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Bicycle Corporation announced their tracklist for 'Roots' 188.

Italian production duo Bicycle Corporations logo on planet Earth, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation has released the playlist for episode 188 of their 'Roots' show. Scientific Sound Asia operates as an electronic music station and DJ agency, catering to audiences across Asia and beyond.

Bicycle Corporation comprises an Italian duo of DJ and producer, Marco Mei and Stefano Ugliano, recognised under the pseudonym 6884. Throughout their years in the music industry, the duo has produced more than 50 tracks spanning genres such as French House, Deep House, Tech House, and Techno.

Marco initiated his career in the early nineties by hosting House Music and Techno events as a crew known as ‘Urban People.’ Over time, his prominence in the music scene surged, making him a sought-after figure throughout Italy. However, Marco's success transcended national borders as he garnered international bookings across the globe, marking a significant expansion of his career beyond his native land.

Stefano, hailing from Torino, Italy, displayed early promise as a budding musician since childhood. He exhibited a keen interest in musical arts, which gradually consumed most of his spare time. Stefano pursued studies in classical piano, percussion, and drums, finding particular appreciation for the works of Chopin and the West African Djembe.

Amidst his dedication to various musical genres, there was one particular passion that captivated Stefano unlike any other: the art of DJing. As a teenager, Stefano found the DJ's skill in spinning the wheels of steel to be particularly enticing. The beats he encountered were seldom heard on Italian radio stations during that era, adding to the allure of the art of DJing.

For many, the prospect of creating and playing such sounds before large audiences would seem like an unattainable dream. However, Stefano remained undeterred by the challenges. Through hard work, unwavering dedication, and sheer tenacity, Stefano and Marco brought Bicycle Corporation into the electronic music world.

Despite achieving global recognition, Marco and Stefan remain grounded in their origins as teenagers exploring electronic music. Recently, they've revisited some of their earlier tracks, reflecting on their journey in the music scene. Additionally, they've taken the initiative to establish a Bandcamp page to distribute these tracks, showcasing their evolution and commitment to their musical roots.

Their weekly radio show "Roots" showcases an eclectic mix of Funk Music, Disco, Afrobeat, Rare Groove, Soul Music, Brazilian, and Soul. With a keen focus on artists who share a deep appreciation for Afrocentric styles of music, Marco and Stefan curate a vibrant platform that celebrates diverse musical influences. Broadcasting their show weekly, they continue to champion the rich tapestry of sounds rooted in Afrocentric traditions.

This week's radio show presents a delightful blend of Afrobeat, Rare Groove, and Funk Re-edits. Tune in live on Sunday, February 11th, 2024, from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT), and catch the repeat broadcast on Thursday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

'Roots' episode 188.

Blair French - Dschungel Liebe (Jungle Edit)

Love International feat.Ditongo - Internazionale (Editales Vol. 2)

Rose Royce feat. Labor Of Love - Do Your Dance

Marte Acuna feat. Disco Police - Get Up And Dance (Disco Dancer Dark Dub Version)

Shining Star - The Stranger

Arthur Russell - Schoolbell / Treehouse (Walter Gibbons Remix)

Jermanie Jackson - 'Erucu Medley' (Edit by François K)

Blair French - A Shade Of Victory

Juluca feat Blair French - From Over The Hills Beyond

Alien Disco Sugar - BodyRock

Airto Moreira feat. Ditongo - Berimbau (Editales Vol.1)

James Brown - I Need Help! (Tim Mcallister Edit)

Tony Allen & His Afro Messengers - No Discrimination (Tommy Housecat's Full Cowbell Rework)

Blair French - Transcultural Dance (DEQ Rework)

Simba - Funkin' You Down [Community Disc-O's]

Rare Earth - Happy Song or Dance

Sunshine Sound - Birthday Medley' (Edit by François K)

Sunshine Sound - Blind' (Dub Edit by Kitty Kutz)

Ferry Ultra & Ashley Slater - Why Did You Do It? (Never Dull Remix )

Sunshine Sound - Groove City Medley' (Edit by François K)

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