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Bicycle Corporation presents guest DJ Zora Hung for 'Foundations' 26.

Bicycle Corporation has announced guest DJ Zora Hung (see below) for their 26th 'Foundations' show. Scientific Sound Asia is an Asian electronic music station serving the region and internationally.

Bicycle Corporation is an Italian duo of the DJ and Producer Marco MEI plus the skilled Stefano Ugliano aka 6884. In the early nineties, Marco was starting on his musical journey as a DJ and producer.

Then he began doing his own events as a crew known as 'Urban People' across the whole of Italy. This earned him recognition and he earned a residency at Pacha, which in turn led to him getting DJ bookings internationally, this launched him on a musical journey around the globe.

Born and brought up in Torino, Italy, Stefano in his childhood displayed a wealth of abilities with music. He studied with passion classical piano, percussion, and drums, he loved his Chopins and West African Djembe.

However, that figure of the disc jockey rearing the crowd proved more and more enchanting for the teenage Stefano. He wondered if those very electronic beats, so hard to find on ‘90s Italian radio stations, were going to open a completely new chapter in his life and then he met Marco.

Taiwanese DJ and producer Zora Hung performing in Taipei, colour image.

Guest DJ Zora Hung.

This week the guest DJ is Zora Hung, hailing from Taiwan, Zora is an up-and-coming Techno DJ and artist with a penchant for bringing people to their feet. She plays mainly with Techno and focuses on dark atmospheres with techno beats, industrial vibes and melodic sounds.

She tends to delve into a blend of Deep, Dark, and Melodic Techno, she seems to have a unique innate ability to ingeniously present music in multiple styles. She does this whilst maintaining a constant tempo, and this is one of the factors that makes her one to keep an eye out for.

Though still relatively new to the scene, she has already performed at several notable venues inside Taiwan including B1, PIPE, The Wall, and Inge's Bar and Grill. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, Zora seeks to positively influence society with her music.

Listen live on Friday 4th of March 2022 from 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeat Tuesday from10 AM to 12 PM (ICT).

Bicycle Corporation 'Foundations' episode 26 with Zora Hung, 4th of March 2022.

DJ Heartstring - Vision Of Ecstasy(Original Mix) [DJ Heartstring]

Yogg - Vanier (Original Mix) [30d Close Encounters]

S/H/U/Y/A - Run (Original Mix) [30d Close Encounters]

Kashpitzky - Midrange (Original Mix) [Be As One]

W/Cya - Semantic Priming (Booz Remix) [Illegal Alien Ltd]

Linear System - Axiality (Original Mix) [Selected Records]

Mal Hombre - Constalation Trajectory (Original Mix) [Edit Select]

Poly Chain - Render Slave (Original Mix) [Standard Deviation]

Obstructor - Turning Point (Original Mix) [Illegal Alien Ltd]

W/Cya - Repeat Priming (Viels Remix) [Illegal Alien Ltd]

Kike Pravda - Electric Body (Original Mix) [Senoid Recordings]

Mal Hombre - Cosmic Code (Original Mix) [Seclusion]

Forest Drive West - 100m (Original Mix) [Echocord]

Mal Hombre - Bleeps And Waveforms (Original Mix) [Seclusion]

Stier - Mutation (Original Mix) [Tmm Records ]

Stier - Monk (Original Mix) [Tmm Records ]

No.Name - Backdrop (Danny Wabbit Remix) [Syxt]

Sleeparchive - Sl-2 (Original Mix) [Sleeparchive]

Sleeparchive - Sl-3 (Original Mix) [Sleeparchive]

Drssn Still - Waters Run Deep (Original Mix) [Pure Dope Digital]

Linear System - Greyscale Intensity [Selected Records]

Plant43 - Halflight (Original Mix) [Frustrated Funk]

Plant43 - Cloud Cocoon (Original Mix) [Frustrated Funk]

Quadratschulz - I Don't Believe (Move D Remix) [Pudel Produkte]

Israel Vines - Keeping (Extended Feat. Camille Altay) [Tresor Berlin]

J.Blofeld - Batu (Original Mix) [Arkham Audio]

Hiss - Stained Glass (Original Mix) [Enemy Records]

Robin Kampschoer - Rattling Sticks (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]

Hiss - Hostie (Original Mix) [Enemy Records]

Linear System - Projective Duality (Original Mix) [Selected Records]

Ryuji Takeuchi - Collapsed Component (Original Mix) [Brvtal]

Uun - Geryon (Original Mix) [Mord]

Hiss - Vaults (Original Mix) [Enemy Records]

Mcr-T - Final Fantasy (Original Mix) [Recordjet]

Deadbeat - The Old Doom And Gloom (Original Mix) [Echocord]

J.Blofeld - Batu (Cyrk Remix) [Arkham Audio]

Tobi Neumann, Fjaak - F-Zero (Original Mix) [Spandau20]

Antonio De Angelis - Il Filo (Oscar Mulero Remix) [Children Of Tomorrow]

Ribé - Ad Infinitum (Oscar Mulero Remix) [Warm Up Recordings]

Peter Van Hoesen - L9t (Original Mix) [Timedance]

Human Safari - Rawst (Original Mix) [Wirebox]

Egotot - Shaku (Original Mix) [Syxt]

Wice (De) - Ape Layers (Original) [Weisse Elster]

Medium Rare - Film [ Recordings]

Kashpitzky - Defensive Approach (Original Mix) [Be As One]

J.Blofeld - 47 (Original Mix) [Arkham Audio]

Cri Du Coeur - Kombucha [Diffuse Reality Records]

Robert Hoff - Microbiotic #1 (Original Mix) [Robert Limited]

Lada (Dasha Rush & Lars Hemmerling) - Kalter (Original Mix) [Kynant Records]

Franz Jäger - Saed Carmex (Casual Treatment Remix) [Warok]

Bidoben - Recensed (Original Mix) [Secession]

Akob - Cirrus (Original Mix) [Lowless]

Forest Drive West - Anchor [Echocord]

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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