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Bicycle Corporation guest DJ Brendon P for Roots 189.

Singaporean DJ and producer Brendon P performing at The Council, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation has revealed that guest DJ Brendon P will feature in episode 189 of their 'Roots' show. Scientific Sound Asia operates as an electronic music station, DJ agency, and event management company catering to audiences in Asia and beyond on an international scale.

Bicycle Corporation represents an Italian DJ and producer duo comprising Marco Mei and Stefano Ugliano, also recognised by his alias 6884. Renowned for their versatility, they have delivered music spanning multiple genres such as Deep House, Tech House, French House, and Techno.

In the early 1990s, Marco embarked on his career by spearheading house music and techno events under the banner of Urban People. Through his dedication and talent, he steadily garnered acclaim within the music sphere, establishing himself as a sought-after artist across Italy. Yet, his ambitions transcended national boundaries. Marco's reputation soared internationally, leading to bookings spanning the globe, marking a significant milestone in his career trajectory.

Stefano, originating from Torino, Italy, displayed an innate affinity for music since his youth. He devoted much of his leisure time to cultivating his ardour for the musical realm. Delving into formal education, he honed his skills in classical piano, percussion, and drums. His musical interests ranged widely, embracing both the works of Chopin and the rhythms of West African Djembe, reflecting his diverse musical palette.

Stefano possessed a profound admiration for an array of music genres. Yet, one passion resonated above all others - his fervent devotion to Disc Jockeys and the music they curated. In the nineties, during his adolescence, Stefano found the pulsating beats spun by DJs particularly captivating, especially considering their scarcity on Italian radio airwaves.

While many might consider performing music in front of a vast audience an unattainable dream, Stefano remained steadfast in his pursuit. Fuelled by unwavering determination, relentless effort, and an unyielding dedication, he and Marco forged ahead to establish Bicycle Corporation.

Marco and Stefan, amidst their current achievements, remain grounded in their origins. Recently, they have revisited some of their initial tracks, taking a nostalgic journey, and have even set up a Bandcamp page for distribution. Their Roots radio show highlights renowned DJs and producers from Asia's electronic music scene, showcasing their commitment to the region's vibrant musical landscape.

Singaporean DJ and producer Brendon P performing at an event looking down at mixer with his left hand on his headphones and wearing sunglasses, colour image.

Guest DJ Brendon P.

Brendon Perera, professionally recognised as DJ Brendon P, hails from Singapore and boasts over four decades of expertise as a disc jockey. Embracing a modest, lo-fi ethos towards his craft, Brendon P's journey in the realm of music and clubs spans a rich history. His career commenced within Singapore's mobile DJ circuit in 1980, transitioning to club performances just a year later.

In 1984, a visit to New York City proved pivotal for Brendon P's musical journey. Immersing himself in renowned clubs like the Funhouse, the Paradise Garage, Dancetaria, and the Area, he delved deep into the city's vibrant club culture and diverse musical landscape, laying the foundation for what would evolve into the genre we now know as house music.

As a DJ, Brendon P has ventured across an expansive spectrum of musical styles, both within his local scene and on the international stage, embodying a dynamic and eclectic approach to his craft. As time progressed, Brendon P's ardour for dance music deepened, expanding his repertoire to encompass an array of genres.

His primary musical domains now span House, Techno, Disco, Nu Disco, Funk, Soul, Lounge, and Electronica. Throughout the 1980s, Brendon P found platforms for performance and expression within groups like Juliana's and Bacchus, affording him opportunities to showcase his talent both locally and on the global stage.

During the 1990s, Brendon P secured residencies with esteemed establishments such as Neo Pharaohs, Venom, and NOX, setting the stage for his burgeoning career. This era laid the groundwork for a notable nine-year residency at Singapore's iconic Zouk Club, spanning from July 2001 to May 2009.

Following this, Brendon P held a two-year residency at Kyo, further solidifying his presence in the city's dynamic nightlife scene. In recent years, Brendon P has found a home as part of the resident team at the prestigious Swanky CE LA VI Rooftop Club & Skybar located at Marina Bay Sands, where he continues to captivate audiences with his eclectic musical stylings.

Presently, Brendon remains a prominent figure within both the local and international club circuits, maintaining an active presence on stages around the globe. Renowned for his dynamic performances, he has graced audiences in a multitude of cities worldwide, including Geneva, Gothenburg, Melbourne, London, New York, Miami, Taiwan, Hanoi, and Hong Kong, showcasing his versatile talents and leaving an indelible mark on each locale he visits.

Brendon's illustrious career extends beyond his DJ performances; he is also a prolific producer, having released original tracks and remixes on a diverse array of labels. His musical creations have found homes on esteemed platforms including In The Woods (USA), Los Grandes (Spain), Reversoulmusic (USA), Audio Parallax (UK), Hotbox Music (USA), Soul Shift (USA), Defected (UK), Rawjak (SG), Eclesia (SG), Issys Groove (UK), Love International (MY), and One With Music (SG).

Notably, he has graced the iconic Cielo Club in New York with his electrifying sets, although the venue has since closed its doors, further cementing his status as a globally renowned artist. Nicolas Mattar, the proprietor of New York's esteemed venues 'Cielo' and 'Output', regards Brendon P as a 'taste master' and one of the premier DJs in the region.

This accolade stems from Brendon's unwavering commitment to his musical style, his meticulous attention to detail, and his innate sophistication in crafting sets. Renowned for his ability to seamlessly traverse diverse musical genres, Brendon delivers performances that transcend temporal boundaries, seamlessly blending elements of the past, present, and future. Audiences can anticipate nothing short of an extraordinary experience when encountering his remarkable talent.

This month's radio show offers a delightful fusion of Soul, Funk, Boogie, Disco, and Nu Disco. Tune in live on Sunday, the 18th of February 2024, from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT), with a repeat broadcast on Thursday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

DJ Brendon P 'Roots' episode 189.

Amp Fiddler - Send A Message (Kid Sublime Remix) [Midnight Riot]

Timmy Thomas - Why Can’t We Live Together (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix) [High Fashion]

Change - Heaven In My Life (Digital Visions Re-Edit)

Sylvia Striplin - Give Me Your Love (Young Pulse Re-work)

Main Ingredient - Evening Of Love (Fingerman Edit)

Gladys Knight & The Pips - Save The Overtime For Me (Mikeandtess Re-Edit)

Leroy Houston - Now That I’ve Found You (SR Edits Re-work)

Melba Moore - Love’s Coming At Ya (GTK Edit)

Diana Ross - My Old Piano (Pete LeFreq Remix) [That Needs An Edit]

Chic - What About Me (Frank Cornelsen Edit)

Gallery - Don’t Wait For The Doctor [Gallery 006]

Yoko Ono - Walking On Thin Ice (Re-Edit)

HOLDTight - Reach Out To You [Hot n’Spicy]

Lenny Williams - You Got Me Running (John Morales M+M Remix) [BBE Music]

Brass Construction - Sambao (Delfonic Rework)

The Munich Machine - Get On The Funk Train (Atomico Remix) [Rebeat]

Bunny Mack - Let Me Love You (Maple Extended Discolypsomix) [4 To The Floor Records]

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