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Bicycle Corporation announce Murphy Kin for third guest show.

Taiwanese DJ and promoter Murphy Kin a.k.a DJ Lucy performing at Friends, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation guest DJ Murphy Kin's third 'Roots' show was originally aired on Sunday 8th of November 2020, listen to the Mixcloud player below. Scientific Sound Asia Radio is the English language electronic music station for Sri Lanka, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, India, South Korea and Asia with an international following.

Bicycle Corporation is an Italian duo of DJ and Producer, Marco Mei and Stefano Ugliano, better known as 6884. In their years of releasing music, the pair have produced well over 50 tracks including French House, Deep House, Tech House and Techno.

Marco began his career in the early nineties by working as a crew for events like ‘Urban People.’ With time he gained recognition on the music scene and steadily became a man in demand all across Italy. But then things didn’t stop there, after so much success in his native land Marco was soon getting international bookings across the globe.

Stefano, from Torino, Italy was showing promise as a budding musician right from his childhood. He showed a keen interest in the musical arts which soon began to engulf most of his spare time. He studied classical piano, percussion and drums and also had a great appreciation for ‘Chopin’s and ‘West African Djembe.’

But with all his devotion to so many different kinds of music, there was one thing Stefano loved that was like none other, The man spinning the wheels, yes, The DJ became most enticing for the teenaged Stefano. Those beats were seldom played on any Italian radio station of that time.

Making those sounds let alone playing them before masses of people would seem like a pipe dream to most. But Stefano would not be deterred, he had a vision that he would now see through to the end and with hard work, dedication and sheer tenacity, Bicycle Corporation came to be.

Even with all their success today, Marco and Stefan have not forgotten their humble beginnings. Just recently they’ve been going back over some of their earlier tracks and even set up a Bandcamp page to distribute them. Bicycle Corporation are available for booking via our DJ Agency for Asia.

taiwanese dj and promoter Murphy Kin a.k.a Dj Lucy performing in a record store and cafe, colour image.

Guest DJ Murphy Kin.

This week's guest DJ is Murphy Kin, Murphy Kin is never satisfied with the curiosity of digging new things. Originally from the movie industry, being a DJ and producing music is unlimited and unbounded.

Listening to his music is like watching a movie, It has ups and downs, and he doesn’t only build up the melodies between 125~128 BPM, as is definitely not comfortable 4/4 all the way. He will never take you to heaven at the very beginning of his sets; rather he will show you around his beats from slow, lead you from romantic rocks, classic old schools, and flirtatious R&B, then get you into Disco, Indie, Rock, and even Dance.

His music makes people feel like they are in a movie scene, reaching a climax with beats. Born to be positive and energetic, Murphy Kin has various music tastes and knows all sorts of musical genres.

He will try to seize your emotions rhythmically by switching through different kinds of music, from Hip-Hop, Rock, and Punk, to Indie Rock and Jazz. When performing live, you will find out DJ Lucy is a musician without any rules, any scripts. Sometimes his play is guided by the moments, vibes, or the atmosphere, and sometimes it is by Murphy Kin, controlling everyone’s state of mind like a movie director.

Roots' 58 with Murphy Kin, 8th November 2020.

Joe Tex - All The Heaven A Man Really Needs

Jocelyn Brown - Picking Up Promises

Jephté Guillaume - Ibo Lé Lé (Ginen Tèt Red)

Jean Claude Gavri - The Hangover (JCG Seven Minutes Of Lustiness)

James Rod - Almach Edit

James Rod - Hits Running

Jackie Moore - Wrapped Up in Your Lovin (Swift Edit)

Jack Pattern - Sometimes (D Low Javier Varez Remix)

Unknown - I Don't Mind

Franz Scala - Riflessi

Flamingo Pier - Hold It (Pete Herbert Edit)

Afrolicious - Do What You Got to Do (Angel Funke Remix)

Alessandro Scellino - Dinner In The Jungle (Erotic Mix)

Fingers Inc. - Mystery Of Love (Instrumental Mix)

Andy Buchan - This Love [Hot Digits Year Three]

Unknown - An Ad Song

Bell Towers - Call Me (Please)

C. Da Afro - PlayHouse

Charlie Brown Superstar - Endy

Theo Parrish - Chunky

Dawn Again - You're His Shining Star

Voltage - All Night (Ilija Rudman Remix)

Listen on Mixcloud here.

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