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DJ Marco Mei publishes the playlist for 2024 episode 15.

Italian DJ and producer Marco Mei holding two vinyl records up, colour image.

Marco Mei, the renowned Italian DJ and producer known for his work with Bicycle Corporation, has revealed his playlist for the next radio show. Scientific Sound Asia, a premier DJ agency and electronic music station, caters to an extensive audience throughout Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Sri Lanka, and more.

Marco Mei, a disc jockey with over thirty years of experience, originates from the dynamic city of Turin. Known as one of the industry's most dedicated DJs, his lasting enthusiasm for music is shaped by a diverse array of Afrocentric rhythms and the ever-progressing electronic music scene.

Marco Mei has shown unwavering dedication, continuously improving his skills and pushing the boundaries of his craft. His passion for masterfully mixing different genres and innovating turntable experiences has only intensified over time.

Marco Mei's success can be attributed to his steadfast dedication to visiting record stores and participating in his city's lively Afrocentric, House, and Techno music scenes. He has ignited the passion of music lovers by hosting notable House and Techno events under the Urban People brand.

Marco Mei has established a remarkable presence in the electronic music scene, significantly impacting dance floors worldwide. His relentless optimism and acknowledged expertise have made him an influential role model, enchanting audiences at leading venues globally.

Marco Mei has enthralled audiences with his extraordinary talent at prestigious venues like G-Star in Thailand and Fuse in Belgium, demonstrating his adaptability and expertise in various environments. His collaborations at events with celebrated artists such as David Morales have elevated Marco Mei's reputation and cemented his position as an influential personality in the electronic music scene.

Marco Mei and Stefano Ugliano, collectively known as 6884, have carved out a significant niche in the electronic music landscape. They've set a standard for creative music production with over 50 original tracks and remixes, demonstrating their prowess to a global audience.

Their remarkable journey started with a debut on the esteemed 17:44 Records label. This key event paved the way for fruitful collaborations with other notable labels like Suka, Alchemy, and WL77 Groove Traxx, to name a few. Their adaptability allows them to traverse a variety of musical styles, such as Techno, French House, Deep, and Tech-House.

Since relocating to Taipei, Taiwan, in 2010, Marco has emerged as a pivotal player in the city's dynamic scene. His captivating House and Techno sets at various events across the capital have garnered considerable praise. Marco's reputation as an exceptional and sought-after DJ has expanded both locally and internationally, reflecting his exposure to the culturally rich settings of Asia and Eastern Europe.

Prior to the global lockdown, Marco took advantage of the opportunity to explore the dynamic nightlife of different cities. His exceptional skills allowed him to make a lasting impression by performing at prestigious venues such as Roots Taipei and the renowned Electronic Roots, enchanting audiences and crafting memorable moments.

Marco Mei's radio show, devoted to house music and techno, is set to enchant a wide range of electronic music fans. The event's playlist is meticulously curated, encompassing a spectrum of sounds from the mesmerizing rhythms of House and Deep House to the vibrant pulses of Tech House, Afro House, and Melodic Techno. Additionally, listeners will be treated to Marco's exploration of genres like Techno, Electronica, Indie Dance, and Nu-Disco.

Marco Mei, a renowned figure from our prestigious DJ agency, continually enchants audiences worldwide with his extraordinary skills. Thus, he is an ideal choice for any occasion. Immerse yourself in the excitement of his vibrant live performance on Saturday, May 11th, 2024, between 6 and 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT). If you cannot listen to the live event, a rebroadcast will be available on the following Wednesday, from 6 to 8 AM (ICT).

Marco Mei tracklist for 2024, episode 15.

DJ Haus - Smell Tha Phonk

Demuir - The Music In Space (DJ Sneak Remix) [Frappé Records]

Easttown - Chaos [Cecille Records]

Elisa Elisa - Lift Me Up [Heist Recordings]

Jamie Xx - Baddy On The Floor Feat. Honey Dijon

Oliver Dollar - Strings 4 Life (Brian Kage Remix) [Rekids]

Loods 'N Grab – Love Is Real

Mark Broom - Make Me [Bek031]

Bress Underground - Akai A [Special Grooves]

Demuir - First Look In San Diego [Frappé Records]

Siggatunez' - Good Times (Siggatunez' 909 Ruff Cut) [Phreek Edits]

Greg (Br) - Bad Feeling

Honey Dijon Feat. Seven Davis Jr. - 'Houze' (Deetron Extended Remix)

Mr. G - Move Ya Body (Phoenix G)

Oliver Dollar & Austin Ato - Portamento Track [Rekids]

Pinto Nyc - Lovin You

Ultra Nate, Russell Small, Dno P - Happy Feeling (Cevin Fisher Beats Remix)

Sam Curran & Todd Terry - Sunshine Ft. Lisa Pure [Paradise]

The Checkup & Dj Merci Ft. Mona Lee - You Make Me Stronger [Kaoz Theory]

Dan Shake - Buy Yourself Friends

Riva Starr - Love You Till Tomorrow

Darius Syrossian - Disco Slammer (Extended Mix) [Nothing Else Matters]

Bruno Furlan - Something

Avision - Can't Fake This Sh*t

Disfreq - Q

Basti Grub - To My Babe

Green Velvet - Thoughts (Rebūke Remix) (Extended Version) [Relief]

Cole Knight - A Little Fun [Black Book Records]

Federico Ambrosi & Mauro Venti - Soul Flow

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