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After Hours 612 features Hypnotised, and guest DJ ZiVa.

AH Digital After Hours 2024 logo featuring host DJs Hypnotised and PatriZes names on a green planet that resembles Saturn, colour image.

In Episode 612 of After Hours, co-host Hypnotised takes the helm, joined by the talented guest DJ ZiVa. As always, Scientific Sound Asia asserts its position as the premier electronic music station and DJ agency in Asia, captivating a wide-ranging and diverse international audience.

This week, the host is Hypnotised, hailing from the vibrant city of Ghent, Belgium. His journey in the electronic music scene began by captivating audiences at renowned events such as "I Love Techno" and "10 Days of Techno" in his hometown. With his seamless blend of progressive and tech sounds, he left crowds spellbound and hungry for more.

Collaborating with fellow Belgian artist PatriZe, Hypnotised co-hosts the esteemed programme "After Hours" on three globally recognised house music radio stations: TM Radio (USA), Cosmos Radio (Germany), and Scientific Sound Asia (Vietnam). Together, they curate a highly acclaimed musical experience that resonates with audiences worldwide.

In addition to their weekly broadcast, Hypnotised and PatriZe showcase their expertise through 'AH Digital Essentials' on Proton Radio (USA). Furthermore, Hypnotised takes the lead on 'Energetic' airing on Progressive Beats Radio (Germany). Renowned for his captivating performances, Hypnotised's talent has earned him invitations as a guest on prestigious platforms such as Ibiza Global Radio, Frisky Radio, DI FM, Golden Wings Music Radio, and numerous others.

Hypnotised and his partner PatriZe are highly esteemed figures within the Progressive House Radio (Prog House radio) community, celebrated for their significant contributions to the genre. Their influence reverberates across numerous festivals, events, and clubs where they've shared the stage with esteemed luminaries such as Marco Bailey, Tom Hades, Purple Disco Machine, Jesse Rose, and Nick Bril. Their notable appearances include prestigious venues such as the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Deep on Deck Festival (South Africa), Club NL (Amsterdam), Decadance (Ghent), W Lounge (Amsterdam), and Citylife (Terneuzen).

In 2015, Hypnotised embarked on an exciting new chapter in his career by founding his own label, "AH Digital" with PatriZe. Venturing into the realm of music production, his creations have consistently earned acclaim, finding their place among the 'Beatport top 100 releases and garnering recognition from esteemed artists.

Notably, his debut EP, 'People from the Otherworld', rapidly climbed to the No. 4 spot on the charts. This success was further amplified when the title track received a remix by the top-selling artist Rui Da Silva.

Hypnotised's EP, "Infinity," made a significant impact on the Beatport releases charts, achieving second place in both the progressive house and trance categories, and securing third position in the techno genre. This showcased the versatility and widespread appeal of his music. In 2016, he expanded his creative horizons by exploring production under the alias "Man on the Moon." His debut track, "Sense," released on the esteemed Bonzai label, further solidified his reputation as a skilled producer.

Demonstrating his talent and creativity, Hypnotised emerged as the winner in one of Metapop’s remix contests. This accomplishment earned him airplay on Belgium's leading radio station, 'Studio Brussels,' further elevating his profile in the electronic music scene.

In addition to his AH Digital imprint and collaborations with Bonzai Progressive, Hypnotised has made noteworthy contributions to a plethora of prestigious labels. These include Green Martian, SLC-6 Music, Pro-B-Tech Music, Stellar Fountain, Vesta Records, Insomnia FM, and Abstract Space Records, among others. Keep an eye out for his forthcoming releases on SLC-6 Music, Tantalum Records, and, of course, AH Digital.

Belgian DJ and producer ZiVa performing at an event, colour image.

Guest DJ ZiVa.

This week's featured guest DJ is ZiVa, a talented DJ based in Belgium renowned for her exceptional ability to gauge a crowd's energy and curate an electrifying atmosphere. With a profound passion for electronic music spanning across genres such as trance, progressive house, and melodic techno, ZiVa is guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable musical experience.

ZiVa's journey into the realm of DJing began at a tender age when her early experiences of raving ignited a curiosity about what it would be like to command the decks instead of merely dancing on the floor. What initially started as a hobby during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic swiftly blossomed into a profound passion.

ZiVa has graced the decks at renowned party concepts such as Knall, Innerwoods, Gank, and numerous others, where her talent has left audiences spellbound. Last summer, her remarkable skills earned her the prestigious title at’s DJ contest for the Hype-O-Dream festival, securing her a coveted spot and opening the Encore stage. Sharing the limelight with esteemed artists like Emjie, Maxim Lany, Nico Morano, and more, ZiVa's electrifying performance set the stage on fire and solidified her status as a rising star in the rave scene.

ZiVa's primary objective is to unite people on the dancefloor through the power of uplifting music vibes. Her mission revolves around creating an atmosphere of unity and joy, achieved through her selection of deep, uplifting, sensitive, and body-moving sounds. With each track she plays, ZiVa aims to evoke a sense of connection and euphoria among her audience, ensuring that every moment spent on the dancefloor is a memorable one filled with positive energy and unforgettable beats.

Mark your calendars and tune in to the live broadcast of the show on Monday, February 26th, 2024, from 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM Indochina Time (ICT). If you happen to miss the initial airing, you can catch the repeat broadcast on Friday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ICT).

After Hours 612 Tracklist.

Hypnotised: (first hour).

Pedro Luu - Tribal

Mati Vaira - Ataraxia (Nico Prieto, Kris Dur Remix)

MoodFreak, Dr Green - EsQadar (Dimel De Silva Remix)

Noise Generation - Samadhi (IGCIØ Remix)

Tomas Garcia - Duality (Federico Flores Remix)

Three Drives On a Vinyl - Greece 2000 (NuFects Unofficial Rework)

Taylan - Zinga

Joaco Salerno - Dreamweaver (Kebin van Reeken Reinterpretation)

Artem Arknet - Fractal

Keshana - Dominica (Nikko Mavridis Remix)

ZiVa: (second hour).

Clean the Turbines - Motip White (Meera Remix)

Ample - Marino Canal

Tikuna - Ivory

Turn Around - âme

Macedonia - Darksidevinyl & Cadillac Express

Telepathy - Skatman

Flames & Fire - George (Original Mix)

Algorithm - Wurtz & Iberian Muse

Children of 95 - Tal Fussman

Nostalgia - Brigado Crew, Crisstiano (Original Mix)

The Basement - Christian Nielsen

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