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Bicycle Corporation's guest DJ Terence C for Electronic Roots 116.

Malaysian DJ and producer Terence C performing at Jiro, colour image.

Guest DJ Terence C from Bicycle Corporation will present his upcoming Electronic Roots show on Scientific Sound Asia. As the premier Asian electronic music station and DJ agency, Scientific Sound Asia caters to audiences both regionally and internationally.

Bicycle Corporation comprises the Italian duo of DJ and producer Marco Mei, alongside the talented Stefano Ugliano, known as 6884. Together, they have produced and remixed over 50 original tracks spanning the realms of House and Techno. Their collaborative efforts have solidified their reputation within the electronic music scene.

In the early nineties, Marco embarked on his musical journey as a disc jockey, captivated by the emergence of Electronic music and Afrocentric rhythms. Following his introduction to the scene, he initiated his own House music and Techno events under the banner of Urban People, spanning across various locations throughout Italy.

This marked the inception of Marco's influential contribution to the electronic music field, as he delved deeper into the realms of sound exploration and event curation.

Marco's prowess on the decks swiftly garnered recognition, leading to a coveted residency at Pacha in Egypt.

This pivotal role not only elevated his status within the industry but also opened doors to international DJ bookings, propelling him on a musical odyssey across the planet. The recognition garnered during his residency at Pacha served as a springboard for Marco's journey, as he embarked on a mission to share his musical talents with audiences spanning continents.

Hailing from Torino, Italy, Stefano exhibited remarkable musical aptitude from a young age. Immersed in the world of melody by his parents, he fervently pursued his passion for music, delving into classical piano, percussion, and drums with unwavering dedication. His repertoire ranged from the emotive compositions of Chopin to the vibrant rhythms of West African Djembe, reflecting his eclectic musical tastes and influences.

Through his commitment to musical exploration and mastery, Stefano cultivated a rich tapestry of musical proficiency that would later shape his contributions to the electronic music scene. As Stefano matured, his fascination with music evolved, gravitating towards the electrifying allure of the electronic DJ commanding the crowd.

Little did he anticipate that the pulsating electronic beats, often elusive on Italian radio stations in the '90s, would herald a transformative chapter in his life's journey. Hauled in by the magnetic energy of electronic music, Stefano found himself irresistibly drawn to its hypnotic rhythms and immersive sonic alchemy.

Amidst their current success, Marco and Stefano remain grounded in their humble origins. Recently, they've revisited some of their earlier tracks, demonstrating a commitment to honouring their musical roots. Additionally, they've established a Bandcamp page to distribute their works, underscoring their dedication to preserving their artistic legacy.

Their House Music radio and Techno radio show, Electronic Roots, serves as a platform to showcase key artists from across the Asian region. Through this initiative, Marco and Stefano not only celebrate the diverse talent within the Asian electronic music scene but also foster connections and collaborations within the global musical community.

Malaysian DJ and producer Terence C performing at an event, colour image.

Guest DJ Terence C.

This week's guest on the show is Terence C, a Malaysian DJ and producer renowned as one of the stalwarts in the industry. Currently residing in Shanghai, China, Terence boasts an illustrious career spanning over two decades.

During this time, he has held residencies at some of Kuala Lumpur's most prominent clubs and venues, solidifying his status as a cornerstone of Malaysia's House Music and Techno events. Terence's enduring presence and contributions have earned him widespread recognition and acclaim within the electronic music community.

Throughout his illustrious career, Terence has had the privilege of warming up the stage for some of the most iconic names in music. From David Morales to Fatboy Slim, and Pete Tong, among others, Terence has consistently set the tone for electrifying performances.

Renowned for his ability to energise the crowd, Terence's skill behind the decks has left audiences pulsating with excitement. Some of the industry's biggest hitters have personally requested Terence to kick-start their shows, a testament to his reputation as a masterful DJ and crowd energiser.

Terence's exceptional skills behind the decks have earned him the esteemed position as the preferred choice of Digweed whenever he performs in Kuala Lumpur. The dynamic duo have shared the stage numerous times, contributing significantly to the legacy of Malaysia's iconic Zouk club brand.

Together, their electrifying performances have played a pivotal role in shaping Zouk's reputation as a globally renowned destination for electronic music lovers. Terence's partnership with Digweed underscores his influence and impact within the electronic music scene, cementing his status as a driving force behind Malaysia's vibrant nightlife culture.

Before the pandemic, Terence was at the forefront of spearheading monthly Techno events at Zouk titled 'We Love Techno', in collaboration with one of Kuala Lumpur's most prominent figures, DJ XU. 'We Love Techno' promised to immerse audiences in the underground sounds synonymous with labels such as Drumcode, Cocoon Recordings, and others.

His initiative represents a concerted effort to showcase cutting-edge electronic music and provide a platform for emerging talent within the Techno genre. With Terence's expertise and DJ XU's influence, 'We Love Techno' elevated Kuala Lumpur's electronic music scene to a new height and offered enthusiasts an unforgettable sonic experience.

