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Pulsɘs Publishes Tracklist For Techno Show On 13th Of May 2020.

Italian DJ and producer Pulsɘs sitting in a chair and drinking a small beer, colour image.

pulsɘs has published the playlist for his Dark Techno show this Wednesday 13th of May 2020 10 PM till 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Sunday 10AM to 12 PM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia radio is the online electronic music station for the Asian region and Internationally.

pulsɘs real name Amedeo Marini is an emerging artist born and raised in Rome, Italy but currently resident in the underground scene of Groningen, Holland. The Italian DJ (and producer) has a dark, high energy, uncompromising techno style, mostly getting him to play closing sets.

He is looking at his first international gigs after the pandemic, after having played for a few underground organizers and planning bigger events in his base-town. He often goes for a blend of Rave, Hard Techno, EBM, Dark Techno, Elektro and Industrial Techno.

His radio show is mostly dark music themed with discussions on how corona is affecting the clubbing scene in Europe. His musical background has included post-metal and sludge as a guitar player, enjoy the show!

pulsɘs Techno show 13th of May 2020.

Priscus - Storm (JoeFarr Remix)

Parallx - Cyborg Bloodline

Hkkptr - Dreifaltig (Original Mix)

Rhys Fulber - Signal Flare

Lars Huismann - Aftermath (Original Mix)

Tham - Iron Curtain (Original Mix)

SHARPLINES/NATHANIEL - Midnight Clan Revival (Original Mix)

Phase Fatale - Curing Losses

Illnurse - Befriedigung

Wallis - Of All The Gin Joints In All The Towns

Remco Beekwilder & Stranger - No Limit (Original Mix)

BXTR - Asimov's Law

Kander - Seperate & Divide

JoeFarr - Septum

Kander - Imminent (Peryl Remix)

Scalameriya - Let my Flesh be Your Sacrament

Anthro - Comforting Lies

Paula Temple - Open the Other Eye (SNTS remix)

SNTS - Pvrest Absolution

Atze Ton - Bretterstampfer

Blue Hour - Front (D. Dan Remix)

[KRTM] - Sapien

Aahan - Venting Feat. De Daag

K Ø Z L Ø V - Tchernobyl

K Ø Z L Ø V - Settlement of Disputes

Rhikhter - Phiomh Enhah

Ghost in the Machine - Fire Drill

Gijensu - Blooded Tracksuits

Mo-Do - Eins Zwei Polizei (Revellion Edit)

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