Vishnu Announces Guest For 'The Eternal Energy' 05.

The Eternal Energy episode 5 Logo inside a car looking out of the front windscreen at night, black and white image.

Sri Lankan DJ Vishnu has announced the guest DJs for 'The Eternal Energy' this Thursday the 11th of June 6 to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Monday 6 to 8 AM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia radio is the English language electronic music station for the region.

Vishnu and selected guests will be playing Deep and Progressive House on our station bi-weekly sharing the slot with Uncharted Frequency.

Sri Lankan DJ Darius performing at an event using Pioneer DJ equipment, side picture in black and white.

Guest DJ Darius (first hour).

This week the first guest DJ is Darius, Darius whose real name is Darius Ranasinghe is a DJ who was born and raised in Sri Lanka. He looks at the genre of Progressive House from a different perspective, Darius chooses his tracks using a differing approach and changes how he expresses them in his sets.

Whilst spinning on the decks for the past few years, he has dug deep enough to gather a signature set of sounds to accommodate the crowd. Through an uncompromising passion for music when he performs, Darius continues to drive the vibrant underground scene in his home country.

Sri Lankan DJ Mavvwa performing at an event in Sri Lanka using Pioneer CDJs, front image in colour.

Guest DJ (second hour) Mavvwa.

In this episode, the second DJ (second hour) is Mavvwa, Mavvwa real name Mahod Soysa also hails from the Progressive House capital for Asia, Sri Lanka. Mavvwa is a student of the Sri Lankan DJ Academy and this is how he initially learnt his trade.

Mavvwa is a full-time Disc Jockey who spends most of his time experimenting with music and honing his art. He started his journey back in 2018 and decided on his true passion in electronic music, Progressive House.

Nowadays, he has started to spread his love for music all over Sri Lanka. He hopes to continue performing his signature sound all over the world in the near future, enjoy the show.

'The Eternal Energy' 05, 11th of June 2020.

Darius (first hour).

Leon & Nice7 - Please Don't Leave (Original Mix)

Denney & James Dexter - Lucid Dreams (Original Mix)

Lads - Eis (Original Mix)

Leon & Nice7 - Please Don't Leave (Serge Devant Remix)

Gux Jimenez - Nefelterna (Original Mix)

Analog Jungs - Supernova (Original Mix)

Eric Lune - Embers (Gmj Remix)

Dimuth K & Shannon Davin - Horus (Subandrio Remix)

Henry Saiz - Voice Of A Gentle Breeze (Original Mix)

Mavvwa (second hour).

Saturn Keys - Mist (Original Mix)

Moby - The Last Day (Analog Jungs Unofficial Remix)

Nahs - Nami (Original Mix)

Carla Cimino - Vertigo (Original Mix)

Gaston Ponte - Myoho (Original Mix)

Rona (Il) - We Are (Kamilo Sanclemente & Mauro Aguirre Remix)

Nahs - Meditation (Andre Moret Remix)

Saturn Keys - Cloud Dance (Original Mix)

Agustin Vitale - Bla Bla Bla (Nico Szabo Remix)

Lautaro Fernández - Dreams Coming True (Original Mix)

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