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Graham Gold publishes playlist for 'Esta La Musica' 308.

Graham Gold Standing at 45 Degrees with arms crossed.

Graham Gold has revealed the playlist for his weekly Show 'Esta La Musica' 308 on Scientific Sound Asia Radio, the premier underground radio station for Vietnam, Thailand, China, Singapore and the rest of South East Asia, the show will be aired this Saturday, the 22nd of June, 8 to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT).

Graham who is currently on a European tour had this to say 'This week Esta La Musica has some very uber tracks including new music from Dave Seaman, Dmitry Molosh, Westseven & Matoz, Jourdan Bordes, Tim Penner, Folual and Ilona Rampling'.

Graham's eclectic show refers to a tattoo he had whilst on tour in Los Angeles, in the United States of America two decades ago in 1999. Initially, Graham’s intergalactic following in the DJ and music world was conceived during his regular shows on London's Kiss 100 and his weekly club night 'Peach', his new show started after his relocation to Thailand in South East Asia, following his split from Kiss FM Franchise, using the name tattooed on his arm as a new techno show 'Esta La Musica’.

DJ Graham Gold is the only South East Asia-based DJ who has spent 8 years consecutively in the DJ Magazine Top 100 Poll, with 5 of those in the TOP 40 and 2 years at 22. He is also the Dash 83rd Most Popular DJ in The World Of All Time. His legendary shows on London’s Kiss 100 touched hundreds of thousands of listeners across the world.

The show, along with his club night, Peach, the most successful club brand in London, turned Graham into a cult hero. Years of spinning decks have taken him to all corners of the globe performing in 150 cities in 43 countries for all the major brands and festivals, including Glastonbury, Homelands, Gatecrasher, Gods Kitchen, Passion, Slinky, Impulz, Earthdance, W.E.M.F., Summadayze and The Street Parade in Zurich. Although Grahams' worldwide reputation as a trance DJ gained him notoriety, he has re-emerged himself in the House Music Sub-genres since his move to Koh Phangan, Thailand. His residencies now include Tommy Resort every Full Moon and monthly at Ku Club for his night with German-born Venus Vibes for their joint promotion Golden Vibes. as well as playing at many of the events on the island such as Jungle Experience, Backyard, Pirates Bar, Oasis, La Vida Loco and Heaven & Earth.

He has also spun at Thailand’s premier annual festival-CULTURE ONE in Thailand for what seems like an eternity, his radio show now re-titled “Esta La Musica” airs on various national FM stations around the world as well as the major internet portals. It’s a house-fest where Graham plays many of the genres that fit under the “house music” umbrella. He has also sold over 700,000 albums for his various mixes and has amassed 6 BPI Certified Gold albums & 4 Silver.

'Esta La Musica' 308.

Paul Deep - Mind Breaker [Sudbeat Promo]

Westseven & Matoz - Brainchild (Kamilo Sanclements & Dabeat) [Mango Alley Promo]

Dmitry Molosh - Sacra [Joof]

Dave Seaman - Thronk! [Selador Promo]

Kase Kochen & Monotreme - Shiver (Biomass) [Bassic Promo]

Djuma Soundsystem - Koma Kobache [Get Physical]

Alfonso Muchacho - Stranger [Deeper Movement]

Tim Penner - Force Density [Joof]

Andre Sobota - Saturate [Colorize]

Folual Kaua - Apogee [Promo]

Franky Rizardo - Clouding Your Sky (Chus & Ceballos) [Stereo]

Jourdan Bordes - Burnng [Unsigned]

Ilona - Keeping Me Awake [Layer 909]

Listen On Mixcloud Here.


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