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Alexander Filatov Publicises 'Sleepless Nights' 06 Tracklist.

Russian DJ and producer Alexander Filatov standing up smiling at the camera with his arms crossed, black and white image.

Alexander Filatov has published his play-list for his monthly show 'Sleepless Nights' 06 on Wednesday 29th of April 2020 8 to 10 PM Indochina time (ICT) and repeating Sunday 8 to 10 AM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia, radio is the English language electronic music station for the Asian region.

Alexander Filatov is a Russian based DJ, sound-producer, mixing & mastering engineer. He is renowned for his distinctive progressive-deep-techno sound and first-rate taste in music. Alexander's sound is a powerful essence of dark and bittersweet harmonies. Taking you on a journey between hot deep & tech beats and the vibes from cold and far cosmos during his DJ-sets.

His music is bewitching and sometimes strange with driving, hypnotic rhythms, ethnic and dark vocals and an unmistakable groove. It is music that is potent with emotion, it induces euphoria, it has an infectious, rhythmic energy and it sets dancefloors alight.

Top-quality tech, progressive, and deep vibes are his hallmark and his strong work ethic and attention to detail have brought him releases on prestigious labels such as Suprematic, Mixcult, Bonzai Progressive, Sound Avenue, Green Snake Records, Bedroom Muzik, Soundbook Records, Acuna, Mystic Carousel Records, Lick My Lips Records, Ganesha Records, Lincor, Vesta Records, White Circle Recordings, Digital + Muzik, Reflective Music, Lamp, Re: vibe Audio, Colore, BQ Recordings and more.

Alexander’s new monthly radio show “Sleepless Nights” airs on Scientific Sound Radio and reaches thousands of listeners internationally, while his DJ tours take him from Amsterdam to Budapest, from London to Madrid and from Argentina to India. He is available for booking on our DJ agency and we welcome him on board, in his next show he is showcasing a few of his tracks, enjoy the show!

Alexander Filatovs' 'Sleepless Nights' Episode 06 29th April 2020.

Alexander Filatov - Red Light (Original Mix)

Alexander Filatov - Cautions On The Walls (Original Mix)

Alexander Filatov - We Don't Sleep (Original Mix)

Spieltape - All Of You (Oliver Schories Remix)

Nicolas Rada - Tempelhof (Dmitry Molosh Remix)

Yohoros - Femina (Gespona Remix)

Tanit feat. SevenEver - Look In My Eyes (Original Mix)

Serge Devant - Life Trap (Original Mix)

Neal White - Lieblings Pulse (Original Mix)

Hannes Wiehager - Roots (Original Mix)

Cioz, Sam Shure - Kamala Bani (Original Mix)

Avis Vox, Pavel Khvaleev - Everything (Dub Mix)

Undo - Six Days (Original Mix)

Matador, Artbat - Apollo 11 (Original Mix)

Dvdeep - Minimalistika (Original Mix)

Anton Technique - Cosmonaut (Original Mix)

Christ Malvin, Ivan Sandhas - Berlina (Ultravizion Remix)

Tim Green - Vacation to Life (Original Mix)

Travertia - Vetka (Original Mix)

Zoo Brazil & Mama - Monique (Original Mix)

Patrick Hero - Shadows (Oibaf & Wallen Remix)

Ricardo Piedra - Pallas Athene (Original Mix)

Listen On Mixcloud Here.


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