L.I. Records, Gerard's journey into the realm of electronic music soon evolved into a profound passion for the genre. It was within this creative space that he found his calling, captivating audiences with his mesmerizing beats and captivating sounds.

Gerard's talent led him through South Florida's vibrant underground scene, where he graced venues like Treehouse and Nocturnal with his electrifying performances. His ascent to the top was swift, marked by rave reviews, sold-out shows, and an ever-expanding fan base enamoured by his unique style and magnetic stage presence.

In 2014, Gerard made his debut with Aerotek Records, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey in the electronic music scene. Since then, he has consistently pushed boundaries and expanded his horizons with releases on esteemed labels such as Pure Pitch and LTHM. With each release, Gerard has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the House music scene, earning recognition and admiration for his innovative contributions to the genre.

Gerard's success transcends borders, as he secured a series of residencies in venues across East Asia. With his mesmerizing beats and captivating performances, he quickly replicated the achievements he had attained in his native land, enchanting audiences and leaving a lasting impression wherever he performed.

After amassing a significant following and establishing himself as a firm favourite in venues across China, Gerard emerged as a prominent figure in the country's House music events. Regrettably, his journey in the Far East was cut short. Following his success in the region, Gerard made the difficult decision to return to America when the pandemic struck, leaving a palpable void in the hearts of many music enthusiasts who had come to cherish his performances.

Since returning to the States, Gerard has remained dedicated to his craft, captivating audiences with his electrifying performances. With each passing day, his fan base expands, his name ascends to greater heights, and his music resonates globally, solidifying his position as one of its foremost contenders. His House Music and Techno radio show The Hit List merges the best of Floridas, and the greater USA House Music and Techno DJs into a weekly podcast.

American dJ and producer Eddie lopez performing at an event using Pioneer DJ equipment, colour image.

Guest DJ Eddie Lopez.

This week's featured DJ is Eddie Lopez. In 1994, Eddie was introduced to the realm of DJing and immersed himself in the scene. This experience has equipped him with extensive knowledge and versatility across various genres, spanning from deep house to techno.

Nevertheless, the pulsating tribal rhythm of the drums and the vibrant Latin sounds most accurately encapsulate his musical inclination. During a recent interview, he was questioned about his sources of inspiration on stage. He responded, "Observing the happiness and joy reflected on people's faces and sensing their energy, is what truly brings everything together for me. I am here to create a memorable experience with the audience and strive to unite everyone through music."

In 2019, Eddie established Despojo Music, marking his inaugural venture into the realm of record labels. Since its inception, the label has garnered substantial support from major online music platforms such as Beatport and Brasbeat. While maintaining an active presence in the DJ circuit, and performing at festivals and clubs, Eddie's primary focus in recent times has shifted towards music production.

In conclusion, Eddie expresses his gratitude, stating, "I want to take this moment to extend a special thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout this journey (you know who you are), as well as my followers who serve as my inspiration to push harder and strive for improvement." This episode initially aired on Tuesday, the 13th of April. You can tune in to the show via the Mixcloud player below.

'The Hit List' episode 66. 

Eddie Lopez (first hour).

Armandd & Tektonauts - A Aguja 

DJ Wady - Terrace

Eddie Lopez - Miami Feat. Cindy Vitch (Plus Beat’z Remix)

Isegoria – Andient & Kilito (Roby B. Remix)

Greenskeepers - Keep It Down Feat. Colette (Radio Slave Dub)

Oxia - Domino

Luca Lozano & Mr Ho - Different Circles (Nicson Remix)

Dennis Cruz - La Vela (Sergio Fernandez Remix)

Gianna Romano - La Manguelena Feat. Martina Camargo

Gerard (second hour).

Mint (JPN) - Step-By-Step 

Best Budz - High Af 

Dashtoc - Tomb Time (Original Mix) 

Edoardo Manzini - Feel It Baby (Original Mix)

DJ Playground - Dome 

Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now (Camelphat Remix) 

Nadia - Roller 

Jpa - Hyperlove (House Mix)

Latour & Whitney Veitch - Rosegold Sheets (Betoko Extended Remix)

Mint (JPN) - Trigger666

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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