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Coh-hul publishes playlist for 'Play It Loud' 36.

Irish DJ and Producer Coh-hul Play It Loud 36 Logo featuring ours and his logo against a blue and orange background with Colapso Records logo and cartoon Capybara, colour image.

Coh-hul has published his playlist for 'Play it Load' episode 36. Scientific Sound Asia is the Asian electronic music station and DJ Agency for the Asian region and has an international following.

Coh-hul is a Tech Funk and Tech House DJ and Producer previously based in Saigon, Vietnam and currently in Brazil. His signature sound involves heavy basslines, and tribal drum patterns layered with groovy sci-fi melodies.

The Dirtybird and Relief record labels heavily influenced his sound. He was an established disc jockey in Vietnam, having residencies at the major clubs in Saigon. His biggest show was in Marseille at Le Chapiteau a sold-out venue laying down the best set of his career.

’Play it Loud' showcases the best in Tech-house & Tech-funk. Coh-hul hosts his Tech House Music radio show ‘Play It Loud” with Scientific Sound Asia Radio and often reaches the top 10 in various genres on Mixcloud.

He has just started a new YouTube show called 'Seshnikov'. The show offers music production tips and showcases some of his new track ideas.

Coh-hul is now on Beatport, Spotify, and Bandcamp. Currently, all of his focus is spent on production, and he is looking to get some of his content on dance floors. An exciting and driven future is what we have in store for this artist.

The monthly broadcast focuses on the hottest new tracks before dedicating the last hour to a record label that he feels inspired by. His latest focus has been on music production.

His track ‘Oh Yeah’ was signed to Spoon Fed Records and the compilation it was on reached #1 in the Bass House charts on Beatport. He has some more tracks signed to labels that will be released soon and is also working with a charity release for Blue Dragon (a Vietnamese children’s charity).

This show will be coming to you from Florianopolis, Brazil! This month's show will be dedicated to Coh-hul's favourite record label at the moment. Colapso! Cour T’s label from Curitiba. This is the reason why he made it over to Brazil. Be sure to check out their label mix in the show's second half.

This show originally aired on Saturday the 25th of November 2023. Listen to the Mixcloud player below.

Coh-hul 'Play It Loud' episode 36.

We Are Neurotic - Cipulir Disco Funk [We Are Neurotic]

Henry Wu - Black Rigsby [Black Focus]

Kurtx - Got To Have Your Love (Fl!p) [Scruniversal]

Meowsn - Toyota Land Loser [Theresiopolis]

Krewcial, Nimiwari - Wahala Day [Heist Recordings]

Sam One - Kitale [Sp Recordings]

Coh-hul - Como E No Brasil [Promo]

Saliva Commandos - La Muerte [Stealth Records]

Nick Curly - Just A Feeling [Mood Child]

Blk&Wht - You’re Late [Artichokes Are Yellow]

Cour T. - Donte Stope Dope [Dirtybird]

Harvy Valencia Feat. Mc Rjota & DJ Th - Roça Na Ponta [Organic Pieces]

Saliva Commandos - Orfa Murd (Instrumental) [In:Command]

Tomix - Wakanda [Way Way]

Wrdo - Orlando [Artichokes Are Yellow]

Hype Bass, Coh-hul - Bad Birds [Promo]

Cour T. - Madrugadao [Dirtybird]

Holt 88 - Td-03 [Free Download]

Cour T. - Felpudo [Dirtybird]

Risc - 79th & Swing [Bunkaball]

Fernanda Porto - Sambassim (DJ Patife Remix) [V Recordings]

Colapso Label Mix:

guerrA. - Lizzo

Jame C - sMALL tALK

Rodney Dinkles - A Aha

Pemax & Sisto - Ringbell Club

Cour T. - Cancun

Linkage - 2B

Roddy Lima - Guzman

Pemax & Sisto - Loft Zero

Augustus - Get No Bad

Rodrigo Pampuche, POKE (BR) - Thamkida

Duarte - High

Cour T. - Shirt

Jame C, Thuggin’ Drums - Step One

Linkage - Houser

Linkage - Gotas

guerrA. - BAW

Simas - Grime

Counter Pacco - Boy

Jho Rosciolli - Tenis Masculino

Visage Music - Frkk

Jay Mariani - Ganjasta

Quant - Non Sense

Jame C - cRAZY woORLD

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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