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Bicycle Corporations 'Electronic Roots' 109 with DJ Brendon P.

Singaporean DJ and producer Brendon P performing at an event, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation's guest DJ Brendon P is set to introduce the 109th episode of Electronic Roots. Scientific Sound Asia stands as a prominent electronic music station catering to the Asian region and beyond.

Bicycle Corporation comprises the Italian duo of DJ and producer Marco Mei and Stefano Ugliano, who is also recognised as 6884. Throughout their music career, spanning numerous years, the duo has crafted a catalogue of more than 50 tracks across various genres, encompassing French House, Deep House, Tech House, and Techno.

Marco embarked on his career journey in the early nineties, initially serving as part of the crew for House Music and Techno events under the banner of 'Urban People.' As time progressed, his talents garnered recognition within the music scene, propelling him to become a sought-after figure throughout Italy. However, Marco's ambitions extended beyond national borders, leading to a cascade of international bookings that took him across the globe, solidifying his status as a global presence in the industry.

Hailing from Torino, Italy, Stefano exhibited early promise as a budding musician, a passion that blossomed from his childhood years. Immersed in the world of musical arts, he dedicated much of his spare time to honing his craft. Stefano's musical education encompassed classical piano, percussion, and drums, and he developed a profound appreciation for the works of Chopin as well as the rhythms of West African Djembe.

However, amidst his diverse musical pursuits, there was one passion that captivated Stefano like no other: the art of DJing. As a teenager, he found himself drawn to the mesmerising skills of the DJ, whose ability to spin and manipulate beats held an irresistible allure. These captivating rhythms were a rarity on the airwaves of Italian radio stations during that era, further fuelling Stefano's fascination with the craft.

For many, the notion of creating and performing such sounds, let alone sharing them with large audiences, would appear nothing short of a pipe dream. However, Stefano remained undeterred by the seeming impossibility. With a steadfast vision driving him forward, he joined forces with Marco. Through unwavering determination, relentless hard work, and sheer tenacity, Bicycle Corporation was born, bringing their shared musical vision to fruition.

Despite their current success, Marco and Stefano remain grounded in their humble origins. Recently, they have been revisiting some of their earlier tracks, demonstrating a commitment to their roots. Additionally, they have established a Bandcamp page to distribute these tracks, allowing fans old and new to reconnect with their early work. Their House Music and Techno radio show Electronic Roots features DJs and producers who are involved heavily in Electronic music across Asia.

Singaporean DJ and producer Brendon P performing at Kilo Lounge, colour image.

Guest DJ Brendon P.

The real name of DJ Brendon P is Brendon Perera, a Singapore native. With a career spanning over four decades, he has become a stalwart figure in the industry. Known for his preference for a low-profile, lo-fi approach to his work, Brendon Perera has carved out a niche for himself as a distinguished disc jockey.

Brendon P boasts a rich background in clubs and music, tracing back to 1980 when he first made waves in the Singaporean mobile DJ circuit. Just a year later, he transitioned to performing in clubs, marking the beginning of an illustrious journey.

His pivotal visit to New York in 1984 proved transformative, as he immersed himself in the vibrant club culture of iconic venues like the Funhouse, the Paradise Garage, Dancetaria, and the Area. This experience served as a catalyst, shaping his musical sensibilities and laying the foundation for the evolution of house music as we know it today.

Throughout his extensive career as a DJ, spanning both local and international stages, Brendon P has adeptly navigated across diverse musical landscapes, consistently honing his discerning ear and unwavering passion for dance music. At present, his repertoire encompasses an eclectic array of genres, including House, Techno, Disco, Nu Disco, Funk, Soul, Lounge, and Electronica. This multifaceted approach underscores Brendon P's versatility and enduring dedication to the art of music curation.

Having embarked on his journey through the club scene in the 1980s, Brendon P's trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable, encompassing both local and international realms. He cut his teeth with esteemed groups like Juliana's and Bacchus, before securing residencies with Neo Pharaohs, Venom, and NOX during the '90s.

Notably, Brendon P held a prestigious nine-year residency at the globally renowned Zouk Club in Singapore, solidifying his status as a mainstay in the industry. From July 2001 to May 2009, he further showcased his prowess with a two-year residency at Kyo, followed by a five-year tenure as part of the resident team at the esteemed CE LA VI Rooftop Club & Skybar at Marina Bay Sands.

Brendon P remains an integral fixture in both the local and international club circuits to this day. With a career marked by performances in cities spanning the globe, including Geneva, Gothenburg, Melbourne, London, New York, Miami, Taiwan, Hanoi, and Hong Kong, his influence knows no bounds. Notably, he graced the decks of the esteemed and now-defunct Cielo Club in New York in June 2010, further solidifying his global presence and impact in the world of electronic music.

In his capacity as a producer, Brendon has made significant contributions to the music scene, releasing original material and remixes on a diverse array of esteemed labels. His work has graced platforms such as In The Woods (USA), Los Grandes (Spain), Reversoulmusic (USA), Audio Parallax (UK), Hotbox Music (USA), Soul Shift (USA), Defected (UK), Rawjak (SG), Eclesia (SG), Issys Groove (UK), Love International (MY), and One With Music (SG). Through these releases, Brendon has demonstrated his versatility and creativity, earning acclaim from audiences and peers alike.

With his unwavering commitment to musical style, sophistication, and meticulous attention to detail, it comes as no surprise that Nicolas Mattar, proprietor of New York's esteemed venues 'Cielo' and 'Output', lauds Brendon as a 'taste master' and one of the foremost DJs in the region. Renowned for his ability to seamlessly blend genres and eras, Brendon consistently delivers sets that transcend traditional boundaries, offering audiences an unparalleled journey through the past, present, and future of music. Rest assured, when Brendon takes the stage, nothing short of musical excellence is to be expected.

In this week's broadcast, Brendon delves into his electronic roots with a captivating selection of Deep House and House tunes. Tune in live on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024, from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT), with a repeat airing scheduled for Sunday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

'Electronic Roots' episode 109 Brendon P.

Deee-Lite - Build The Bridge (Jungle Groove Mix) [Elektra]

Subway Silver - Hold Me Up (Maurice Fulton's Jazz Revelation Dub) [Influence]

Deep Dish Present DC Deepressed - Come Back (Original Mix) [Yoshitoshi Recordings]

Grace Under Pressure - Make My Day (Bruce Forest Club Mix) [A.R.S Records, Belgium]

Sarah Washington - Everything (Mood II Swing Club Mix) [AM:PM]

Code 718 - Equinox (Heavenly Club Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]

Sunscreem - Perfect Motion (Boys Own Mix) [Sony Soho Square Records]

Watergate  -  Lonely Winter (Dubfire's Luv Dub) [Deep Dish Records]

Fish Go Deep feat. Tracey K - The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Remix) [goDeep Recs]

Blaze  - Cult Of Soul (Original Mix) [Slip n’ Slide]

Armando - The Future (Camera’s Vision) [Radikal Fear Records]

Halo Vargra - The Future (Original Mix) [Siesta Records, US]

Underworld - Baby Wants To Ride (Underworld vs Heller & Farley 12") [Junior Boys Own]

Jamie Anderson - Rebel Sound (Jamie Anderson Spiritual Mix) [NRK Sound Division]

Twisted Pair - Horny Hustle (Jamie Anderson's Latin Hustle Mix) [NRK Sound Division]

2000 & One - Wan Poke Moro (Original Mix) [Rekids]

Simon Doty feat. Ursula Rucker - Soulflow (Deetron Remix) [Anjunadeep]

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