Commencing his journey in 1998 under the mentorship of DJ Chris Doss, Terence swiftly made his mark on the music scene. Securing residencies at renowned venues such as Cubeat and Globar, he steadily solidified his presence in the industry.

However, a defining moment in his career came when he secured a warm-up gig for the esteemed David Morales during the latter's inaugural Malaysian show. This opportunity catapulted Terence into the spotlight, affirming his trajectory towards success and establishing him as a formidable talent within the Capital of Malaysia.

Terence's tenure as a resident DJ at the seminal Movement Club at the turn of the century solidified his position as a prominent figure in Malaysia's electronic music scene. Since then, he has been an omnipresent force across the city, gracing venues such as Backroom, Nouvo, and Atmosphere, where the vibrant sounds of electronic music thrive.

Terence's enduring presence and contribution to these establishments have left an indelible mark on Kuala Lumpur's nightlife landscape, shaping its evolution and cementing his legacy as a cornerstone of the disc jockey community.

Terence's influence extends beyond Malaysia, reaching across Southeast Asia with notable performances at renowned venues such as Lush in Singapore and Liquid in Ho Chi Minh City. However, his impact transcended conventional boundaries with the establishment of the groundbreaking audio-visual collective, Altered Image, in 2005.

Collaborating with artists Callen Tham and Digital, Terence pushed artistic boundaries, pioneering a multimedia experience that surpassed anything seen before in the region. Through Altered Image, Terence contributed to a new era of artistic expression, leaving an indelible mark on his repertoire.

Altered Image revolutionised the electronic music experience by seamlessly blending cinematic visuals, turntable beats, and live effects, crafting mixes that were not only ahead of their time but also deeply rooted in the essence of the dance floor. Following their triumph in the Malaysian heats of the Heineken Thirst competition, Terence, Callen Tham, and Digital embarked on a tour across Southeast Asia under the banner of Altered Image.

Since then, Terence has continued to be a trailblazer in technical innovation within the electronic music realm. More recently, he has honed his skills with the Ableton Live production suite, mastering its intricacies to enhance his musical repertoire. With this expertise, Terence has seamlessly integrated live sets using a combination of software and traditional decks and CDJs, pushing the boundaries of performance artistry.

Terence C is currently stepping into the spotlight with his production work, poised to unveil a wave of new releases in the upcoming year. Alongside his burgeoning production career, audiences can anticipate an expanding presence across Southeast Asia.

Renowned as one of Malaysia's top DJs, Terence C is swiftly solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the Asian electronic music scene. His House Music and Techno radio show on our station serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to showcasing cutting-edge sounds.

In this month's radio show, Terence C presents a diverse array of genres, ranging from Deep House, House, Progressive House, and Techno. Tune in live on Wednesday, June 5th, 2024, from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT), and catch the repeat broadcast on Sunday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

'Electronic Roots' episode 116 with Terence C.

Stelios Vassiloudis - M3M25M4 (Stelios Vassiloudis Remix 1) [Bedrock Records]

Fabrizio Fattore - Deep Blue (Original Mix) [Mule Musiq]

Eversines - Clarity (Original Mix) [20/20 Vision Recordings]

Elektro Guzzi feat. Martin Klein - Walk With Me (youANDme Remix) [Stripped Down Recs]

Lost Desert - Jumbo Jet (Original Mix) [Souksonic]

Luca Bacchetti - Outernational (Original Mix) [Endless]

Madben, Kosme - Escape (Original Mix) [Mobilee Records]

Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin - The Alchemist (Original Mix) [Systematic Recordings]

Buridan - All The Land Between (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]

Ivory (IT) - Futurism (Extended Version) [Cercle Records]

Robert Babicz - Hunt for Pluto (Original Mix) [Kelch]

Hardt Antoine - I Will (Original Mix) [Kompakt]

Ziger - Dot (Original Mix) [Sudbeat Music]

Frankey & Sandrino - Blue Flash (Original Mix) [Innervisions]

Budakid - Infinity (Original Mix) [Exploited]

Whitesquare - Ephemeral Eyes (Original Mix) [Permanent Vacation]

Robag Wruhme - Wabb Bodun (Andre Kronert Remix) [Tulpa Ovi Records]

D. Diggler - Mass Hysteria (D. Diggler's Hypnotized Remix) [Lucidflow]

Charlie Thorstenson - Cirklar (Original Mix) [Awesome Soundwave]

Marc Romboy, Oliver Huntemann - Teufelsfisch (Original Mix) [Sense Sounds]

Linear System - Comfort Zone (Original Mix) [Molecular Recordings]

Slam - Wave Expansions (Original Mix) [Soma Records]

Krystal Klear - Typhoon (Original Mix) [Running Back]

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