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Anonymous Z Announces Playlist For 8th Show With Guest Manny.

Not So Anonymous 08 logo in front of picture of French DJ Manny performing on Pioneer DJ equipment, colour image.

Anonymous Z has announced the playlist for his show this Sunday the 14th of June 4 PM to 6 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeats on Thursday 4 AM to 6 AM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia radio is the local and expatriate online electronic music station for India, Vietnam, The Philippines, South Korea and the rest of the region.

This week Anonymous Z has chosen DJ Manny (first hour) as his guest, Ranging from Hip Hop to Electro and always with a strong presence of world music, DJ Manny is now everywhere on the Saigonese scene.

With the Banana Hustle crew, this is a more groovy and uplifting frenzy which he delivers on a regular basis. A resident of Hazy Lemons, the Sunday gathering at The Lighthouse, heaven for diggers of the slower side of the beat, this DJ aims at rare sounds with a preference for the ethnic stuff, often pretty tropical and refreshing.

This is with this very special vibe that he recorded a deep and melancholic set infused with Cumbias' and oriental tunes. As always adjusting to his guest taste, Anonymous Z continues with a more psychedelic approach to the hazy style.

Anonymous Z (second hour) is mostly famous in Saigon, Vietnam for being the founder of Mad Circus Epic parties. The organiser of mayhem to the core, he founded the 1st underground DJ community of Bahrain, Glassroom. Leading this group of misfits from various origins, he organised parties and after-parties legal or not which are remembered as legendary by the local nightlife.

His motto then was "They tried to bury us, but they forgot we were seeds". Joining the Banana Hustle crew in their punchy tropical frenzy, he participated to develop their unique vibe. Originally a Techno head, he receives a taste for digging unique tracks may it be Afro, House, Disco or Funk.

He complements the whole with his special selection of hand-picked Techno or most recent Indie Dance. His strong abilities as a DJ opened him to the doors of top underground venues such as Arcan, The Lighthouse, Broma & Vitamin D after parties.

His non-linear sets are most often improvised, driven by the dance floor and over a variety of music styles with tense and groovy basslines and epic storytelling melodies always playful with the emotions.

Not So Anonymous episode 08.

DJ Manny (first hour).

Alex Kid - I Think (Original Mix)

Thomash & Projeto Mujique - Cosmossamba (Original Mix)

Oxhala - Berimba Regionau (Rodrigo Gallardo Remix)

Nicola Cruz - Cumbia Del Ovido (Original Mix)

Alsarama & The Nubatones - Wad Alnuba (Captain Planet Remix)

The Alan Parsons Project - I Robot (Original Mix)

Andi Otto - Bangalor Whispers (Original Mix)

Carrot Green - Kalimbas (Original Mix)

Carrot Green - Kalimbas (Psilosamples Remix)

Ely Camargo - Taieiria (Original Mix)

Nickodemus Feat Carol C - Cleopatra In New York (Original Mix)

Tony Carey - Mai Samurai (Yellow Power Version)

Tulioxi - Winter Afro Acid (Original Mix)

Nicola Cruz - Folha De Jurema (Carrot Green's Remix)

Anonymous-Z (Second Hour).

Omerar Nanda - Hebele Hubulu (Zuma Dionys Remix)

Exz - Mu (Original Mix)

Anatolian Weapons Feat. Seirios Savvaidis - Ofiodaimon (Mekine U Teksi Remix)

Mehmet Aslan - Efsun (Feat Idil Mese)

Elegante & La Imperial - Puro Comer (Vocal Mix)

Cornelius Doctor , Tushen Raï - Place Du Pont (Original Mix)

UJ Pa Gaz & Duncan Gray - Get Your Acid (Original Mix)

Coss, Lorie - Getsuyõ (Original Mix)

Maria Rita Stumpf - Cântico Brasileiro Nº3 (Kamaiurá) (Selvagem & Carrot Green Remix)

Kalbata - Enkuan Pt. 3 (Original Mix)

Rodrigo Gallardo - Ay Que Sera Del Sol (Original)

Listen On Mixcloud Here.

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