Coh-hul releases playlist for 'Play It Loud' 28.

British DJ and producer Coh-hul's play it loud 28 logo faturing his, our and WAM Saigon logos, featuring a monkey wearing a baserball cap on right on a green and yellow background.

Coh-hul has published his playlist for 'Play it Load' episode 28. Scientific Sound Asia is the Asian electronic music station for the Asian region and has an international following.

Coh-hul is a Tech Funk and Tech House DJ & Producer who is based in Saigon, Vietnam. His signature sound involves heavy basslines, and tribal drum patterns layered with groovy sci-fi melodies.

His sound is heavily influenced by the Dirtybird and Relief record labels. He is an established act in Vietnam, having residencies at the major clubs in Saigon. His biggest show was in Marseille at Le Chapiteau to a sold-out venue laying down the best set of his career.

Coh-hul hosts his own radio show 'Play It Loud' on our station monthly. The monthly broadcast focuses on the hottest new Tech House and Tech Funk tracks before dedicating the last hour to a record label that gives him inspiration.

He has just started a new YouTube show called 'Seshnikov'. The show offers music production tips and showcases some of his new track ideas.

Coh-hul is now on Beatport, Spotify, and Bandcamp. Currently, all of his focus is spent on production, looking to get some of his own content on dance floors. An exciting and driven future is what we have in store for this artist.

His last show focused on guest DJs and production duo Gettoblaster and delivered a mix of their very best. ’Play it Loud' is a showcase of the best in Tech-house & Tech-funk by showcasing a mix of their very best after hitting us with some of his current favourites.

’Play it Loud' is a showcase of the best in Tech-house & Tech-funk. His last show featured a guest mix by the popular DJ duo Gettoblaster. This month will be dedicated to WAM Saigon.

WAM is a bar that has given a lot of opportunities to up-and-coming DJs in Saigon, Vietnam. Sadly it will be closing in August so this show is dedicated to them and features a live recording from their 'Open Deck' nights, enjoy the show.

Listen live this Saturday the 18th of June 2022 from 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeat on Wednesday from 10 AM to 12 AM.

Coh-hul 'Play It Loud' episode 28, 18th of June 2022.

Antonio Carlos & Jocafi - Simbareré (V4ys Kora Edit) [Soundcloud Free Download]

Disco Endeavours - So High [Moiss Music]

Punky Wash - Dance On [Moiss Music]

Leiba - Havana Club [Soundcloud Free Download]

Saliva Commandos - Brazoliah [House ’n Chips]

House Rhythms - Nervous Acid (Homero Espinosa Rerub) [Soundcloud Free Download]

Nebraska - Skelp Tune [Heist Recordings]

Dark Cities - Regular [Box Of Cats]

Holt 88 - 2 Gap [House Of Hustle]

Dillon Marinez - Wormhole [Dirtybird]

Skedar - Way [Cuff]

Steve Darko - Stay Awake [Dirtybird]

Demuir - Side Piece [Ish]

Sven Lochenhoer - Rain Check [Dirtybird]

Wrdo - Hi Mom [Artichokes Are Yellow]

Wrdo - Lolo [House Of Hustle]

Bad Bunny - El Apagon (96 Vibe Edit) [Soundcloud Free Download]

Wrdo - El Guacamayo [House Of Hustle]

Armand Van Helden - Entra Mi Casa [Armed Records]

WAM Saigon Show.

Riva Starr - Maria

Philip Bader & Sascha Braemer - Heat

Minilogue - Elephant’s Parade

WRDO - El Bajito

Stimming & H.O.S.H. - Radar

Ardalan - The No Yeah

Eric Volta - Django

Noise Clap - Owls Goats

Lubelski - The James Brown Track

Claude VonStroke - Slink

Tim Green - Revox

Pipo Salty - Trem Das Onze

Dillon Marinez - Facelift

Hypside - Abduction

WRDO - My Rooster

Mele - Groove La Afrika

JonPaul & Mett Atom - Top Chef

WRDO - Come On Time

Claude VonStroke - Deep Throat

Tom Middleton - Penrose Steps

Listen on Mixcloud here.