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Uncharted Frequency host Hersiaz Hazi announces playlist for new show.

Sri Lankan DJ and producer Hersiaz Hazi in upper body shot with his logo on his chest black and white image with purple tinge on T-Shirt.

Uncharted Frequency has published the playlist for their biweekly show on Thursday the 13th of August from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Monday from 6 PM to 8 AM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia Radio is the English language Asian electronic music station for China, Vietnam, Malaysia, India and the rest of the region.

Uncharted Frequencies is a bi-weekly show on Scientific Sound Asia, which is a collaborative initiative between Dhaka, Bangladeshi-based Shayekh Mohammad Arif (a.k.a Dr Moonstruck) & Colombo, Sri Lanka-based Hersiaz Hazi. This show is a meeting point for experimental & underground sounds from around the world.

This week's host is Hersiaz Hazi, Hersiaz Hazi real name Hasi Shamalka Silva is a Sri Lankan-born artist who originates from the capital city, Colombo. As a teenager, his interest in electronic music was born and he started to delve into the different genres.

His career started experimenting with Virtual DJ and FL Studio like most disc jockeys his career started in his bedroom. As his interest in electronic music was in fruition he started to lean more towards progressive House and making a name for himself in the underground community of Colombo.

This talented young artist runs his own episode and also plays a Monthly broadcast on the Progressive Heaven radio show in the United Kingdom, we welcome him to our radio station and hope you enjoy the show.

Uncharted Frequency 04 13th of August 2020.

Lautaro Fernandez - Through Rivers (Orginal Mix)

Stan Kolev - Sibyline (D - Formation Remix)

Rafeal Cerato - Universe (Petar Dundov Remix)

Stan Kolev - Purpose (Orginal Mix)

Alex O’Rion - Fiend [Movement Recording]

Dimuth K & Berni Turletti - Kilimanjaro [Hope Recording]

Brett Rubin, Beauxtech - Looking Glass (Priya Sen & Aman Anand Remix) [Stripped Digita]

Dimuth K & Berni Turletti - To 15,257 Km Away (Orginal Mix) [Hope Recording]

Cream (Pl) & Deep Fog - Gravity (Orginal Mix) [Magnitude Recording]

Rafael Cerato & Mia Mendi - Ordo (Orginal Mix) [Stil Vor Talent]

DJ Paul (Ar) - Vomir (Nishan Lee Remix) [Amitabha]

Dmithry Molosh - Pharoh (Orginal Mix)

Mariano Fuchilo - Format (DJ Borra Remix)

Julian Nates - Detachment [Dopamine White]

Phesta - Wounds (Fabri Lopez Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]

Pedro Capelossi - Just Logical (Chrisopher Fa Fa Remix)

James Gill - Chrysanthemum (Nicholas Van Orton Remix) [Balkan Connection]

Space Fields - Stereo Underground [Lost & Found]

Dylan Deck - Sahodaraya (Noiyse Project Remix) [Droiddroid9]

Yudi Watanble - Air Wall [Mistique Music]

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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