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Gerard Announces Guest DJ And Playlists For His Show 'The Hit List' 21.

American DJ and producer Gerard stading with hands in pockets with his head turned to the left.

Gerard a.k.a Tim Jones of DeviceRATT has announced the track lists and guest DJ Hugh Def for his weekly show 'The Hit List' 21 on our Station this Tuesday the 28th of January 2020 at 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Thursday 2 to 4 AM (ICT), the English language radio station for Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the rest of South East Asia.

Gerard (first hour) is a disc jockey and producer from Angeles city in the United States with an elaborate zeal with production and a great passion for electronic music. This aside, Gerard hopes to be a real game changer in the production of various House music genres thus, magnifying its appeal and enchanting its audience.

Gerard recently relocated to China and is an artist on our DJ agency Scientific Sound Asia. He has recently obtained some good Club residencies in China and he will be performing regularly around the South East Asian region in the coming year. Furthermore, he has a management role with Brasbeat, Latin America's first and only digital source for electronic music and hosts a regular podcast/mix show featuring his charted music for his followers.

Irish DJ and producer Hugh Def performing outdoors on Pioneer CDJs and Pioneer Mixer.

Guest DJ (second hour) Hugh Def.

Hugh Def [Vision Collective Recordings, Mood24] hails from the city of Cork, Ireland. He is one half of Jazz House duo Motiva and also releases quirky House music under his own name.

Hugh has played at festivals and club nights around Ireland & SE Asia over the past few years and has earned a rep for selecting funky, groovy and unique cuts from a wide spectrum of dance sub-genres. He was resident DJ at T&R Saigon, spinning House & Disco before his move to Hanoi and his relocation to Ireland.

Hugh has quite a worthy back catalogue of releases including his latest Deep House tracks 'The Gambler' is a smoothly produced atmospheric deep and jazzy track with a solid groove. 'Passing By' is a more mellow and laid back affair with subtle sounds and tones to soundtrack those late night sessions, the play list for his show this Tuesday is listed below and represents his style of play.

'The Hit List' episode 21, 28th of January 2020.

Gerard (first hour).

Space Dimension Contoller - Petrichor

Move D & Pete Namlook - Nite Out

Verhat - B1

IULY.B - Spaceport

Anton Pau - P Loop (Alexander Kyosev Interpretation)

Hart & Neenan - Cathc 22 (Mr. Deka Spacetravel Mix)

Zendid - Understlite

Oshana - Day 21

Vinyl Speed Adjust - Retro

Varhat - Traveling

East End Dubs - Do Dis Ting

Ben Rau - Forme

Mike Sharon - Space Ride

Hugh Def (second hour).

Madota - Rangi (Original Mix)

Death On The Balcony - Lense Of Our Lives (Original Mix)

Josh Butler & Olly Davis - Dimension (CET) (Original Mix)

Gorge - Take U (Original Mix)

Dachshund - As If By Magic (Original Mix)

Nhar - Mediolanum (Original Mix)

Rony Seikaly - Understand (Gorge Remix)

Newman (I Love) - Written In The Language Of Dreams

Hraach & Armen Miran - Nowhere (Original Mix)

Steffen Deux - Dragonfly (Markus Homm Remix)

Modd - Vishaya (Original Mix)

Route 94 - Close (Extended Mix)

Listen On Mixcloud Here.


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