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'After Hours' 413 Host PatriZe, Announces Track Lists And Guest DJ.

AH Digital After Hours logo in front of pink, orange and yellow puff of smoke against a black background, host DJ names Hypnotised and PatriZe under logo.

"After Hours" hosted by PatriZe has announced its guest DJ and playlists (see below) for their show on Monday the 4th of May 2020 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and re-airing on Friday 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT). The show will be on Scientific Sound Asia radio, the English language electronic music station for India, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and the rest of Asia.

Playing genres from Progressive House to Techno and other house music sub-genres, 'After Hours' every week presents the best upcoming DJs and producers on the planet. The focus of 'After Hours' is the underground sounds that are headlining in the respective scenes at present.

PatriZe (first hour) is a producer who was born and raised in Belgium, in his early teens he bought his first turntables and over a short space of time transgressed into Trance and Techno. After a significant time, he evolved into the more melodic and intellectual styles of Progressive House. After a prolonged period of spinning in the Belgian scene, his breakthrough came in 2010 with Pole Folder of Bedrock Records and Reworck.

His devotion to honing his craft has earned him a reputation for seamless transitions, track selection, melodic layers with a touch of tech undertones. Currently, PatriZe resides in Thailand where he broadcasts his renowned Foundations and After Hours Series with guest appearances on several global radio shows. With his radio shows over in Europe and USA, he works hard to ensure the growth of his movement - the underground Progressive House scene. As an avid producer and founder of his label AH Digital, PatriZe creates, sources and promotes Progressive House across the globe.

For live gigs, you can find him spinning the decks at places such as Beachspot (Jomtien Beach) and Thai Lounge & Terrace (Pattaya) and other venues. He is an active player in the underground scene in Pattaya, gigging around town with a cult following. Everywhere he goes the numbers follow to enjoy his entrancing collection of beats. In April 2015 he started his label AH Digital with his "partner in crime" Hypnotised and his producing career followed quickly.

And it started well, all the 2015 releases of Hypnotised & PatriZe reached the Beatport Progressive House top 100 releases. Their first EP, “People from the Otherworld” even topped this chart at no. 4 and also reached the top 20 of the Techno and Tech House release charts. It was then also a great honour for them that number. 1 selling artist Rui Da Silva remixed the title track of their popular EP.

At present PatriZe inhabits Thailand where he performs often and consistently produces tracks, along with his regular show on our station he performs radio shows on other stations and publishes tracks on some good labels which often trend well in Beatport charts.

Guest DJ Luman.

This weeks guest DJ (second hour) is Luman, Luman real name Luis Robledo is an Argentinian music producer and DJ born in Jujuy province in the northwest of Argentina and is now based in San Miguel de Tucuman. Throughout his artistic career, he has experimented with various projects until he turned completely to electronic music.

Influenced by alternative rock bands like Nirvana, and Pearl Jam, he participated in bands like Burritos, and Furtivo with whom he toured different parts of the country, supporting Argentine bands like Carajo, Divididos, Charly Garcia, and others. He studied music production in Rosario-Sta Fe, where he lived for 5 years.

Then he settled for a time in Buenos Aires, where he founded some synthpop projects. This was a before and after in his career as he experimented with synthesizers and machines attracted by the wide sound universe that he could capture in his songs and a solo format.

He had experimental projects of electronic genres such as cumbia, drum and bass, and dubstep until house (within its branches, progressive and deep house) and melodic techno came to his life. Luman is an abbreviation of his forenames (Luis Manuel), and this is his most recent project, which he has concentrated on for the last four years.

He obtained the attention of Fernando Ferreyra the C.E.O of label Dreamers and began to have support and recognition through DJs such as Sebastian Busto, Fernando Ferreyra, Ogawa, Antrim, Ezequiel Arias, Emi Galvan, Cream, Seba Busto, Jelly for the Babies, Armen Miran and D-formation amongst others. He managed to be among the best Beatport releases in the genres Deep House and Progressive House respectively during 2019, much to his delight.

His influences come from artists such as Eelke Klein, David August, Stimming, Hernan Cattaneo, Lane8, Cerati, Massive Attack, and many more. In his free time, he also teaches music production classes, thus generating producers in his province, of which Gonza Ponce, Caro Zamora, Gabriel Sfeir, Gabo Mez, Scimmie and others stand out.

He has regular work through his many residencies at places such as La Boite, Pollock, Trip, Absentha, Club 84, Boho Bar, and many more. His most recent participation was in the Terranova Festival with Fernando Ferreyra, Frangellico, and Alejo Gonzalez.

After Hours 413 Tracklist 4th of May 2020.

PatriZe: (first hour).

Phoesy - Clouds (Original Mix) [White]

Erdi Irmak - Lacuna (Original Mix) [Songspire Records]

Nick Kaniak - Heimdalsgade N43 (Nico Szabo Remix) [Droid9]

Sebastian Corral - Dangerous (Original Mix) [3rd Avenue]

Erdi Irmak - Dawn (Original Mix) [One Of A Kind]

Ishome - Ken Tavr (Michael A Remix) [Dikommmusic]

Jaap Ligthart - Grass Walking (Karmon Remix) [Songspire Records]

Vera - You Always Wanted More (Alex Efe Reinterpretation Mix) [White]

Dmitry Molosh & Michael A - Twelve Days (Original Mix) [Replug]

K Loveski - Spinola (Luciano Scheffer Remix) [Strangers Beats]

Luman (second hour).

DJ Zombi - Passion (Extended Mix)

Arco - Mesmerize (Original Mix)

Erdi Irmak - Lacuna (Original Mix)

Erdi Irmak - Dawn (Original Mix)

Federico Cabrera Feat Loison - Losing Stress (Gonzalo Sacc Rodrigo Lapena Remix)

Stranger Tourists - Safari Colours (Original Mix)

Jiminy Hop - Other Side (Original Mix)

Jody Wisternoff & James Grant - Blue Space Feat. Jinadu

Alice in Chains - Would (Sebastian Busto Unofficial Remix)

Listen On Mixcloud Here.

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